Friday, September 30, 2016

Raiding - There's a Bear in there... and a Dragon as well

After our Evil Tree triumph everyone was excited to be looking at a new boss, and we'd all looked up Ursoc and hoped that it would go well.

The fight itself is simple but it's a DPS check - much like The Butcher in Highmaul. Ursoc will choose one player and charge at them, and players have to stand in Ursoc's path to help reduce the damage that the raid will take. So we have 2 groups who take turns soaking the charge, and then Ursoc will also do a Roaring Cacophony that does increasing damage each time. 

I thought it would be good if I talented for increased healing with Efflorescence because we'd all be standing in one spot DPSing the boss and then running off to soak a charge then run back. But noooo... there is a big Miasma pool that appears under the boss that does damage (and DBM screams at you constantly) and so the tanks had to keep moving the boss which was a bit rubbish on mana because I had to keep moving my efflo. So I changed my spec to reduce the cooldown on Tranquility to 2 minutes. 

We had enough healers to rotate cooldowns and we got the kill in only 3 pulls! That was pretty cool! I probably could have used tranquility more effectively by doing one at the start, and then using another 2 later down the track. On the kill attempt we had a few dead, and everyone's cooldowns were used and we were surviving and the boss was being whittled down... 6%... 4%... OMG GG!

So what do we do after that? It wasn't even halfway through the raid!

We decided to go to do Dragons, with Ysera and her nightmare. We had done it on normal last week and I assumed that the fight would be just a harder version of that - even though on normal you could get away with not knowing what the hell to do because it was rather easy.

Essentially, it's a taunt swapping fight with two dragons where tanks have to taunt the dragon back and forth so that our stacking debuffs from one dragon don't exceed 10 stacks. There are a few other little things that mattered to me as a healer - dodge purple swirls on the ground; dispel people who have been rooted in case they get stuck in a purple swirl; nightmare trees that spawn and little flowers keep coming out and attacking you unless you stand under the tree and it withers and the flowers stop. There are also spirits that travel from one boss to another and DPS have to kill them or they will heal the dragon. Not a difficult fight really, but I have to admit I was surprised to kill it so quickly!

Half an hour left of raid. What do we do now?

So we thought we'd go look at the boss that looked hairy to the officers - the druid, Elerethe Renferal. Last week in normal it was easier than expected, but we certainly didn't expect that here. And those whirlwinds picking up the poo green stuff and flinging it all over the place hurt big time! But, that's fun to look forward to on Monday.

Pretty happy to get those 2 easy bosses down - certainly wasn't expected! Yay Frostwolves!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Raiding - Down with the evil eye tree!

It's a new raid week and we were keen to get our teeth into Il'gynoth again. Ram had told me I should be more organised, and I do admit I had been a bit lazy about organising heals as we were still learning and I hadn't quite figured out whose cooldowns were good yet.

There were no South Australians in the raid because the power grid for the state had been knocked out and unlikely to be back in time for raid. Bummer!

We had a hiccup with Nythendra because there was a miscommunication about how we were placing our rots. Swapping sides for rot placement was understood by me as "start out on this left side placing rots, run to right side as safe side for bugs, then when rot starts again start placing rots on the side we were on and then run back to left for safe side". It was understood by Kyxyn and HK to be "start out on this left side placing the rots, run to the right side for safe side, then run back to the original side for the rots."

So we ended up with rots on both side of the room and no safe place to be really and Kyxyn got a bit cranky but soon calmed down as everyone piped up with the reason why we should be doing it the first way. Which was the way we did it last week, and eventually we got it down.

So back to Evil tree Il'gynoth. This time I assigned healers to each side and we had rainbow walls to tell people to run outside of those to do their spews. My side spews went well, and I was pleased I managed to catch them. Control on blobs was getting better too. I was trying my best with the dispels but I really need to fix my healbot debuffs because the fixate is blotting out all debuffs on that fight, and I can't see the debuffs that I need to decurse, nor can I see who has spew on them unless I manage to read the raid warnings. I should look into that and fix it before next week.

