A random act of kindness that could also be a random act of meanness to everyone else!

After being on Battletagged podcast, where Cinder, Klor and Neuro were talking about how we can help new players feel welcome in the community, I thought about how I could help a little more.

I had lots of ideas and things I wanted to do. I saw on OpenRaid they had teaching raids - I would like to help with that! Unfortunately they are at dreadful times for an Oceanic player who is a parent and a full time worker, so I would have to make up my own times or find an Oceanic person who would like to do that (also the people who DID show interest in helping start one were on the Alliance side!)

I was walking through Darkmoon Faire, and I saw someone standing at the Darkmoon Deathmatch. The temptation was high - do I go into the arena and try to kill him, or should I help him get the achievement?

I saw him target my character, so I switched into full PvP gear. And then I sent a btag request (since he was Alliance) and he accepted. I asked him if he was doing the achievement, and he said he was getting the box for the first time. I asked him if he'd like help to get it, and he said sure, but I said I wanted one favour - after the box can he duel me. He agreed.

I thought it was just us two but there were 2 others who appeared on the scene, and I helped kill them, then let him loot and then we duelled. I lost. My excuse was I had no cooldowns because I used them to kill the other two! But we all know what the REAL reason is!

So was I nice to that guy, or was it just plain mean to the other two players? I guess it's all a matter of perspective. Because one of the other two players were horde - and I should have chosen to help my faction, right?

Well, perhaps next week I shall choose to help someone in a way that can't be mean to anyoen else!


  1. Good on you!

    Reminds me of the time I wanted to pick up that item from the STV chest. Cool and I were on our Alliance toons when another Alliance player turned up. Cool told him he was there to help me get the achievement so the guy said he wouldn't interfere so I could get it. I was so touched I said we would log onto our much better geared Horde toons in a few hours to help him get the next chest.

    Mission accomplished!

  2. I still need 9 or 10 darkmoon trinkets :p


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