PvP - First arenas

I have felt a little bit funny about the current honour system. Xyn has Prestiged and reset again from doing World Quests. And he isn't the only one! Of course, there is a lot of dedication to that, but as an Arena enthusiast, I found it difficult to fathom. After all, if I thought of it like conquest, it would be like someone capping their conquest from doing some dailies instead of fighting other players.

On the bright side, perhaps this is the opportunity to introduce PvP to more people. Maybe people will want to participate in the more competitive part now!

Sev has been rather doom and gloom about his damage output in raids and dungeons, but Sars was keen on his shadowpriest to do some arenas so we went in and gave it a bit of a go.

The arenas we did were quite fun. My teammates had good survivability, and healing has all the extra fun PvP abilities - hopefully I'll remember that I don't have those in raid!

With a shadow priest and afflock the dots are going to wear down the healer (and of course dispelling multiple stacks of unstable affliction will make the healer explode) so I have to not use cyclone, but roots that don't break on damage is not a bad thing to have for PvP, so I have chosen to use that. I've also decided to go bear affinity for survivability though that doesn't seem to have made much difference at this stage. The other good thing is that Sars can also heal me when I'm taking damage.

It was satisfying, we had a few wins, though I still felt that winning an arena should give us more honour than one of those towers or a random battleground! And I was confused by the rewards - the first reward for an arena win is a epic loot box, and then after that it drops - a little bit like how a heroic dungeon rewards you. I thought that it would be better if it was the other way around - win 10 games and then get an epic loot box. However, at least it means everyone will participate in at least ONE arena game (note there are only 2s and 3s now) so early in the week is probably the best time to do our games.

I suppose when I reach a higher rank we'll have increased honour gains with wins, so that will allow us to gain PvP ranks faster. It just doesn't feel like we're getting a lot out of arena wins at the moment other than gaining rank and for teams with good CC, we will have to think of a counter. Can't win by just brute force alone!