Legion levelling experience on Day 1 the best of all WoW expansions

5pm AEST was a good time for Legion to drop. Though it's midnight for the US people, it meant that everyone could get on in the evening and start levelling.

It was pretty cool (and a little intimidating for some) to see the numbers of guildies logged on. We hit a peak of 50+ guildies online at one stage!

The hard core levellers were off and running and it felt like they gained momentum over the night. I had read on Wowhead that you can get to 110 in 8-10 hours of solid levelling, and the race was tight for a bit. By 7am AEST we had 3 at level 110!  So our first 3 to 110 were:
  1. Exray (Chikako)
  2. Splatzor
  3. Amayeti
I had a guild competition going to see if we could guess the first 3 and nobody got the combination right! Fortunately for me that meant I didn't have to give out any prizes so I saved money /grin

As always, I levelled with HK, and he chose the first zone which was Stormheim. And you know the great thing was that there weren't that many people around - it was very different to our usual levelling days where people were absolutely EVERYWHERE and you were waiting for mobs to spawn or get your tag on a certain NPC - I have to say that the improved levelling experience with the scaled levelling so you could start at any zone, multitag quest mobs and shared nodes/quest items makes it probably the smoothest levelling experience that I have had in comparison to every other expansion.

I liked my Druid class hall in the Dreamgrove. However, I was very easily lost in it. Where was the seed that I planted for doing my artifact weapon? Where was those recruiting guys again? And where is the damn mailbox? Fortunately I wasn't the only one because when I googled locations of things in my class hall there were other posts about the same thing! BTW, I still don't know where the mailbox is.

One comment from everyone was that if Warlords of Draenor was a throwback to the Burning Crusade (2nd expansion), then Legion was like a throwback to Wrath of the Lich King (3rd expansion). We're at Dalaran again. Stormheim seemed to be a lot like Howling Fjord. Azsuna seemed a bit Azshara like. Highmountain was reportedly like Grizzly Hills.

I made some noob mistakes with my artifact weapon - and though I was worrying about it, it probably doesn't mean much at our level because we're still levelling! For example, I couldn't figure out why I couldn't use the Artifact Rune that I had because it didn't seem to go in my weapon - because I had forgotten I had set my loot spec to Boomkin instead of Resto! Getting treasures is fun because we need those resources and Artifact Power (AP) things and of course the random upgrades makes looting exciting.

It is now 2.5 days after release of Legion and I am now at 106. I did feel like levelling went faster as we went along and have done just 2 zones - Azsuna and Stormheim. The story in both was good, but I found Azsuna to be much more amusing - which I will go into detail later as I think it deserves another post.

I did find that I felt a bit intimidated/left behind when people were already max level doing heroics and mythic dungeons already, linking their amazing titanforged loots whilst I'm still doodling around.

How has everyone else found levelling so far in Legion?


  1. I would love to read your content but your background gives me eye cancer! You should consider switching to something more readable.

  2. 5pm was just fantastic for a launch, I walked in and had the whole evening ahead of me :)

    Levelling has been awesome, I'm in love with the zones and have a massive wish list of creatures I hope are mounts or pets from ones I've seen in all the zones so far.

    I'm still really bemused that levelling as a resto with an empowered weapon is easier/faster than levelling as a boomy with a base weapon.. ofc I'm not ruling out I'm just downright terrible at boomying :)

    Wait, What.. We have a mailbox??? where is it.. I get lost in my maze of a class hall. I need a permanent guide buddy in there to meet me at the door and escort me to the places I want to go.. let's hope it doesn't take too long to learn where everything is.

    1. No Mailbox, that's just me wishing! I agree I am doing DPS as resto rather than boomy (and also coz I'm terrible at it) - but perhaps that will get better as we level up the weapon!

  3. The levelling experience has been so enjoyable and I've been able to play at my own pace so I don't feel guilty about doing a random pet battle here or there. I also did a beeline for some of those treasures, toy and pet drops that first day then went back to levelling as normal.

  4. Our guild was the same - I logged on early Wednesday morning and was surprised at how many max level toons there were. Me - It took me 3 and a half days to get to max level (only dinged 110 late last night) and still have a lot to do to get raid ready. But I've been deliberately taking things slow so that I can enjoy it all. I used the add-on Storyline so that I read all of the quest text, so I have a relatively good idea of what's happened (where as usually it's barely a vague idea of what I just did!

    I'm absolutely loving it all :)


    1. I have been watching you on btag Cinder, and though you weren't slow by any means I am glad you had a good time. I heard that Storyline is a good addon so that's great that you got a good idea of what's going on!

  5. Is there a mailbox in the druid class hall? I haven't found one yet, just hearth to my garrison if I really need one.

    1. Nah there isn't, I've just been pulling out my argent gruntling or going to Dalaran. Wishful thinking though!


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