Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wednesday and Thursday raiding - Yay old stuff!

Fue relented to my constant nagging and we got to go into Heart of Fear and Terrace this week.  I was happy for an excuse to use my Elder charms since these days they just pile up and I don't use them for anything (though I found you can use them for those Scenario Treasure runs to buy all sorts of items to bust traps and distract mobs).

Ambershaper is still a crappy fight even nerfed.  Though we know how to do it, I still see a damn ton of explosions, and we didn't get to do Empress until Thursday.  No luck for me in there, but I was happy in Terrace the next day because I managed to get my Tier helm!  I was surprised to see Souglyy going for 4 pieces of old Tier since I know she has 522 shoulders and chest but the 4 set bonus must be pretty awesome to drop it back that much.  I think of all of us she has the best ilvl - she has 522 ring, bracers, trinket and bracers as well as an LFR 502 cloak.  I am almost embarrassed looking at my 483 stuff that I'm wearing LOL!  But so far I'm going ok with what I've got.

A lot of the gear was taken.  There were very few DEs - I think Hwired took something, and Moo got his 4th axe (!!) and I got the dagger which I wasn't sure I was going to use but nobody else seems to want it - it's not better than the LFR Sha touched so... /shrug.

A few people got their achievements for Heart of Fear, so grats to Souglyy and Roshii!

However, I think Lushnek was right - though we should do old stuff for gear, we should do the new stuff first (ie Jin'rokh) so that we can get gear we want from there first before we step into the old raids.  Because it would be really crap getting a 496 upgrade only to replace it 2 nights later with a 522.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fishing Fun at the Fish of the Day migrations

With patch 5.2 they started having Fish of the Day pool migrations. I quite like these areas, and you just have to chat to Ben of the Booming Voice in the Valley of the Four Winds (along the river east of Halfhill) who will tell you where they are each day.  I ask him to show me and he puts a nice little red x on the map.

I've fished a few of the areas - the first time I saw it was in the Vale with pools of Jewel Danios.  I even took a picture with Salty El!  That was the first time I saw a Krakkanon (see below).

The prettiest one in my opinion is in Jade Forest, around Sri-La village.  Sprite Darters float around the fishing area, sprinkling their dust around, and the water sparkles.  My daughter loves seeing me fishing there because it's so pretty.  A shame that the Jade Lungfish caught from the Glowing Jade Lungfish pools are for 250 intellect food (Swirling Mist Soup) or 275 Strength food (Eternal Blossom Fish)

My favourite place to fish during Fish of the Day migrations was in the Valley of the Four Winds, near Stormstout brewery.  Brew Frenzied Emperor Salmon Pools are there and that's the fish I use for raids to make Fire Spirit Salmon and Banquet of the Steamer.  I find it funny looking at the Hozen Beercatchers wandering around the edges of the pool, and beer barrels being chucked into the water.

Yesterday the Fish of the day was in Kun-Lai summit, around Shado-Pan Monastery at Master Snowdrift's Pagoda.  I hadn't fished there before so I went to check it out.

Snowdrift trainees are standing around the area shooting ice bolts at the water.  Lucky it doesn't scare the fish away!  And that day's fish was.... hmm, Tiger Gourami!  I don't normally use that fish but it's used for agility food (Sea Mist Rice Noodles) so someone might want it.  I fished up a fair few small pools (Tiger Gourami Slush) and then I turned to the giant pool (Large Pool of Giant Gourami Slush).  These large pools are found at the migrations and are huge and you can fish them for AGES!  I think I got 50-60 fish out of this one.

When you finish fishing one of these big pools, Krakkanon appears.  He's one massive Kraken!  He looks daunting with his 20 million health, but he actually hits really softly.  You can solo it, but it will take ages!  And don't be fooled by that elite tag, he doesn't drop anything much except a stack of the fish that you fish in the area (more Tiger Gourami.. yay).

