The things I'm really enjoying in WoW atm

So a few little things I wanted to mention. I am really loving my druid and I think the artifact weapon is rather awesome.

I really like the "hidden" resto things with the artifact weapon - whenever I walk past the tree fruit vendor (Applebough), he throws me an apple. It's not bad for emergency food in a dungeon. Also, if I stand still for a while, I get flowers growing under my feet. I'm surprised I'm not covered in moss or something.

The Scythe of Elune in Boomkin form has a hidden ability - sometimes when I'm wandering around in the world I see Worgen and I can decurse them. Doing that gives me a little bit of AP to my weapon which is rather awesome!

Most of the raiders have now hit the magical 8k into honoured for Nightfallen and have been doing the Arcway and the Court of Stars. Court of Stars is actually a really cool dungeon!

Firstly, there are all these hidden things in Court of Stars - things that only certain professions, certain classes or races can unlock.

Courtesy of Wowhead
For example there are magical lanterns that enchanters and elves can click on to get a damage increase of 10%, but the best one is the Flask of Solemn night where a rogue or alchy can go over and poison it and then when the boss goes to take a swig of it he dies!

The list is extensive so you can go look at the rest on Wowhead. But it's a really fun instance. I like the mini "Guess Who" when you're looking for a spy - by talking to certain NPCs they can give you clues to what the spy is wearing or looks like and you have to search through the guests to find them. An interesting thing is that Kyxyn's shield has a hidden ability of detecting demons so it was shining when we had figured out who it was! I wonder if that would work whilst he's running around the room before we had the clues?

It is interesting that the PvP world quests can level you faster through the honour system than BGs. However, I suppose BGs did not give as much conquest as arenas so perhaps when we start arena we will have have a rapid increase in our honour system also.

There was good news about the honour system coming in Patch 7.1. The honour talents will NOT reset when we go to Prestige (which was what was worrying me). I admit that had worried me - imagine trying to Prestige when arena'ing with no talents! What a terrible idea!

Raids starting this week. I can't wait! So much to look forward to!


  1. Applebough has always weirded me out since it seems he's selling his offspring off to be eaten.

    But it's cool he cuts you a free one off the top. :)


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