Mini post: Holidays for Navi!

Gosh, I'll be going away this Friday, so that means I will have nothing to post for a while in regards to WoW.  Or will I?

I'm heading off to London to visit my sister so that's going to be exciting for me!  Eating at fancy places, going sightseeing, bumming around doing sister stuff - it will be great!

I thought about what I'd write if I was able to write, and I guess we'll see how that goes :)  It will be along the lines of My week of no WoW, and what goes through my head.  I'll see how it pans out.  It could be horribly boring, in which case I'd abandon the project, or it could be a nice outlet for me to keep blogging!  We'll see :)


  1. why not takes pics of London and try to relate them to something in WOW?


  2. That's a good idea Ayel! But I'd need to get back on WoW to put comparison pics up...

  3. Yes! Pics of London, I'll have something to look forward to!

  4. Jealous of those holidays ;)

    I get my three weeks in far. away.

  5. Safe trip Nav.
    Have lots of fun and have a mouthful of everything for me :)


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