Thursday raiding - Less drama, more killing

Ok, so we knuckled down and people settled down last night and no more yelling abuse.  It was much more pleasant.  Round 1 of Hagara showed how dumb I can be when I did a dispel RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the raid.  OMG.  But I admit I was distracted, my daughter was sitting on my lap.  We got Hagara down a few attempts after that, and there was more Protector Tier, much to my disgust.

We then had a look at Warmaster Heroic, which was interesting and challenging and will need some decent work before we can get that sorted.  We did well our first attempt but each subsequent attempt after that was downhill from there.

Spine went smoothly with Aza subbing his Paladin in for his warlock.  Then come Madness Voe came on his Hunter and we tried to start from Alystrasza's platform, which was interesting because there were no fast bolts and those fiery tentacle blister things seemed to be always out on the tentacles/arms of Deathwing.  We had a number of wipes.  Healing was a little more intense than I thought it would be and Aza did his best to keep up.  But we got it.

Yay!  Another achievment down!  Hopefully the following weeks they can do all the other platforms for all the others who need that achievement.

So this is my last raid post for at least a week!  Gosh, how will I cope with no raid blogging! :)


  1. Dont worry about achievements, I got invited for Panda Beta testing.
    Hope it is not a hoax email



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