Raiding - Normal Emerald Nightmare cleared

Sunday is our casual raid day, where everyone can turn up as long as they meet the relaxed requirements of raiding (compared to heroic raiding). Sunday raid had gone back to 3 hours (which I had forgotten, and I do find a 3 hour raid rather stressful in terms of trying to get online in time), and we decided not to do the first boss again since we had already done it. It turned out that was a good thing.

The raid was FULL! 30 people and we had to sit people as well. I wonder how long that's going to last!

So we SORTA did mechanics, but not like we do on heroic. I wonder if anyone had to do any mechanics! Though for Xavius we did I think!

Loot wasn't very exciting but it was exciting to be able to trade loot. It was a fun night overall because it was easy, and I was pleased because hopefully that means Sunday raids will be quite relaxing without too much thinking and everyone can have fun on the weekend.

Now... heroic on the other hand...