Pretending to be in Mog Madness - Marrowstrike on a druid

Here we go!  My round 2 pretend submission for Mog Madness

The classes are limited to either a Hunter or a Druid and your outfit must be based on using either  Marrowstrike or Glaive of the Pit (same skin).

OMG a big hefty POLEARM!  Gosh, it looks so damaging and nasty, it had kind of that executioner feel to me, so I decided to dress Navi up in some of the current game choices because I liked the executioner look of the valor point helm.  The chest doesn't look so nice to me but I do like the stitching on the arms, so I put a tabard on top to cover it up.  I think that the Ramkahen tabard goes very nicely in terms of colour.

Helm: Nocturnal Gaze
Shoulder: Underdweller's Spaulders
Cloak: Devilshark Cape
Chest: Shadowbinder Chestguard
Tabard: Tabard of Ramkahen
Gloves: Lightfinger Handwraps
Belt: Belt of Hidden Keys
Legs: Bladeshadow Leggings
Feet: Cataclysmic Gladiator's Footguards of Alacrity

Hmm, now that I look at it it's not quite what I had in mind - something a bit more druidy would have looked nicer I think!  But I am not sure the mean polearm goes well with a feralheart set even though the colours are a reasonable match.  But I'm no mog expert, I'll have to wait and see what all the other contestants come up with!


  1. Batman rogue set is terrible >.<. -Rosh

  2. Geez, I can't catch up! In the time it took me to read a post you wrote two more. You are the most prolific Tauren ever!

    That's a scary Navi, I think I like the cloth Navi, I'd run from this one!

  3. @roshii and @TotAL - It was supposed to be executioner scary!

  4. Since this is a pretend entry, I shall pretend to review it.

    "I really like the teal outfit here. I really don't see people using that color too often for transmog, least of all on something non-cloth. That said, it unfortunately does not match up very well with the polearm and not nearly as well as the cloak you chose does. That you used a tabard to cover the chest piece suggests you might've noticed that effect as well, though using one that DOES matchup well with the polearm gets you some credit."

    Originality: 4.0
    Creativity: 3.9
    Overall Impression: 3.9

    Now let me take my judges hat off. I LIKE the outfit a LOT. I'm at work or I'd link some weapons that would compliment that awesome outfit (and subsequently reduce the need for the tabard and give more options for the cloak).

    1. @JDKenada - Isn't it great when your blog friends are judges and they come and give you honest opinions about things and play along with my pretend stuff? I liked the helm but I did not like the rest of the outfit - Perhaps I should have used the Rampant Hood of Disdain instead for the executioner look! You are right about the teal - I was trying to hide it with the tabard! But you're too smart and saw through my disguise! I will be playing pretend for the whole Mog Madness just to get in the spirit of things :)

    2. I'll be touching on the "pretend" thing in an upcoming post actually.

      Glad you appreciated the play along. I was worried that text would have me coming across as a dick...which to be honest is the hardest part about judging all this, trying to avoid that impression when you can't convey emotion.

  5. OMG
    reminds me of the pain... this thing used to never drop for my druid...
    and I think i had an upgrade very soon after finally getting it


  6. Oooh, vicious-looking! Great job, Navi!

  7. @Ksret - Sorry to bring back those bad memories Ksret! :P
    @Kamalia - Aww you're always so nice to me Kamalia! You didn't notice how I tried to cover up the awful matching with the nice tabard? :P

  8. Oh Navi, this took my breath away. You nailed it. If you don't make it to the next round I'll grab and plane and jump the big puddle and have some "chats" with the judges. And the tabard is PERFECT! Another "wish I had thought of it!" moments! /brava!

  9. Maybe I should read the comments before I post, but I am an impulsive little shaman. I still say it rocks, tabard and all.

    1. @Matty - You must have missed the word "pretend" in the title too! But that's ok, it was so nice to have a nice comment when there were some who said it looked terrible! Besides, I wanted to pretend because I wanted to get into the whole fun part of the thing. If I'd entered I wouldn't make it past round 1 anyway!

  10. Also, well done on using the Ramkahen tabard! I thought of using the Stormwind tabard with the Glaive of the Pit for an Alliance character, but I'd forgotten about the Ramkahen tabard (silly me!), and it looks even better!


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