Navime has Proven she is a Healer

Now, I know this is a rather embarrassing thing to admit, but I have finally got my Proven Healer in Proving grounds!

A lot of people said there is no shame in not being able to do it, as they hadn't been able to themselves. However, there are just as many who are not full time healers who have their Proven Healer title and wave it in my face all the time!

I've had lots of advice over the years. The best advice came from Crooked and Neuro, who told me that it was better if I did it in lower gear rather than have my high level gear scaled down. I got some PvP gear and had it in my bags and had delayed doing it as I didn't seem to have the time and when I did it was late at night and I was tired and made mistakes.

So, the other day I got on early and logged into game to try and do my Proving Grounds and I did it! I was eager to stop doing it so I stopped shortly after so the achievement could pop.

So here is all my rubbishy gear before I vendored it.

Yay for 10 extra bag slots! And other thing off my bucket list :D About time I got my Proven healer title! I did worry secretly that this meant I was a totally fail healer....


  1. Did you tell Medio?

    Grats Navi!

  2. WOOOOO!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I felt the same as you about it - I had plenty of people saying how hard it is (especially for shamans, apparently) so I shouldn't feel bad that I didn't have it. But I did feel bad, especially when I saw non-healers running around with the title. So I can totally relate, a know how excited and relieved you must be feeling right now. MASSIVE congratulations!! :D

    1. Thanks Cinds! I feel a huge relief, even though it took me ages coming LOL

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Ancient! Big relief and one more off that bucket list!


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