We were doing the first part tidily, it was the second part after we run out from inside the tree that was a bit hectic. Tentacles everywhere, mind flays hitting people, everyone with some debuff on them - I had done so many decurses that I was OOM and struggling for mana again! Thank goodness the shadow priests were there to help out - though I nearly matched them for dispels!

In our kill attempt we managed to have just about everyone up for the second inside the tree phase and then it was GG!

That picture came out funny. I should have made it a better aspect ratio! Saralynn was not in the picture for some reason having hearthed out to do ... who knows what. But I was lucky and got loot and I bonus rolled a loot! It looks like that's my luck used up for the week!

No legendaries however, what a shame! On Thursday night we will be looking at Ursoc - I'm telling you, looking at all these druid related things gone bad is making me a very very sad Tauren!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Vicious Chicken mount... I mean Warstrider!

I totally forgot that I could buy a new arena mount using the Vicious Saddle that I had leftover from last season. Last season there was no new mount so after I won my arenas, I was left with a Vicious Saddle I couldn't spend. This season there are 2 mounts to buy, though I have to admit I think the trike looks rather hideous with that goblin face on the front....

I was reminded to buy the mount because of the usual trade chat RBG/arena wins sellers. So after consultation with my guildies, I decided to buy the Warstrider, even though Tauren look ridiculous on Hawkstriders.

I shall ride it at raid tonight! But I shall get the Trike after I get my 100 arena wins for the season. So, do you think I made the right choice? Which of those two should I have gotten first?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Overwhelmed with so much to do in game!

Legion has been immensely enjoyable and immersive, and I have found the story of my artifact, the questing storylines absolutely fantastic. However, and this is NOT a complaint, but there is so much to DO that I find it a little overwhelming!

A lot of my focussed guildies have been working hard on their reputations and lots of them hit revered with Wardens yesterday earning them the Broken Isles Diplomat. I have not been working on Wardens because I am just lazy with WQ in general - thinking of them as something I should do for the artifact power or resources but mostly when I have time - but also because I feel like I have so much to do already!

Kyxyn said to me that I should just make a list and focus on just 2 things - perhaps artifact power and Wardens quests - and do them every day and it doesn't take long. I thought about it and realised that actually there are WQ that I religiously do!

Pet battles.

Yes, something that is totally not useful for raiding or dungeons, I have been doing my pet battles trying to get through the challenges of beating certain trainers with only a certain team of pets. I can afk at them and not die, I can do them in a few minutes (well, if the fight goes well), and they are easy to spot on the map!

There are some other world quests I like doing. I actually enjoy doing Aw, Nuts! Catching squirrels and kicking nuts is fun and silly (and even the kids can do it) and I always see lots of people around - whether they are doing the daily or just AFK at the flight master. The daily is right at the flight path so it's very convenient.

But I should be working on my artifact power so I can get out of the mana starved hump I am in with resto and raiding. More on that in another post.

It is my own fault that I haven't got time to dedicate to the world quests I would like to. I get up early in the morning to see if Kyxyn is on so I can follow him doing World PvP quests, and even then I have the kids pestering me so I can't even go with him all the time. I should group up with guildies to do the Nightfallen elite ones because I can't do them on my own - well I can but super slowly (much like doing a Warden tower on my own as resto - I can do it but VERY SLOWLY). But I hate having to subject my guildies to my constant fat-butt pulls when I am running around the city and getting lost, so I'd rather do it with people who won't get too impatient with me. However, doing these on my own is woefully time inefficient. I could do them as moonkin with a follower, and perhaps I will spend more time doing so.

There is also one more thing.

Because there is so much to do in game, I have hardly got time to blog! These posts have been sitting around half written because I turn on the computer and think, I need to check which good WQs are running out of time and do those - oh and I need to fish for food for raid, find flasks... and where am I going to find time to do mythic dungeons as well?

