Achievement: Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's rest

This legendary Firelands chain is quite easy to solo now, and I probably would have done it sooner if I wasn't so lazy!

I've had previous posts when I followed my friends through their chains (when the Legendary was current), and it was exciting then, and even now, when I'm the one doing the quest, it still has that sense of awesomeness about it.

For those who want to start it, I got it from Orgrimmar from Ziradormi, who is in the Warchief's room. Apparently you have to kill a molten giant before the quest will appear, but if you have ever done Firelands then you should be fine! This is the Quest chain itself (from Wowhead)
  1. A Legendary Engagement/A Legendary Engagement

I have been dragging my feet when it comes to doing Firelands, but I seemed to rally myself in the last months to get it done. I was pleased to finally finish it and it was nice to see that people in Orgrimmar still stop and congratulate you and watch the whole ceremony unfold.

So if you can use Staves, I recommend you starting this easy legendary chain. You can do it all on your own and make a bit of gold on the side from those multiple Firelands clears.

And here are some highlights from when I was doing the chain...

Yay me! Another cool thing to add to my collection :)


  1. This chain is one of my top memories of WoW. I still feel so excited that I was the one my guild worked with to get this weapon.

    Grats Navi!!!

  2. Congrats, Navi! That's a magnificent accomplishment!

    Back in the glory days of Matty's OLRG, both my Human Mage and my Draenei Mage got started on the Tarecgosa chain. One of them got 25 Eternal Embers, the other got 20 -- I'm not quite sure which was which at the moment -- and then neither proceeded any further because of the cost of the Sands. I should look into picking up the quest chain with my Human Mage...

    1. Wow starting on not two but THREE toons! Thanks Kam good luck with yours :)

  3. Grats :) That is so exciting to finish! I'm on the Heart of Flame quest (hopefully will finish it this week) so I didn't read your full post - I'll come back and read it when I have :) I've managed to avoid spoilers of a 6 year old quest quite well so far.. I think I live under a rock at times lol

    But couldn't go past without saying yay for you!

    1. Thanks Z! There are no spoilers, since I have posted about the quest chain when it was current and my guildies were doing it. Hopefully you'll get yours soon!


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