PvP night - Those little changes...

Last week when I did some PvP it was as if Alliance was lying down or something. This week it was back to normal.

When you win a BG now you get a box that has a BoA token in it (for buying current and past gear for your wardrobe) as well as a current PvP item, or gold. That's not a bad thing, and I'm busy collecting up these tokens, as I'm sure there are a few PvP items over the previous seasons that I need to collect.

There were some things that were HUGELY annoying.

I was sitting around in Resto spec but every time I zoned or hearthed it would stick me back into DPS/Boomkin spec. That was irritating!

I kinda forgot that the Honourable Medallion (which is what we use now to break things that make us lose control of our character instead of the trinket) was in my spellbook rather than in my bags.

Also, old abilities that had been taken away are NOT taken off my bars. Cyclone was still there and I was trying to use it, wondering what the hell was going on why can't I cast it? Well, because it's not in my spellbook anymore! That was VERY annoying! Now I have officially removed it from my bars. And I also have this bad habit of trying to buff people with Gift of the Wild constantly. I know the buffs are gone but I need to eventually remove the muscle memory of buffing after a death.

We had some wins and some losses. We also did some skirmishes since Splatz had deserter buff after his computer was playing up. Those actually went rather well. We won our few skirmishes, and then we went back and did BGs where I was yelled at because I had somehow forgotten to blacklist the 40man PvP BGs. Apparently those reset everytime you login... but I'm not so sure about that.

AV was really hard. The mobs were for 110 players and so it was heaps harder! Everything was harder! We had to win by reinforcements attrition, and that meant we lost because people were being picked off. We were ahead for a while because we had taken 2 towers and their captain and they had taken 2 towers, and they won by taking Iceblood Tower out. Ugh, that was a loooong battle with not much reward. Totally my bad.

Isle of Conquest I don't mind so much now because all I need are wins, and those are easy enough to do. We won one and we lost one. Bomb running seems easier at the moment - have they removed the ability to defuse from the other side of the gate? I also found that once I was inside the keep I couldn't get out (though whether that was an interaction bug because around that time I also found I couldn't pick up any seaforium) which was a worry if people WERE defusing from the other side. I was heals every time in that BG which was probably fortunate as there was heaps of damage going out when we did the alliance boss in the keep.

Another thing - we're all PvPing in our PvE gear. Our PvP gear is not scaling well, so we might as well do it in our PvE gear. Of course, legendaries are not working (thank goodness) but I guess that's a good thing since it means I can clean up my bags more. Which I should get around to doing, by the way.

The druid overall seems quite powerful in PvP as boomkin. Throwing out an AoE starfall and it continuing to fall even when I'm interrupted is kinda cool. I DPS'd one Eye of the Storm and spent all my time in the middle trying to keep people off the flag, and that worked for a while until the Alliance got some gumption and started taking bases. Was good for Bloody coins too!

All up, PvP is still enjoyable, healing and DPSing. Now that I have a bit of DPS that I can do in resto, it takes away a bit of the doldrums. I am really looking forward to unlocking the honour system in Legion. I wonder what the first Friday PvP night will be like?