LOL! So much to do! I just need to try to pace myself so I don't burnout - I am worried that I see so many people playing so hard lately (like we all used to do in our early WoW playing days) that I am scared that they won't have the longevity to last more than 1 raid tier.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Raiding - Normal Emerald Nightmare cleared

Sunday is our casual raid day, where everyone can turn up as long as they meet the relaxed requirements of raiding (compared to heroic raiding). Sunday raid had gone back to 3 hours (which I had forgotten, and I do find a 3 hour raid rather stressful in terms of trying to get online in time), and we decided not to do the first boss again since we had already done it. It turned out that was a good thing.

The raid was FULL! 30 people and we had to sit people as well. I wonder how long that's going to last!

So we SORTA did mechanics, but not like we do on heroic. I wonder if anyone had to do any mechanics! Though for Xavius we did I think!

Loot wasn't very exciting but it was exciting to be able to trade loot. It was a fun night overall because it was easy, and I was pleased because hopefully that means Sunday raids will be quite relaxing without too much thinking and everyone can have fun on the weekend.

Now... heroic on the other hand...

Saturday, September 24, 2016

PvP - First arenas

I have felt a little bit funny about the current honour system. Xyn has Prestiged and reset again from doing World Quests. And he isn't the only one! Of course, there is a lot of dedication to that, but as an Arena enthusiast, I found it difficult to fathom. After all, if I thought of it like conquest, it would be like someone capping their conquest from doing some dailies instead of fighting other players.

On the bright side, perhaps this is the opportunity to introduce PvP to more people. Maybe people will want to participate in the more competitive part now!

Sev has been rather doom and gloom about his damage output in raids and dungeons, but Sars was keen on his shadowpriest to do some arenas so we went in and gave it a bit of a go.

The arenas we did were quite fun. My teammates had good survivability, and healing has all the extra fun PvP abilities - hopefully I'll remember that I don't have those in raid!

With a shadow priest and afflock the dots are going to wear down the healer (and of course dispelling multiple stacks of unstable affliction will make the healer explode) so I have to not use cyclone, but roots that don't break on damage is not a bad thing to have for PvP, so I have chosen to use that. I've also decided to go bear affinity for survivability though that doesn't seem to have made much difference at this stage. The other good thing is that Sars can also heal me when I'm taking damage.

It was satisfying, we had a few wins, though I still felt that winning an arena should give us more honour than one of those towers or a random battleground! And I was confused by the rewards - the first reward for an arena win is a epic loot box, and then after that it drops - a little bit like how a heroic dungeon rewards you. I thought that it would be better if it was the other way around - win 10 games and then get an epic loot box. However, at least it means everyone will participate in at least ONE arena game (note there are only 2s and 3s now) so early in the week is probably the best time to do our games.

I suppose when I reach a higher rank we'll have increased honour gains with wins, so that will allow us to gain PvP ranks faster. It just doesn't feel like we're getting a lot out of arena wins at the moment other than gaining rank and for teams with good CC, we will have to think of a counter. Can't win by just brute force alone!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Raiding - Heroic Nythendra down!

It was our first look at the new raid, The Emerald Nightmare. There had been a lot of discussion about what we were going to do - were we doing heroic or were we doing normal? Traditionally we had always started with Heroic, because it felt like the right challenge for our abilities, and we weren't going to change now.

There was also another reason. It was Kyxyn's birthday. And he wanted to do Heroic. Who am I to go against the will of the Tyrant?

The Emerald Nightmare makes me sad as a druid! Nythendra, the first boss, was once a member of the Green Dragonflight, and the guardian of the World Tree,  Shaladrassil. When Xavius' nightmare consumed Shaladrassil, it consumed the sleeping dragon as well. Now she is a rotting husk of her former self, with bugs, pestilence and rot.

Everyone was excited for raid, but the DDOS attacks did not make it fun for some raiders! We had a large turnout, with 25 people ready to go.

