Stupid things I've been doing in Legion

I am such a ning-nong, I have done so many ridiculously stupid things already that I just have to write it down so I can laugh at myself later when I look back this expansion.

Take this for example.

It was Darkmoon Faire last week and I did not do ANY DMF, but I should have, to get my DMF hat. I did have lots of tickets though, but only thought about using it on the weekend. So silly me bought a whole heap of them and totally forgot that once DMF is over they vanish from your bag. I think the main reason I forgot that was that I actually have some of the hats still inside the Darkmoon Faire Prize box which I had sent to my alts for later use. So I blew like 200 tickets on hats, and wasted... oh about 180 of them... grrr. Will take me a week of dailies every day of the Faire to get that back!

And who hasn't done this yet! Running around in Boomkin spec doing a world quest and then get excited and use my Artifact power item when I was in boomkin instead of in resto. I suppose that's not a huge thing as artifact power (AP) seems to come so much faster as you do your research, but it's annoying.

Another boomkin stupid thing I did was when I was trying to decide where to put my point for my artifact weapon and I was mousing over one talent to see and I dont' know why I clicked it, wasting a point in the wrong spot in a different line to what I was working on. It doesn't matter at those low levels I suppose anyway! But I felt a bit silly about that.

And I keep forgetting I shouldn't stealth in Suramar city because changing form to cat drops my costume and pulls every guard in range. I am notoriously clumsy wandering around in Surumar city - all I can say is thank goodness for all the canals where I can jump in and swim away in seal form.

Also, I didn't know about the hidden acorn artifact weapon appearance which I can only get if I chose the piles of dirt in Order hall research. Sigh. Too late to go change that now, I suppose I can come back later after I've unlocked the whole lot.

Also, I feel this massive pressure because I was slow to get started on my Nightfallen rep and I feel a bit left behind. You can't help but feel a bit of peer pressure when everyone is off doing those two mythic dungeons and I can't do them yet. I'll get there eventually - probably after everyone has done theirs and we'll be raiding by then too.

OH, and here was a little booboo - I was doing my tailoring quest and the rewards for one was 1000 mana. I thought it might be one of those items you can hold in your bag and on use gives you the mana, but no, it was a direct currency dump of 1000 into my currency tab EXCEPT I was 175 from cap so 825 mana was wasted. Poop. The good thing is that it doesn't take long to farm it back.

So what silly things have you done in Legion so far?


  1. Hi Navi - I left a comment on your last post about not finding the 103 druid quests, and was going to leave a follow-up about finding the quests... but it turns out that follow-up belongs with this post because it's something stupid I've done in Legion... ;-) Well - you know how the dude with the artefact weapon quests will left you quest for the other artefacts once you reach 102? And if you don't get ALL of the artefacts then he stands there with quests for the remaining ones? (You can see where this is going...) And a dude with one pending quest looks pretty much the same as a dude with many pending quests... So yes, I've been running past this guy with a "!" on his head, saying "where are my druid campaign quests? Oh not him, he's the artefact weapon quest guy..."
    Anyway, all good now - till the next time I make the same mistake ;-)

    1. LOL Therellian! I sent you an in game mail about that :D Yes I saw your comment on my last post so I went to send you a mail to find the quest - I am glad you found it though! :D


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