Last minute achieves - Double Agent and Terrific Trio

After I got Minndy to 100, I thought why don't I get Miniices to 100 too? Then I could get 2 more achievements!

I was going to take it easy and read the storyline and get to know the whole of Draenor from the Alliance perspective. I wanted to know more about Yrel and who turned bad on the Alliance side. However, when I was worried that the achievement was suddenly going to be requiring me to be Level 110 or something after patch on Tuesday, all my good intentions went flying out the window, and I just power levelled her on Monday night from 90 to 100 with the help of 3 Elixirs of Rapid mind, and 3 of the Accelerated learning flasks from the garrison.

Here I am, Level 100. Miniices was my hiding toon from way back before RealID was introduced (where I used to go when I had the poops with the guild and went to go hide somewhere else and play WoW), and once realID was introduced I stopped playing her. I never got her to max level, and I only sporadically played with her (that shaman with her is HK's draenei who is my levelling buddy - you didn't REALLY think I could do it on my own do you?) but with all the down time, it was a nice little SHORT side project.

People asked me why a mage? Well, if you noticed, my first alt to 100 was a warlock, my second, a mage. What is the significance? Well, my arena buddies for the last many years was Sevrus and Shabahdu, who are an affliction warlock and frost mage respectively. They are probably the 2 classes I understand the most, and also, now it's a little bit useful for me to know how they are played so that I can yell at my arena buddies about cooldowns etc. Sev of course is rather pipped that I did a warlock first, but in reality, Miniices has been around longer, so which of my PvP partners am I honouring more? That's open to interpretation! :D

Those Elixirs of the Rapid mind are still a bit pricey, going at 3k on the AH, and I didn't have the gold for all the pots, so my guild leader kindly gave me some gold, and when she makes a toon on Saurfang, I will return the favour!

But yay me! Who would have thought, that I would have 3 max level alts? Is that a testament to how long Draenor has dragged out? I actually think it's those levelling pots that have made me want to do it, seeing how fast it can be done. My only regret is that I still haven't seen the Shadowmoon Valley storyline! And when will I ever come back and do it now?


  1. Huzzah! Congratulations on your third max level alt, and on your Double Agent achievement! Way to go, Navi!

    1. Thanks Kam! I can't believe this is me!! LOL

  2. Grats Nav.

    So you tried a mage, found it too boring, leveled up your warlock at high speed and then went back to the mage when there was no other choice? Perfectly understandable! ;-)

    1. No you got it all wrong. Navi said she needed an escape. Hanging out with warlocks can be agony; a real drain on one's soul. Who better to chill out with than a frost mage?

  3. Grats. You've now got 2 more characters to 100 than I do...never thought I'd see that :p


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