Tanks: Kyxyn, Aimei
Heals: Navimie, Cosima/Koda, Amayeti, Ramfu, Dilandach, Nerdoflight
RDPS: Sevrus, Azadelta, Ultrapwnd, Crooked, Duckrubs, Ltsars, Amelior/Erve, Fielsa
MDPS: Lushen, Splatzor, Chikako/Exray, Vorkrack/Kelthal, Moistium, Saralynn, Genowen, Naesca, Eurie

It took a few goes for everyone to put their rot properly. I was an idiot and kept standing a little too long in the rot. Also, I was being silly and standing in melee. So I would end up with a lot of stacks. I moved closer to the tail end and backed up - heaps better.

The second phase, where you dodge the big bad bugs exploding wasn't too bad. However, it took the rest of the evening to get the hang of dropping rot at the right spot and standing in the correct areas and eventually we got our kill!

Saralynn got a Legendary! Some loot went around (I rolled a belt) and with only 15 minutes left in raid we went back and did it on normal.

My mana is a huge issue. I wish I'd gone the lower branch of the artifact. Might have to go with Moment of Clarity for a while!

Thursday raiding was ruined by a server reset in the middle of raid. And I played like an absolute twit. Again standing too long in bad and forgetting I didn't have germination and wasting mana leading to really LAME output. I will have to do a LOT better! We went for that big evil tree, Il'gynoth, which looks doable and I look forward to cracking at it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I have conquered my fear of withered training!

When I first did Withered training I was moaning about it. Doing it as resto was really poo and I didn't have my full 2k mana then either, so I had a terrible score. It was not particularly encouraging to listen to the tanks tell you how easy it is. To me it was a bit like those treasure runs in Throne of Thunder - I was lousy at those too.

Having done it 4 times now, I have improved each time, much to my delight, and now I am no longer dreading it or hating it like I used to. My first score was 62, my second was 100 or so.

I had my first encounter with Leystalker Dro on my 3rd attempt, which was the first time I was feeling rather good about myself as my score this time was 325. That was also the first time I had 20 withered and I had gone boomkin to try to kill off those exploding guys which take out a lot of my withered as my interrupts are a bit lame!

I listened to everyone talking about how they killed Dro and resigned myself to making sure I just got as many chests as possible because I probably wasn't going to kill him with my lame DPS. However, Crooked told me something which was super helpful!

When you talk to Thalyssra and give her 50 mana you will get the buff, Ward of the first Arcanist. So when Dro killed me, I got a bubble, and when Dro hit the bubble it did so much damage that Dro died! Crooked said that he thought Dro was at 50% when Crooked died and got the bubble and then Dro insta died. I tried it for myself and I had Dro at 46% when I died and I can confirm that Dro DID die instantly after that trying to hit my bubble!

There are tons of guides out there about how to get the most out of your withered training, so I won't be talking about that here, but I think even as a healer with that buff you could get through the training a lot easier than you used to. I am yet to try it as a healer, but maybe I'll give it a go when I have no further need of all the rep items and army buffs.

Monday, September 19, 2016

The things I'm really enjoying in WoW atm

So a few little things I wanted to mention. I am really loving my druid and I think the artifact weapon is rather awesome.

I really like the "hidden" resto things with the artifact weapon - whenever I walk past the tree fruit vendor (Applebough), he throws me an apple. It's not bad for emergency food in a dungeon. Also, if I stand still for a while, I get flowers growing under my feet. I'm surprised I'm not covered in moss or something.

The Scythe of Elune in Boomkin form has a hidden ability - sometimes when I'm wandering around in the world I see Worgen and I can decurse them. Doing that gives me a little bit of AP to my weapon which is rather awesome!

Most of the raiders have now hit the magical 8k into honoured for Nightfallen and have been doing the Arcway and the Court of Stars. Court of Stars is actually a really cool dungeon!

Firstly, there are all these hidden things in Court of Stars - things that only certain professions, certain classes or races can unlock.

Courtesy of Wowhead
For example there are magical lanterns that enchanters and elves can click on to get a damage increase of 10%, but the best one is the Flask of Solemn night where a rogue or alchy can go over and poison it and then when the boss goes to take a swig of it he dies!

