Guildleader Chores - Mass immigration and the sorting hat

"Gryffindor! Oh... er I mean Scouting Pack!"
In the last few weeks of WoD, I was inundated with requests to join the guild. Now, despite what people think, I don't just let everyone into the guild who asks for a guild invite - though at times it may seem like that!

I had forgotten to take us off the Guild finder, so I have now rectified that. However, a few of the people enquiring have come from Wowprogress. So far, everyone I've invited has said that they were looking for a mature, friendly, stable guild.

I have been pretty clear to all new recruits that there are no heroic raiding spots available, so I wonder if we'll suddenly have a huge turnout for casual raids on Sunday. Or whether we'll have a mass exodus of players? The best thing is that those guild members will usually sort themselves - they will figure out whether or not they feel like they fit in here or not, and I wish them the best, if that's what they want. After all, I am no longer trying to recruit people - though I worry that I will miss out on truly great players that are looking for a good home because I'm not picking them up. We have had some great guildies come from recruitment forums!

We had a few returning people as well. Helldivider, who was with us on his paladin on Dath'remar, ran into me and Sev in an Alterac Valley at the end of WoD (he was on his monk), and he ended up rejoining the guild on Saurfang. I was surprised he could remember us, and he was surprised I remembered him, but there has been a post on this blog that featured him AND a pic from way back in 2011!

Drauka, Daenerys and even Ravz (now playing a priest named Oomzalot) also rejoined the guild. Ravz came back at the end of WoD/early Legion. They had left to raid with friends, but now they are all casual players, because I think the guild or friends they had been playing with stopped playing.

Amayeti had a friend, Fox, who joined us and is playing a DK named Saralynn, who is also interested in raiding. Kyxyn has a former guildie from many years ago who joined us on his priest at the end of WoD, Dilandach (who also enjoys multiboxing on five accounts!), who brought some friends with him as well.

With raids starting next week, it looks like we will have at least 22 people in heroic raids. This is our potential roster so far:

Tanks: Kyxyn, Aimei
Healers: Navimie, Cosima/Koda, Amayeti, Dilandach, Biship, Ramfu
DPS: Ranged - Sevrus, Azadelta, Ultrapwnd, Ltsars, Fielsa, Crooked
DPS: Melee - Lushen, Splatzor, Chikako/Exray, Vorkrack/Kelthal, Moistium/Moisty, Naesca, Genowen, Saralynn/Fox

Too many healers there, so a few of them might have to look at DPS. But I'm feeling like our raid team is quite strong this time around so it will be interesting how we go at the start of this expansion's raiding.