But this pool was special!  Not only did I manage to catch my first carp (Tiny White Carp) from that big pool, but I also managed to get TWO Flying Tiger Gourami.  One I fished, and the other was on the Krakkanon.  The bummy thing is that it's unique and so I hadn't handed in my other one so I couldn't pick up the second one. What a waste!

I really like these pools.  I can stand in one spot and fish all day long, not agro any hostile mobs, and get a chance at my Nat Pagle fish as well as the pets.  Good luck to all of you guys with your fishing!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The loot and gear dilemma

Lushnek was telling me that you should be having an ilvl of 502+ to be attempting Throne of Thunder.  Well, I am WAAAY off that.  But the first boss went down ok with all of us under that level.

However, even though the old raids of HoF and Terrace still hold a lot of upgrades for me (I am wearing quite a lot of upgraded LFR stuff) Fue doesn't think we should be doing those.  This is because LFR has better gear than those old raids.  And of course, all the new VP ToT stuff is 522 ilvl.

But loot is so hit and miss in LFR!  I don't need to point out all those poor people who have not got a Sha-touched weapon after a whole patch.  And Mogu coins are not easy to come by so I don't want to throw them around willy nilly in LFR trying to upgrade EVERYTHING.  Last week I did LFR and doing both of the new ones took me the better part of 3 hours.  For all the gaming I do, who the hell has 3 hours to sit down and do LFR when I have other raid days, PvP days and daily days!  And it was so painful that it was a stark reminder of WHY I dislike LFR in the first month or so of it opening. I did get one upgrade though - yay!

I like doing Terrace and HoF.  I can burn through all my elder charms for gear there because a trinket, some tier would be nice!  Ooh and an offhand or the Sha touched weapon (non LFR version).  If only we could spend more days doing those instead of wiping to Horridon Dinopoophead 3 days a week.  I am sad that this week we won't be doing Terrace - maybe I can PuG it?  But gosh, where will I find the time for that!

Maybe the dice will roll my way this week and I'll get some upgrades.  I just bought the VP neck so that's pushed me a little closer to that magic over 500 ilvl mark - I hope that little bit makes the difference on that dino so he can go back to being extinct!

Another minipost: Mumper shares this new pet for 5.3

For all you guys not on twitter who didn't see Cory "Mumper" Stockton's pic that he tweeted in regards to pets in 5.3... feast your eyes and go AWWWWW I want one!

Souglyy, Roshii, McTacky and Faith... I know you guys will all want one of these!!!

Non WoW post: Even if it's not you, it can still make you cry

Deviating from WoW talk for a bit... but a warning - this post may make people cry.

Today was just one of those depressing days at work.  I come to work and find out that two of my trainees had to deal with a horrible experience yesterday and need to debrief and neither of them are at work today, understandably.

Yesterday there was an emergency call for anaesthetic assistance for a 17 month old child who choked at home and turned blue.  The ambulance officers had arrived to the emergency department doing CPR and ventilating the patient who had no heartbeat for 15 minutes already.  My two trainees went down to help resuscitate the child but after a further 20 minutes there was still no heart beat despite multiple doses of adrenaline, and so the child was pronounced dead.  My heart goes out to the poor family of the child and for everyone who was involved.  I know from experience that every time a child dies, all the hospital staff involved are all understandably very upset and in need of a debrief.