The list is extensive so you can go look at the rest on Wowhead. But it's a really fun instance. I like the mini "Guess Who" when you're looking for a spy - by talking to certain NPCs they can give you clues to what the spy is wearing or looks like and you have to search through the guests to find them. An interesting thing is that Kyxyn's shield has a hidden ability of detecting demons so it was shining when we had figured out who it was! I wonder if that would work whilst he's running around the room before we had the clues?

It is interesting that the PvP world quests can level you faster through the honour system than BGs. However, I suppose BGs did not give as much conquest as arenas so perhaps when we start arena we will have have a rapid increase in our honour system also.

There was good news about the honour system coming in Patch 7.1. The honour talents will NOT reset when we go to Prestige (which was what was worrying me). I admit that had worried me - imagine trying to Prestige when arena'ing with no talents! What a terrible idea!

Raids starting this week. I can't wait! So much to look forward to!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Highmountain death traps!

I don't like Highmountain. It takes me forever to get anywhere, I get lost and I fall down and die. I should like it coz there are Tauren people there. But I don't like it.

Today, I was with Splatz who was kindly helping me do World Quests he had already done, even though I had tried to talk him out of wasting his time. For someone who was well onto their way to 500 World Quests done, he said he had nothing to do. Anyone who has asked me to go places knows what a trial it is...

There is a misleading path on the Highmountain map. However, if you look carefully there is a sign saying it is dangerous!

No, really! There IS a sign.

And the path is a STEEEEP path. In fact it's a sheer drop in most parts. And if you DIE it's an absolute disaster trying to get back to your body.

We ran around trying to get back to our bodies. After running a few minutes in each direction Splatz decided it would be faster to take rez sickness and then do his OP warrior leaping to our bodies.

I didn't want to waste my gold, so I decided (perhaps unwisely) that I would run back to my body. By the time I got back, not only had Splatz's rez sickness already worn off (and he had been rez sickness free for about 10 minutes) but he had managed to do the World Quest a few times.

I got to my body, and then kited down, to the mob and clicked off my kite thinking I was safe over water. Well. The water was too shallow. And I died again.


So that path in orange I circled? NOT A PATH. And the red path is where I had to run to get back to my body. And my dead body was halfway down the path.

Moral of the story? Maps can be misleading! And read the signs :P

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Guildleader Chores - Mass immigration and the sorting hat

"Gryffindor! Oh... er I mean Scouting Pack!"
In the last few weeks of WoD, I was inundated with requests to join the guild. Now, despite what people think, I don't just let everyone into the guild who asks for a guild invite - though at times it may seem like that!

I had forgotten to take us off the Guild finder, so I have now rectified that. However, a few of the people enquiring have come from Wowprogress. So far, everyone I've invited has said that they were looking for a mature, friendly, stable guild.

I have been pretty clear to all new recruits that there are no heroic raiding spots available, so I wonder if we'll suddenly have a huge turnout for casual raids on Sunday. Or whether we'll have a mass exodus of players? The best thing is that those guild members will usually sort themselves - they will figure out whether or not they feel like they fit in here or not, and I wish them the best, if that's what they want. After all, I am no longer trying to recruit people - though I worry that I will miss out on truly great players that are looking for a good home because I'm not picking them up. We have had some great guildies come from recruitment forums!

We had a few returning people as well. Helldivider, who was with us on his paladin on Dath'remar, ran into me and Sev in an Alterac Valley at the end of WoD (he was on his monk), and he ended up rejoining the guild on Saurfang. I was surprised he could remember us, and he was surprised I remembered him, but there has been a post on this blog that featured him AND a pic from way back in 2011!

Drauka, Daenerys and even Ravz (now playing a priest named Oomzalot) also rejoined the guild. Ravz came back at the end of WoD/early Legion. They had left to raid with friends, but now they are all casual players, because I think the guild or friends they had been playing with stopped playing.

Amayeti had a friend, Fox, who joined us and is playing a DK named Saralynn, who is also interested in raiding. Kyxyn has a former guildie from many years ago who joined us on his priest at the end of WoD, Dilandach (who also enjoys multiboxing on five accounts!), who brought some friends with him as well.

