Wednesday raiding - Heroic Zon'ozz down!

Now that Moo has declined all raids and we are missing healers there was discussion in officer forums how we should handle the situation.  Recruit more?  Or drop to one group?  Hwired and I were against recruiting - who would we pick up at the end of an expansion?  We would have to train them up again, and it would be a step backwards.  So Fue said he would put it to the group, and if people didn't mind sitting out or were tired of raiding, then this was their opportunity to sit out.  Hwired was the only tank who stayed.  And healers were Voe, Gutsy and myself - Beauti decided to sit out with Belinia and Barkhoof.  It was DPS we had to sit out.  Ksret was the unlucky chosen one and Roshii had to sit out for Mor'chok so we could get another tank in just for that fight.

So the group was
Tanks: Hwired, Belinia (substituted for Roshii after)
Healers: Voe, Navimie, Gutsy
DPS: Lushnek, Azadelta, Fallnapart, Augment, Souglyy

I will admit, I was a bit nervous.  I am so used to my group, which is quiet and laid back, that I wondered, what it would be like coming to the more intense group.  The other group usually has a bit more drama in raid than mine, and I wondered if it would be different.  Though in reality, the groups are split half half.  I don't want people yelling at me for little mistakes.  Usually in our group we laugh it off like when I tranq'd in purple on Yor'sahj or when Sev lost his mouse cursor and couldn't click the button for Ultraxion.

The first boss went smoothly, Voe was on Porkchop's side and me and Gutsy were on Morchok's side.  At least the drops were good!  We got Bone Link Fetish (Falln) and Mycosynth wristguards for me!

Then on to Yor'sahj where Voe said he wanted to DPS and I said no, Gutsy normally DPS's this fight, and it was just me and Voe.  It was a little different to how we did it.  They don't do group assignments like I do, it's a FFA heal.  Which I didn't like because of the risk of me hotting someone who needs a heal.  And then when they agreed to split the groups they gave me ALL the ranged.  I said that you can't do that because in green phase, melee take NO damage but ranged take all the damage so I'll be doing all the healing, I wanted them split between us but Voe said it would be fine stop stressing!  So, the first ooze phase had a blue and the second one was red/yellow/black and Voe wanted the bubble popped, even though I didn't think we needed it.  Which meant for the NEXT phase where there was a blue again AND a green, there was no mana.  So how can I heal all the bombed ranged with no mana?  Bleh!  I can't!  So poor Souglyy, who was at the bottom of my heal window didn't get a heal because I had no mana for a heal.  And she died.  Voe snickered at me and said "Did you need a hand?" and I said "Well, YEAH I said I would need a hand in green phase!"  ":P" he said to me.  Well, that was annoying but at least we still killed it.  Aza get his heroic Conquerer legs, and Gutsy picked up Scalpel of Unrelenting Agony.  So onto Zon'ozz!

It took me a bit  to get the hang of what they were saying.  Aza runs around killing things - that was different to what Sev does.  And rogues stay on the claw.  That too was different to what I'd done, but didn't mean it wasn't better.  I said Voe's not allowed to do ranged because he doesn't stand in the group.  Besides, in our group, Gutsy did ranged.  Voe got to stay on melee.  I went out with Aza and Falln taking care of eyes after the black phase, and the three of us just had to time our CDs right for each black phase.  It actually went rather well I thought.  Our first go, all 3 of us blew our CDs on the first black phase.  On the second go I dispelled Augment too early and blew people up.  I was used to yelling to people to run out and Voe said too many people asking for dispels so I did the 3 second count dispel which I didn't think worked as well.  On one attempt I thought we were supposed to wipe after someone died and I missed that so I did my usual kill everyone as fast as you can and dispelled a melee really early, not realising we were continuing.  Roshii got a bit "Who dispelled!" cranky, and I said it was me.  But maybe he held back from yelling at me coz I was his friend.

The discussion about techniques was a bit heated and Augment whispered me "Is it just me or is there  a bit of tension about how to do it?"
I whispered him back and said "I think this is what they're normally like."  
"Really? o.O"
I laughed.

But back to Zon'ozz. On our 5th attempt we wiped so close... and I died just before I could tranq.  So we reshuffled our CDs again and we got it on our 6th go.  And you know what's crappy?  We were all standing around his legs and I FRAPS'd it but I was facing the WRONG WAY and you can't see anything.  What a crap video, who hired her to do these??

Conquerer Tier again!  Gutsy got Conquerer gloves and Hwired picked up Indomitable Pride.

