Patch 7.0 Pre-Legion - You have 2 days to get yourself organised!

I was surprised and excited that Prepatch was going to drop on the 19th, and there are a few things that you need to get sorted out before Tuesday because some things are going and it's your last chance.

  • Challenge modes - With challenge modes rewards finishing with the patch drop, it's unsurprising that prices have skyrocketed as the D-day approaches, when they were previously abotu 250k, now they are going for about 400-500k. If you want the weapons (gold) and the mount (silver) you need to get onto that pretty soon!
  • Ahead of the Curve  - Raiding achievements will be gone with the patch, though the raids will still be going, of course. Carries have been pretty cheap of late - I saw one for about 20k on my server! The mount will still be available I believe.
  • PvP - get that last minute arena/RBG rating achievement or get your 100 wins if you want that mount! Gosh that will be a heavy slog in 2 days... or if you were almost there, finish it off!
  • No more legendary ring stuff. Not that I care about that (though why anyone would care about that come patch when there will be new stuff to get in Legion that's better) but if you want the achievement, you haven't got much time. You'd have to be close to getting it to finish it in 2 days though.
  • Brawlers guild - which is why I was doing it the other week because I heard it would be gone with the patch. Get in there and give it a go, though if everyone else has the same idea there may be a queue!
  • Hono(u)r and Conquest will be converted to currency at 75-85 silver per point (I think), like they do at the end of every season, so either use or sell your Champion's Honor. I sold mine. Also, the big difference is that Honor and Conquest are not coming back!
  • Get rid of all those HFC BoEs now! They'll be worthless soon!
  • Garrison gold missions are taking a big nerf, so do all your gold dailies if that's your main source of income. 

But look at all the things to look forward to!
  • MOAR BAG SPACE - Wardrobe is out!
  • Gnome hunters, and mechanical hunter pets! Not that I play alts or alliance... BUT STILL
  • No more secondary stats or glyphs. Hmm, wondering how that will pan out...
  • Did I say more bag space? :D
  • New vanity pet models - I especially like the rabbits! But heaps of models have been updated.
Anyway, go forth and do your last minute pre-patch stuff!


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