Too busy playing to Blog - and when I'm not in game I'll have the Legion Companion App!

I hit 110 on Saturday afternoon, and I think that is the fastest that I have ever hit max level out of all the expansions. I even surprised myself because I enjoyed some of the levelling!

As I mentioned before, I started in Stormheim. Levelling was very slow that day, and I managed to get one level by the end of the first day. Many people asked me how I found Legion, was I enjoying it - and the honest truth then was that it was OK, I wasn't loving the levelling, but I wasn't hating it. It was nice to have new content, and the artifact weapon storylines were engaging. I did love that famous druids were chatting to me. ME! Archdruid Navimie!

There were so many cool moments from a druid point of view. For example, the followers I could have - all famous druids! Hamuul Runetotem, Zen'tabra, Broll Bearmantle, Mylune, Naralax, Keeper Remulos! And even Brightwing!

We came across the druid NPC Koda Steelclaw during our questing, how exciting was that! Koda, who is now playing Cosima (resto shaman) was not inspired to change her druid to a female guardian bear, but she did put Koda Steelclaw as her desktop picture. Interestingly, I have a friend in game who played a druid named Broll... I wonder if he called his druid that because of the NPC?

The next zone HK and I did was Aszuna. I actually really enjoyed this zone, and it had some amusing moments as well. After that we did Val'sharah, which felt very druidy and also had some good questlines and stories. Some shocking revelations though!

I realised that after this zone, my "How's Legion? Umm, it's ok," was because I wasn't as fascinated with Stormheim as I was with Azsuna.

After that, there was the endless rounds of World quests as well as Nightfallen reputation. Having not yet started Surumar, I was wondering why everyone was so obsessed with Nightfallen reputation, but there are so many things to get with that reputation including gear, professions recipes, artifact power tokens, as well as toys and vanity pets - oh, and unlocking new mythic dungeons - that there is heaps of stuff to keep people busy for the next few weeks grinding reputation.

It's hard to believe that only a week has gone by since Legion was released. There were those who levelled at lightning pace, doing heroics when I was only just in my early 100s, and then onto mythics by Friday. It's hard NOT to feel a bit left behind! However, I kept reminding myself that slow and steady will keep me going throughout the expansion, and as Lao Tzu said "The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long". We'll see how we go, shall we?

And I really need a map for my class hall. I still get lost running around looking for things, though by now I have figured out where the seed for my artifact weapon is, as well as the recruit minions area. I am still wondering why there is no mailbox in the class hall considering we spend so much time there. I saw from my previous post's comments that people were wondering if there was a mailbox (of which I suspect there isn't).

So last night I tried my first heroic dungeon, and that went ok. I did it in a full melee group with HK tanking, and Moisty, Gen and Ram (who was dpsing on his monk). Probably won't have time to do any tonight though with the one hour shutdown.

The Legion Companion App is going live after today! There have been some mixed feelings about it, but overall I think that it's a good thing - it means I can do my missions whilst I am not online in game from my phone. The app is free (I don't think they're going to add a 99c fee to finish your mission early... though I think that if they DID do that, I can see people paying for it!). It's available for Android and iOS - I am actually really looking forward to checking it out!

It makes me wonder when pet battling on the app will be available. That would be a good way to get the PvP pet battles up! If the app is successful perhaps they will consider implementing it.