This is on the tail of a lady who had conceived through IVF and somehow had missed follow up and turned up at 42 weeks and 3 days having not had her baby.  The baby was in distress when the midwives assessed her, and she was organised for an urgent Caesarean which was done immediately but the baby was born floppy and pale and CPR was commenced immediately.  At 42 weeks her placenta had given out and could not give enough blood or oxygen to the baby.  The baby was whisked away immediately to the special care unit, still having CPR but it was looking pretty grim. Deaths of babies is uncommon and it's hard for staff to know what has happened.  I cringe when I think of the recovery nurses who immediately ask "Oh, congratulations, what did you have?" when they hear someone has had a Caesarean  - they are not doing it to be mean, it's just a small thoughtless thing because we've assumed everything has gone ok.  The husband had come out with the wife to recovery, which is not the usual protocol, and the neonatal doctors came down to speak to the husband and wife.
"We've done everything we can for your baby, but we were unable to revive him.  If you would like to come up and say your goodbyes..."
The wife was undecided.  She said to her husband, "I don't know if I can do it.  I don't know if I can see him.  I still feel so numb, that this isn't happening."
"You should see him," her husband said.  "You'll regret it if you didn't."
I cannot imagine what was going through both of their minds as they held their dead child, covered in drips, breathing tubes and IV lines - none of the interventions used in resuscitation are allowed to be removed if the patient is to be sent for a post mortem.  It's an awful thing, for a parent to see - something that looks so unlike your own child, more like some kind of machine with all the bits of medical paraphernalia attached.  Those months of joy and expectation, their precious baby that was difficult to conceive, and never even getting to know their new baby...

I still have tears in my eyes hearing both of those things.  Neither of which was directly involved with me, which would probably have upset me even more, but being the Supervisor of Training means that debriefing and coping with death and loss and failure is part of helping my trainees on their way to becoming specialists.    Though undoubtedly the hardest part of loss of a child is to the parents, the constant facing of death and failure to a medical practitioner can be very stressful.  Detach yourself from it, and you risk becoming a cold unfeeling practitioner.  Getting too emotional about it can lead to work stress and depression.  Somewhere in the middle is what we have to strive to be - and encouraging my trainees to talk about it and debrief, even if they say they are ok, is part of the coping process which I hope they will learn and pass onto their own trainees in the future.

Stories like that of Liala, Chris and Lilpeanut who have lived through the death of their own child, are so terrifying to me.  Some may wonder, what is worse - losing your child before you got to know it, or losing it after you had lived with them, and shared their life and seeing their potential and then losing it... I think that each is a tragedy, and neither is worse than the other as it is from each parent's perspective, their OWN child.  Whether your child died at 0, 3, 17 or 40, they were always your child and no parent wants to outlive their own children.

Every day I hold my daughter and my son and I tell them stories of real children who have accidents and end up dying.  My daughter still remembers the stories I tell her - of the 4 year old whose hat got blown off her head whilst crossing the road and she let go of her mother's hand to go get it and was hit by a car and died.

Accidents, health problems, cancer - you can't control them.  I can understand the terror of some parents who would do anything to protect their child from harm, and their child ends up living their life in a bubble.  But you cannot control death or save your child from every evil.  I wish I could protect my children from all harm, but I look at them everyday and know I cannot control their fate.  Bad things could happen.  I just hope and pray that a day like that will never happen to me.

Minipost: Buggy WoW Tuesday

I wish WoW had reset before I had logged on.  My WoW was so buggy.

It started when I was getting on to do dailies and Lushnek noticed I had the valor point buff where you get an extra 50% valour for being valour capped.  I WAS valour capped last week, and when I checked my points, they had reset.  I hadn't done any valour stuff on any other toon so that was a bug.  And it was working.  I was getting 7-8 VP for each daily hand in.  So that worked in my favour.

Then I was doing that f***ing Chamberlain quest and I thought I would try for the achievement.  I was doing it with Lushnek and we abandoned it when we couldn't find one part and tried again.  So when we were done, and we had done it exactly the same time and picked up the pieces together, he got the achievement The Crumble Bundle and I didn't.  I still had 90 seconds to spare! Well f***.  I think I'd rather have the achievement than extra VP.  Oh well, next week.  At least I got to benefit from the hotfixes and the spawn points were the same for the day.

New section was open and there was a new rare to kill - must be my lucky day coz I got a key from that one!

Aza goes on holidays this week - have fun Aza!  We'll miss your DPS and dispels in raid, and we'll make sure we have all the ToT bosses on farm for when you get back!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sunday and Monday raiding - A Sha kill for me, and Horridon progress

In a toss up between Heart of Fear and Terrace, Terrace won.  Yay me!  So that meant I could get a Sha kill and have a chance at the tons of loot that Terrace still has for me.

