Doomsayers - get your pamphlets here!

MMO-Champion said this morning that the Doomsayers were up in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. The Orgrimmar one is in the tauren area, near the totem pole. CONVENIENTLY located near a graveyard!

He give you a random pamphlet every 20 minutes, and there are 12 to collect for a Feat of Strength (so you can't search for it in your new search function in achievements) but you can do it faster by dying and he will give you one after you've died. I did the rez sickness method (thank goodness my bank is now clear because of wardrobe or I wouldn't have been able to do that) and put all my gear in the bank before I started killing myself with fall damage and then it's super short run back to him from the graveyard.

The 12 pamphlets are actually quite amusing! Be careful as they are grey items - easy to vendor when you're cleaning up your bags whilst doing the achievement!