Raiding - There's a Bear in there... and a Dragon as well

After our Evil Tree triumph everyone was excited to be looking at a new boss, and we'd all looked up Ursoc and hoped that it would go well.

The fight itself is simple but it's a DPS check - much like The Butcher in Highmaul. Ursoc will choose one player and charge at them, and players have to stand in Ursoc's path to help reduce the damage that the raid will take. So we have 2 groups who take turns soaking the charge, and then Ursoc will also do a Roaring Cacophony that does increasing damage each time. 

I thought it would be good if I talented for increased healing with Efflorescence because we'd all be standing in one spot DPSing the boss and then running off to soak a charge then run back. But noooo... there is a big Miasma pool that appears under the boss that does damage (and DBM screams at you constantly) and so the tanks had to keep moving the boss which was a bit rubbish on mana because I had to keep moving my efflo. So I changed my spec to reduce the cooldown on Tranquility to 2 minutes. 

We had enough healers to rotate cooldowns and we got the kill in only 3 pulls! That was pretty cool! I probably could have used tranquility more effectively by doing one at the start, and then using another 2 later down the track. On the kill attempt we had a few dead, and everyone's cooldowns were used and we were surviving and the boss was being whittled down... 6%... 4%... OMG GG!

So what do we do after that? It wasn't even halfway through the raid!

We decided to go to do Dragons, with Ysera and her nightmare. We had done it on normal last week and I assumed that the fight would be just a harder version of that - even though on normal you could get away with not knowing what the hell to do because it was rather easy.

Essentially, it's a taunt swapping fight with two dragons where tanks have to taunt the dragon back and forth so that our stacking debuffs from one dragon don't exceed 10 stacks. There are a few other little things that mattered to me as a healer - dodge purple swirls on the ground; dispel people who have been rooted in case they get stuck in a purple swirl; nightmare trees that spawn and little flowers keep coming out and attacking you unless you stand under the tree and it withers and the flowers stop. There are also spirits that travel from one boss to another and DPS have to kill them or they will heal the dragon. Not a difficult fight really, but I have to admit I was surprised to kill it so quickly!

Half an hour left of raid. What do we do now?

So we thought we'd go look at the boss that looked hairy to the officers - the druid, Elerethe Renferal. Last week in normal it was easier than expected, but we certainly didn't expect that here. And those whirlwinds picking up the poo green stuff and flinging it all over the place hurt big time! But, that's fun to look forward to on Monday.

Pretty happy to get those 2 easy bosses down - certainly wasn't expected! Yay Frostwolves!