Fishing helps you make friends!

If there is a time to be generous and helpful, it's at the start of an expansion.

Trade channel is full of people asking for help, and it's not too difficult to point them in the right direction. I even made a few friends!

I was doing the daily where you have to train your withered army. I might talk about it in another post, but let's just say that doing it as a resto druid sucks big time. Tanks poo-poo me and talk about how easy it is to get scores in the hundreds whereas I was struggling with my score of almost 70. I was with Aimei who was still in there and I had already died and got kicked out, so I thought I'll just do my fishing at the entrance, trying to catch rare fish.

Someone else started fishing and then another person, and I caught one lure for the rare fish and the subsequent associated rare fish, so I was rather pleased. Then the other guy opposite me who was fishing jumped over and asked me if I wanted his baits, and opened trade. How nice! He asked me if I got another of the lures I just had, could I give it to him as it was the only fish he was missing. I said of course, and a few minutes later caught another lure and gave it to him, he was rather grateful. He added me to friends, and over the next few days he would ask me if I was going fishing and we'd do some fishing together. He was only missing Ocean fish and so we went out to the deep sea to fish and he lamented that he hadn't been able to catch anything. However, while we were out I caught one lure but I was at work and my internet slow so I gave it to him and said if he caught any others later, he could send it to me. Which he did, with interest.

The other person was someone in trade who was asking why they only had 2 followers at 107 - fortunately they were a druid so I could help them a little more. Trade chat was somewhat helpful, but not specifically so, and I was sure that person was missing a quest. It's easy to miss quests in the druid campaign - they seem to be all over the place and not very obvious! I told them they were missing a quest because they had no quests for the druid campaign. I tried to describe to them where the quests could be but it was hard to describe so I partied with them and drove them around to all the spots to check for quests, but no luck. It turned out later that they were missing a quest and they found it and they thanked me for helping them look for it and asked if they could friend me. Of course, how could I say no!

Then I was fishing for Drowned mana on the floating island in Dalaran and I was wishing there were more people when Frostie told me "Why don't you go into group finder and join a group?" Oh my god what a great idea, didn't even think of that! And that was an absolutely fantastic idea because then I could catch as much Drowned Mana as I wanted as the elemental was constantly up with so many like minded people fishing!

It was interesting when people joined the group but had no idea about what they were joining. A few people asked for a summon! To which someone in the raid replied that they had never summoned anyone before to that island. One person did not know how to get there so I whispered her to guide her to the island and she made it and then she thanked me profusely for being patient explaining it to her (as she was hopelessly lost). It was a nice civilised way to fish, and I got heaps of Drowned mana and am now Friends with Margoss, the new fishing dude to buy items from.

See, fishing makes you friends :P

I hope everyone is being helpful to all the newbies playing WoW! Let's keep them playing so our game will continue to be popular ;)


  1. Hi Navi, I'm in the same boat as your new druid friend - 108, 2 followers, can't find more druid quests though I've read that there should have been more at level 103. Are they all in the order hall, or do I have to look elsewhere?


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