Can't escape the mythic pugging!

Well my mythic hiatus didn't last long - I have been asked to come along 2 nights in a row with another guild whose GM I am friends with - this time on Jubei'thos.

On Sunday I was with HK levelling our alliance toons and we were almost 90 and I was asked to go heal. I had forgotten that I was free that weekend to help, and so I apologised profusely to a disgruntled HK and went along - saying that it was only till they had someone to replace me. A short while, I  reassured him. Well, short is a relative term. HK watched 2 episodes of ST:TNG whilst waiting for me to return.

This other guild were doing Iskar which I hadn't killed before (but had attempted) and I listened to their explanation though I was a bit curious what happened to the people that had the debuff that only people holding the orb could see. Apparently if you kill the extra add that comes up in mythic quickly you don't have to worry about that. So I muddled my way through it, but I had a better appreciation for how hard it is to throw the orb to people when you have no idea who they are and you're scouring the list thinking who the hell are they talking about? One time I was supposed to throw the orb to the healing paladin for a dispel, and I threw it to someone whose name was similar but was a warlock. And in hindsight that was stupid because I could have dispelled that myself! Despite my stuff ups, I eventually got my first kill of Mythic Iskar, and I didn't look too gimpy, thank goodness.

I noticed that one of their healers was sitting out in that fight (who was their heal leader) and I whispered them saying that I didn't really need to be there, and I didn't want to be taking anyone's spot. Amusingly, they said that they didn't want to do that fight because they hated it and had already gotten everything that they need from that boss. But, now they were going on to Fel Lord and that was a progress fight, so I would need to sit out, and I was perfectly happy with that. I went back to playing alts with HK, and we hit 90.

On Monday night I was with Sars and Crooked - Sars was carrying our Herald toons for some Ulduar gear. I got another tell from my friend to ask if I could ask to fill in but I told them that they would have to wait for me to finish with my guildies and then I'd come, and to find someone else if they wanted to. I didn't think they'd really wait.. but they did. And so, off I went to raid again.

And this time, I got to have a bash at Fel Lord.

The main difference seemed to be that your debuff after soaking a swirly doesn't fall off after 2 minutes - it never goes off now. So you can only soak once. That didn't seem to be a big issue, but seeds as usual was the problem and there was one attempt why I spectacularly blew up the raid because I was stacked with the ranged and forgot to run out with my seed. Granted, I had just been instructed to tranq after that seed so I was concentrating on when I needed to do that, and somehow missed the big fat marker on my head AND the DBM warnings. Whoops. Way to make myself look good.

On the 4th attempt it went down. That was exciting, I got another new mythic kill!

After that they went on to do Tyrant but had to get through Socrethar first, which seemed even more painful than Fel Lord (5 wipes on Soc) but lucky me managed to roll mythic warforged socketed Tier gloves. Woo! I have never used my tier gloves, but I guess now is the time.

I can't help but feel a bit uncomfortable when these achievements go off in guild chat. Firstly, I don't want people to think I'm out there trying to get raiding because my own guild can't do them. I am only filling in - but is that any different from me going out to actively pug them? However, I might be oversensitive - maybe nobody cares!

However, I do feel like I am learning something. That will help me for later if our guild starts doing them in prepatch. I suppose Neuro will be there to guide us, but it helps if I have done the healing myself so I can coordinate heals a bit better. And it's something to pass time, though it's not like I don't have enough to keep me busy in game!

Will they need me again? I don't know. Will I go again? Probably. BUT, if I'm doing something with my guildies I will want to finish that first. With the Crooked organising a Herald of the Titans run, that's going to be a fun project for us to work on before Legion hits. Just a few more people need a little bit more gear and level!