Green, legs and ma'ams

I really liked the Gypsy's Tunic, and I was bidding on one on the AH, and Roshii was looking around for a PVP set.  Jokingly I said he should use what we had lying around in "Harrods" for a transmog Leprechaun set, which included Gypsy Trousers, Indomitable Shoulders and Huntsman's Boots.  He previewed those items and thought it was a great idea, so I camped my bid on the AH in earnest.  And I won it for the bargain price of just under 6 silver!

Roshii already had Emerald Beholder Eye in his bags, so all was needed now was some gloves.  He decided to try for Fallbrush Handgrips, which drop from Crystal Fang in LBRS.  Fortunately, she spawned on his 5th attempt and dropped those gloves first go!  And not only did he get his gloves, he got a pic of Crystal Fang for me as well :)  So here he is as a blood elf...

And here as his green self.  I did worry that green on green was going to be weird, but I actually think it looks really good!    Watch out Alliance, the Green Ganker is here!!!

And who did I see but Arayde of The Fallen wandering around in Orgrimmar in a new Green set!  So here's a leprechaun set for you cloth wearers!

I wonder if I'll see any mail or plate leprechauns out there... I'll be ready with my screenshot button if I do!


  1. The second screen shot made me think of the green giant from those canned veggies.

    I do like the outfit, I also think it looks better on the orc than blood elf...and it kinda makes me want green beans...=P

  2. Ha! I didn't see that before but Euphyley's right, it does remind me of the Green Giant! I really like that outfit on the Orc Roshii, very fetching!

  3. Nice outfit! I love green!

  4. Such a sexy orc!


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