With raids starting next week, it looks like we will have at least 22 people in heroic raids. This is our potential roster so far:

Tanks: Kyxyn, Aimei
Healers: Navimie, Cosima/Koda, Amayeti, Dilandach, Biship, Ramfu
DPS: Ranged - Sevrus, Azadelta, Ultrapwnd, Ltsars, Fielsa, Crooked
DPS: Melee - Lushen, Splatzor, Chikako/Exray, Vorkrack/Kelthal, Moistium/Moisty, Naesca, Genowen, Saralynn/Fox

Too many healers there, so a few of them might have to look at DPS. But I'm feeling like our raid team is quite strong this time around so it will be interesting how we go at the start of this expansion's raiding.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Stupid things I've been doing in Legion

I am such a ning-nong, I have done so many ridiculously stupid things already that I just have to write it down so I can laugh at myself later when I look back this expansion.

Take this for example.

It was Darkmoon Faire last week and I did not do ANY DMF, but I should have, to get my DMF hat. I did have lots of tickets though, but only thought about using it on the weekend. So silly me bought a whole heap of them and totally forgot that once DMF is over they vanish from your bag. I think the main reason I forgot that was that I actually have some of the hats still inside the Darkmoon Faire Prize box which I had sent to my alts for later use. So I blew like 200 tickets on hats, and wasted... oh about 180 of them... grrr. Will take me a week of dailies every day of the Faire to get that back!

And who hasn't done this yet! Running around in Boomkin spec doing a world quest and then get excited and use my Artifact power item when I was in boomkin instead of in resto. I suppose that's not a huge thing as artifact power (AP) seems to come so much faster as you do your research, but it's annoying.

Another boomkin stupid thing I did was when I was trying to decide where to put my point for my artifact weapon and I was mousing over one talent to see and I dont' know why I clicked it, wasting a point in the wrong spot in a different line to what I was working on. It doesn't matter at those low levels I suppose anyway! But I felt a bit silly about that.

And I keep forgetting I shouldn't stealth in Suramar city because changing form to cat drops my costume and pulls every guard in range. I am notoriously clumsy wandering around in Surumar city - all I can say is thank goodness for all the canals where I can jump in and swim away in seal form.

Also, I didn't know about the hidden acorn artifact weapon appearance which I can only get if I chose the piles of dirt in Order hall research. Sigh. Too late to go change that now, I suppose I can come back later after I've unlocked the whole lot.

Also, I feel this massive pressure because I was slow to get started on my Nightfallen rep and I feel a bit left behind. You can't help but feel a bit of peer pressure when everyone is off doing those two mythic dungeons and I can't do them yet. I'll get there eventually - probably after everyone has done theirs and we'll be raiding by then too.

OH, and here was a little booboo - I was doing my tailoring quest and the rewards for one was 1000 mana. I thought it might be one of those items you can hold in your bag and on use gives you the mana, but no, it was a direct currency dump of 1000 into my currency tab EXCEPT I was 175 from cap so 825 mana was wasted. Poop. The good thing is that it doesn't take long to farm it back.

So what silly things have you done in Legion so far?

Friday, September 9, 2016

Fishing helps you make friends!

If there is a time to be generous and helpful, it's at the start of an expansion.

Trade channel is full of people asking for help, and it's not too difficult to point them in the right direction. I even made a few friends!

I was doing the daily where you have to train your withered army. I might talk about it in another post, but let's just say that doing it as a resto druid sucks big time. Tanks poo-poo me and talk about how easy it is to get scores in the hundreds whereas I was struggling with my score of almost 70. I was with Aimei who was still in there and I had already died and got kicked out, so I thought I'll just do my fishing at the entrance, trying to catch rare fish.

