Raiding - Did I say raiding was easier? I take that back!

Hellfire Citadel may seem a lot easier, but Mythic BRF is harder than when I last did it!

Of course, having to do mechanics and things, is part of that.

We had a fair number of people on, but they couldn't stay the full time, and we died a few times as we were bumming around. We were looking for something relaxing to do, and mythic BRF wasn't quite the ticket. Lots of people not feeling well because it's that time of the year.

It was kinda funny all the things we did wrong, or had forgotten. Like having three tanks and three soak groups for Gruul. And the acid spit from Oregorger that needs to be soaked by the tank because the ranged were taking an absolute smashing from it. And I had forgotten there was fire in Oregorger too. How is it that I can't remember these things?

There was some vague recollection of needing priests to mind control something and remove a buff from slags in Blast Furnace, and so Sars switched over. We had dropped down to 16 by now, so it was going to be ugly, especially as people were not quite on the ball with mechanics. There were little mistakes - people running away with their bomb instead of dropping it at the furnace door, mistaking a rupture for a bomb which meant there was an ugly fire patch on the floor right where we wanted to deposit our bombs, and tanks getting smashed by adds overwhelming them. We decided to call it quits after a few attempts and go and relax in mythic Highmaul instead, and we did that with a much smaller group and it was slightly challenging but went ok. There was some whoopsies on Butcher with positioning and slashing, and I had my massive oopsie when I failed to run out of the mountains in Tectus or killed myself with the red cloud stuff. I wasn't sick so I couldn't use that as my excuse!

It did seem harder to me. I oomed heaps more. I don't have as many Oh CRAP cds, and not being able to respec easily in raid is a challenge. I need to carry mana pots more than I have been, but that's probably how it's going to be in Legion anyway.

Anyway, I think that from now on we'll just take it easy and farm heroic BRF for those missing wardrobe pieces. I still want The Black Hand.


  1. Your post isn't very positive, it seems to me that I don't understand some moments. There are many ways to relax, and playing online games is one of them.


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