Warlords of Draenor in 5 words #WoDin5Words

I thought it would be interesting to see what guildies had to say about WoD in 5 words. When #Brexitin5words was going around on Twitter, I thought some of what they said was really amusing, so I roped my guildies in to play. I'd love you to add your 5 words (and it has to be FIVE WORDS! Not 2 words or 3 words! FIVE!) in a comment at the bottom of this post!

Navi: I finally raided as Boomkin!

Xyn: Garrisons gone but not forgotten

HK: Oh, I don't know Nav

Sars: Khadgar is a bad ass

Crooked: Lonely Garrisons, Cut content, facebook

Neuro: Highmaul BRF HFC Fully cleared

McTacky: Three phoenix out of five

Navi: Why are groups all melee?

Splatzor: Please no more Hellfire Citadel

Morz: On again off again relationship

Kael: Please destroy my beloved Garrison!

Fielsa: Log on, Garrison, Log off

Naesca: Not as Bad as Suspected

Moisty: Let me take a selfie

Mysz: Login, auction, instance, ponder, logoff

Luxy: Guild wars 2 fun fun!

Tye: Level all of the alts!

Moisty: I miss 10 man raiding

Bish: There was not enough content

CTwin: I cry when not raiding

Koda: Great getting to know Frostwolves

Disco: Thank God Illidan is back

And here are some replies I got from Twitter:

@GearDread: I actually had fun, yeah
@shadowlightings: I finally left the game
@jubtrig: Fifth World of Warcraft Expansion
@froo: Oh look, even MORE orcs!
@theiggep: Who thought this was fun?
@cinder_tweets: Horde is not for me
@Grimmtooth: Many spikes, many manly orcs
@blindidiotgod: It was a thing, yeah?


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