Someone else started fishing and then another person, and I caught one lure for the rare fish and the subsequent associated rare fish, so I was rather pleased. Then the other guy opposite me who was fishing jumped over and asked me if I wanted his baits, and opened trade. How nice! He asked me if I got another of the lures I just had, could I give it to him as it was the only fish he was missing. I said of course, and a few minutes later caught another lure and gave it to him, he was rather grateful. He added me to friends, and over the next few days he would ask me if I was going fishing and we'd do some fishing together. He was only missing Ocean fish and so we went out to the deep sea to fish and he lamented that he hadn't been able to catch anything. However, while we were out I caught one lure but I was at work and my internet slow so I gave it to him and said if he caught any others later, he could send it to me. Which he did, with interest.

The other person was someone in trade who was asking why they only had 2 followers at 107 - fortunately they were a druid so I could help them a little more. Trade chat was somewhat helpful, but not specifically so, and I was sure that person was missing a quest. It's easy to miss quests in the druid campaign - they seem to be all over the place and not very obvious! I told them they were missing a quest because they had no quests for the druid campaign. I tried to describe to them where the quests could be but it was hard to describe so I partied with them and drove them around to all the spots to check for quests, but no luck. It turned out later that they were missing a quest and they found it and they thanked me for helping them look for it and asked if they could friend me. Of course, how could I say no!

Then I was fishing for Drowned mana on the floating island in Dalaran and I was wishing there were more people when Frostie told me "Why don't you go into group finder and join a group?" Oh my god what a great idea, didn't even think of that! And that was an absolutely fantastic idea because then I could catch as much Drowned Mana as I wanted as the elemental was constantly up with so many like minded people fishing!

It was interesting when people joined the group but had no idea about what they were joining. A few people asked for a summon! To which someone in the raid replied that they had never summoned anyone before to that island. One person did not know how to get there so I whispered her to guide her to the island and she made it and then she thanked me profusely for being patient explaining it to her (as she was hopelessly lost). It was a nice civilised way to fish, and I got heaps of Drowned mana and am now Friends with Margoss, the new fishing dude to buy items from.

See, fishing makes you friends :P

I hope everyone is being helpful to all the newbies playing WoW! Let's keep them playing so our game will continue to be popular ;)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Too busy playing to Blog - and when I'm not in game I'll have the Legion Companion App!

I hit 110 on Saturday afternoon, and I think that is the fastest that I have ever hit max level out of all the expansions. I even surprised myself because I enjoyed some of the levelling!

As I mentioned before, I started in Stormheim. Levelling was very slow that day, and I managed to get one level by the end of the first day. Many people asked me how I found Legion, was I enjoying it - and the honest truth then was that it was OK, I wasn't loving the levelling, but I wasn't hating it. It was nice to have new content, and the artifact weapon storylines were engaging. I did love that famous druids were chatting to me. ME! Archdruid Navimie!

There were so many cool moments from a druid point of view. For example, the followers I could have - all famous druids! Hamuul Runetotem, Zen'tabra, Broll Bearmantle, Mylune, Naralax, Keeper Remulos! And even Brightwing!

We came across the druid NPC Koda Steelclaw during our questing, how exciting was that! Koda, who is now playing Cosima (resto shaman) was not inspired to change her druid to a female guardian bear, but she did put Koda Steelclaw as her desktop picture. Interestingly, I have a friend in game who played a druid named Broll... I wonder if he called his druid that because of the NPC?

The next zone HK and I did was Aszuna. I actually really enjoyed this zone, and it had some amusing moments as well. After that we did Val'sharah, which felt very druidy and also had some good questlines and stories. Some shocking revelations though!

I realised that after this zone, my "How's Legion? Umm, it's ok," was because I wasn't as fascinated with Stormheim as I was with Azsuna.

After that, there was the endless rounds of World quests as well as Nightfallen reputation. Having not yet started Surumar, I was wondering why everyone was so obsessed with Nightfallen reputation, but there are so many things to get with that reputation including gear, professions recipes, artifact power tokens, as well as toys and vanity pets - oh, and unlocking new mythic dungeons - that there is heaps of stuff to keep people busy for the next few weeks grinding reputation.