Then onto Hagara!  I needed an explanation so that took a while and there was this diagram I had to look at with numbers 1-8 scattered around the lightning rods.  Too confusing for me.  Luckily, healers just had to stand in the middle so my job would have been easy.  Cavendar was talking to me at work, and I told him what we were doing, and he told me that they tried doing that for 2 days and it wasn't working and in the end they ended up having everyone in the middle and 2 groups of 2, one on each side, doing all the rods on one side each.  Well I haven't actually seen that phase so I can't say I know exactly what he's talking about, so I will see it tonight.

But now Frostwolves are 4/8!  WOOOOO!  Grats Frostwolves!


  1. Honestly this reads as navis group was the "fun" group and ours was the "serious and dont fuck up or youll get yelled at group". To straighten it out the issue for the group set outs were made by our huge amount of officers that "think" they know whats best. In the end it stumped progression, pissed people off and after it all we are back to one group again? See the irony?

    Big issue is navis group had the best balance in healers and dps, where our group had a not so great healing class make up and a lot of melee, so off the bat it was harder for us. Be we still sufficed. In saying this we did have the "stronger" dps output but as we have seen 40k dps or gtfo isnt the case, class make up is.

    Anywho I felt zero tension in the raid last night. All classes pulled their weight and after a bit of discussion we figured out zonozz which was great.

    Overall im glad after all this time we have moved focus to one group again. It will help progression and stop the bitching about group make up and peoples egos getting in the way, so far in one night we got our shit together and knocked over a boss, hopefully the momentum continues.


  2. @Voe - it's not that my group was the "fun group" but it was a lot more laid back than yours, which was often looked at as the progression group. Even Roshii said our group was too laid back for him. We never yelled at people, swapped people out because dps was lacking, we just kept going at stuff with whatever we had. Once our group had settled into our routine we were happy and just did whatever, if we missed our raids we weren't getting mad, it was just different. I mean don't get me wrong, we liked to kill stuff and progress, but there was no high level stress with people logging, getting cranky or anything like that. Even poor old Bladewind when he came back to our group said he could "relax" again. Just 2 different ways of doing stuff. My group did have good balance in healers and dps, but that was only after a while. We struggled a bit with DPS at first and healing but when our not so good healer dropped off we picked up the other healer, so it was lucky really, for my group.

    Don't get me wrong, I was happy with the raid, it was smooth, Hwired is easy to follow and I look forward to laughing at Falln some more as he tries to figure out which is left right south and north again for Hagara :P

    1. Haha, i was so confused :P Im sure after a few goes i will find my place with ease and we will have that boss to. BTW great kill last night, i was so stoked we finaly got it.We got another 5% nerf comming very soon so we will find it even easyer.


  3. As much as roshii and me seem to just not gel well together, "he doesnt like me lol" Im in the same boat as him, i want people to play serious while we do boss attempts. Im all for laughing at people doing stupid stuff etc but in the end 3 - 4 nights a week raiding will get crap if we fail on stupid stuff.


  4. We wiped on Zonozz night after night because of silly mistakes, having that happen time after time is going to annoy people. I just wanted to kill the boss and not repeat all those hours. You have to remember that our group was on that boss for much longer than your group, probably why i was very serious about killing it last night. "Even Roshii said our group was too laid back for him" i was happy to raid with you guys. What you said makes it sound like a enjoy drama, I hate it.

  5. Navi I have missed raiding with you, so last night was the best night ever for me. I got to raid with you again and we killed heroic Zon'ozz, so it was alot of fun for me :) And now I look forward to more raids with you and more new heroic kills.
    Look out DS we're coming to get you :)

    Souglyy (Baha)

  6. Don't get me wrong, I am THRILLED to be able to raid with our old group again, which is something I missed a lot. I was only saying that I was anxious because I am so used to being laid back that you worry about stuffing up when you're in the more serious group, and not saying you guys don't have fun, it's always going to be harder for us who come to a group with a different raid leader in terms of strategies, who calls what out etc. Like Falln yesterday, he ran out and said "Dispel me Navi" because I normally dispel, and I normally yell for Augment, Shab and Lushnek to get out as well, but I saw Roshii runs out by himself, so he could get offended that I'm telling him to run out, because he doesn't need to be told.

    And Baha, I'm so relieved you were happy, I felt SO BAD you died in Yor'sahj when I was supposed to be looking after you! I felt like OMG, Baha's going to think OMG that Navi she sucks!

  7. Yeah, I'll echo Faithy and stay out of all the other stuff.

    Well done guys and on to 5/8 :)

  8. Do you all need a mediator?

    Just kidding.

    Gratz, Navi and gang!


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