Raiding - It's all so much easier!

I am expecting a ton of guilds to now be getting Mythic bosses down now that the changes have been implemented. Early days after the patch, mythic guilds were struggling with the changes but since then the multiple restarts have made some changes and now things are really easy!

We did HFC last week to see how hard Archimonde was and it was easy - we took Medeine (Daenerys) and she got her mount. This week we did a full clear on Wednesday in 2 hours and we took Neri along as our tourist and she got her mount and walked off with a whole bunch of leftover gear. Neuro was having a fun time healing her, and I was laughing because I was amazed she was still alive whilst all the other shamans seemed to just die!

It was a fun raid, with shenanigans such as Kyxyn autorunning into some trash mobs whilst one the phone, Ultra and Moisty getting sent in for Kilrogg with gales of laughter set off from Koda making puns about their names. I was happy everyone threw the orb properly for Iskar! There was a bit of disapproval about my terminology.

"Navi, it's not CHUCK the ball, it's pass the orb to the person with the wind debuff..."

Surely everyone understands chuck the ball. Geez.

There were some buggy things which was annoying as hell. Kilrogg's Heartseeker debuff wasn't removed when you were in the zone. Iskar's fire debuff wouldn't drop off after the fire was done and Ultra was squealing help so Neuro spent all his mana being Ultra's pet healer. We had close calls with things like Fel Lord and Xhul with accidental blow ups but those mistakes were mitigated by nerfs and outgearing things. Neri seemed to enjoy herself and loved her mount. Next week we should look for other guildies who haven't got it yet so we can help them get it before Legion.

Tonight we are going to try to get enough for Mythic Blackhand so we can get some transmogs happening. And a guild achievement. Wish us luck!


  1. haha .. I have similar problems with terminology, although I think most of our raiders have now come to accept that virtually every circular thing on the floor is a "swirly" and every round thing anywhere is a ball. And that I get lost. A lot.

    We noticed quite a change between last week and this week. Everything seemed to hit like a train last week, whereas it seemed to hurt less this week. We were a bit excited for the raid nerf, just so we could add a few more bosses to the killed list, but we all seemed to output less too, which balanced unfavourably for us. But some of that could have been down to doing our first raid after the patch on patch day :p

    1. Woohoo! It worked - I always feel like an achievement should pop up on the screen when my comments work :p

    2. I say something with an "y" on the end of everything it feels, when describing stuff. Swirly, thingy, round thingy, ball thingy, bouncy, floaty, spiky thing, aoe thingy. Or maybe I just use thingy a lot!

  2. hehe I'm terrible with ability names too. Neuro can attest to my terrible raid leading skills, with call outs full of "thingies", "stuff" and insufferable giggles at having to say "spread for the pound". Because you know, I am a terribly childish person!

    1. Hehehe I totally understand Cinder, I am exactly the same! But on a less advanced level :D


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