It's hard to believe that only a week has gone by since Legion was released. There were those who levelled at lightning pace, doing heroics when I was only just in my early 100s, and then onto mythics by Friday. It's hard NOT to feel a bit left behind! However, I kept reminding myself that slow and steady will keep me going throughout the expansion, and as Lao Tzu said "The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long". We'll see how we go, shall we?

And I really need a map for my class hall. I still get lost running around looking for things, though by now I have figured out where the seed for my artifact weapon is, as well as the recruit minions area. I am still wondering why there is no mailbox in the class hall considering we spend so much time there. I saw from my previous post's comments that people were wondering if there was a mailbox (of which I suspect there isn't).

So last night I tried my first heroic dungeon, and that went ok. I did it in a full melee group with HK tanking, and Moisty, Gen and Ram (who was dpsing on his monk). Probably won't have time to do any tonight though with the one hour shutdown.

The Legion Companion App is going live after today! There have been some mixed feelings about it, but overall I think that it's a good thing - it means I can do my missions whilst I am not online in game from my phone. The app is free (I don't think they're going to add a 99c fee to finish your mission early... though I think that if they DID do that, I can see people paying for it!). It's available for Android and iOS - I am actually really looking forward to checking it out!

It makes me wonder when pet battling on the app will be available. That would be a good way to get the PvP pet battles up! If the app is successful perhaps they will consider implementing it.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Legion levelling experience on Day 1 the best of all WoW expansions

5pm AEST was a good time for Legion to drop. Though it's midnight for the US people, it meant that everyone could get on in the evening and start levelling.

It was pretty cool (and a little intimidating for some) to see the numbers of guildies logged on. We hit a peak of 50+ guildies online at one stage!

The hard core levellers were off and running and it felt like they gained momentum over the night. I had read on Wowhead that you can get to 110 in 8-10 hours of solid levelling, and the race was tight for a bit. By 7am AEST we had 3 at level 110!  So our first 3 to 110 were:
  1. Exray (Chikako)
  2. Splatzor
  3. Amayeti
I had a guild competition going to see if we could guess the first 3 and nobody got the combination right! Fortunately for me that meant I didn't have to give out any prizes so I saved money /grin

As always, I levelled with HK, and he chose the first zone which was Stormheim. And you know the great thing was that there weren't that many people around - it was very different to our usual levelling days where people were absolutely EVERYWHERE and you were waiting for mobs to spawn or get your tag on a certain NPC - I have to say that the improved levelling experience with the scaled levelling so you could start at any zone, multitag quest mobs and shared nodes/quest items makes it probably the smoothest levelling experience that I have had in comparison to every other expansion.

I liked my Druid class hall in the Dreamgrove. However, I was very easily lost in it. Where was the seed that I planted for doing my artifact weapon? Where was those recruiting guys again? And where is the damn mailbox? Fortunately I wasn't the only one because when I googled locations of things in my class hall there were other posts about the same thing! BTW, I still don't know where the mailbox is.

One comment from everyone was that if Warlords of Draenor was a throwback to the Burning Crusade (2nd expansion), then Legion was like a throwback to Wrath of the Lich King (3rd expansion). We're at Dalaran again. Stormheim seemed to be a lot like Howling Fjord. Azsuna seemed a bit Azshara like. Highmountain was reportedly like Grizzly Hills.

I made some noob mistakes with my artifact weapon - and though I was worrying about it, it probably doesn't mean much at our level because we're still levelling! For example, I couldn't figure out why I couldn't use the Artifact Rune that I had because it didn't seem to go in my weapon - because I had forgotten I had set my loot spec to Boomkin instead of Resto! Getting treasures is fun because we need those resources and Artifact Power (AP) things and of course the random upgrades makes looting exciting.

It is now 2.5 days after release of Legion and I am now at 106. I did feel like levelling went faster as we went along and have done just 2 zones - Azsuna and Stormheim. The story in both was good, but I found Azsuna to be much more amusing - which I will go into detail later as I think it deserves another post.

I did find that I felt a bit intimidated/left behind when people were already max level doing heroics and mythic dungeons already, linking their amazing titanforged loots whilst I'm still doodling around.

How has everyone else found levelling so far in Legion?