Highmountain death traps!

I don't like Highmountain. It takes me forever to get anywhere, I get lost and I fall down and die. I should like it coz there are Tauren people there. But I don't like it.

Today, I was with Splatz who was kindly helping me do World Quests he had already done, even though I had tried to talk him out of wasting his time. For someone who was well onto their way to 500 World Quests done, he said he had nothing to do. Anyone who has asked me to go places knows what a trial it is...

There is a misleading path on the Highmountain map. However, if you look carefully there is a sign saying it is dangerous!

No, really! There IS a sign.

And the path is a STEEEEP path. In fact it's a sheer drop in most parts. And if you DIE it's an absolute disaster trying to get back to your body.

We ran around trying to get back to our bodies. After running a few minutes in each direction Splatz decided it would be faster to take rez sickness and then do his OP warrior leaping to our bodies.

I didn't want to waste my gold, so I decided (perhaps unwisely) that I would run back to my body. By the time I got back, not only had Splatz's rez sickness already worn off (and he had been rez sickness free for about 10 minutes) but he had managed to do the World Quest a few times.

I got to my body, and then kited down, to the mob and clicked off my kite thinking I was safe over water. Well. The water was too shallow. And I died again.


So that path in orange I circled? NOT A PATH. And the red path is where I had to run to get back to my body. And my dead body was halfway down the path.

Moral of the story? Maps can be misleading! And read the signs :P


  1. Ah, Navi -- did you notice that the barrel is clickable? Maybe you should go back up there and see what clicking on the barrel does...

    1. OMG really!! Thanks Kam! I have to try that ZOMG

  2. I've not been in that zone yet, so it's cool that Kam knew the trick for that particular spot. I do, however, know another little trick I use often while mountain climbing...go down backwards (mounted or not). Sometimes you still hit areas that are too steep and you could die. Most times you'll just slide a little bit until you hit a little bump that slows your descent.

  3. Oh Navi... that barrel really is a fun way down.


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