The first boss went down easily, and then Tsulong was a little messy and we had an enrage wipe and the next  one was a kill.  We even managed to keep the tree up for Falln.

Lei Shi was an annoying little shit.  We died a lot - adds killed us, tanks died.. it was just a little bit all over the place (I totally blame Roshii and his lack of microphone since he's our MA).  I stuffed up once by typhooning the ads which broke all cc's.

Then onto Sha, and that went smoothly though I was a little scared at times because I couldn't remember what I had to do.  The first time I got cackled I remembered to hide when the Death Blossom was being done and then I wondered, when do I come out?  I peeked out from around the pole and nobody was there.  OMG, they'd all left already!  I ran to click the shiny light and back I went, just in the nick of time.  I was worried about mana for a while but I never dropped below 50% so it was pretty good.  Then bang!  Dead Sha and achievement spam - yay!

No loot was to be had though, but I had a great time!

Monday was more Horridon *grumble*.  We got to the 4th door this time!  But boy was my mana rooted. Bish started mass dispelling on the first door which was pretty cool - his reasoning was that he only had to dispel 2 doors, whereas Lushnek had to dispel 3 and I had to dispel 4 doors.  I need to be smarter with my mana because even though I cast it and it doesn't dispel, it still uses mana, I think.

We made it to the 4th door and I got eaten by a bear, but on a subsequent attempt, then Jalak came down and we killed him (compared to Horridon, he has hardly any health) but then the tanks died!  I was so OOM by then so it was going to be ugly.  Horridon was enraged after we killed Jalak and it looked like one of those kite it around and not get hit things.  But getting there was super exciting.  Hopefully after a few more upgrades, we got this!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Horde tags Oondasta!

I logged on this evening and Lushnek and Luxy said I had good timing!  Souglyy told me that Oondasta raid is forming and there were two groups heading to Oondasta.  Yay!  Horde finally gets a go!

There were a couple of hotfixes on 21 March.

Oondastas for everyone!  I like that :)  Pretty cool that I wasn't the only one complaining about it!  Glad to see it is going to spawn more often so we all can get a go at it.  Apparently the health is less as well.

Anyway, I was pretty excited, I get to try for it now!  I didn't get a picture though, because we were all trying to get up to the top, and boy is it a long ass run when you're dead - no wonder everyone fights it on the beach right next to the graveyard.

So after the first wipe, they got it down to the beach, but boy does it hit hard and I think I died about 4 times that fight!  Rez timers were at 2 minutes and I rezzed just as the boss was killed.  Yay achievement!

I rolled and I got an item!  I thought ooh woot loot!  And it was a Reins of the Cobalt Primordial Direhorn.

OMG!  A mount!  I had no idea there was a mount, I was hoping for some gear coz there is some sweet gear from there, but it was pretty exciting.  I told Roshii, and he was excited for me!  So here I am on my mount.

My outfit doesn't go...

I saw this person showing off their mount in the Shrine and I stood next to them (they got theirs in the raid as well).  I noticed that they matched very nicely to their mount!  And they said to me "Yours is bigger but I look better because my clothes match.  Your orange clashes with your mount."

Umm.  Ok.  I actually noticed I didn't go well with my mount when I was on the Isle of Giants, and I thought about what I should wear.  Perhaps I should borrow something like what Lelani was wearing from the Rojak transmog comp?  Except it's rogues' pvp stuff...

So with a bit of modification, I thought I'd look more druidy.  Need to work on my weapons but there are a lot of blue weapons so shouldn't be too bad - I think I might even have some in the bank... but I'm not too sure yet, see how I feel tomorrow!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Friday PvP - first steps in new 5s team

Well we had our first go at 5s!  Getting to know what our teammates were like, and figuring out how we would be cc'ing.  There were only 2 teams playing - one well geared team and one team lesser geared team.

I got that gladiatorlossa addon and it actually is pretty cool.  I had it on during a BG and that was damn awful though, constant talking I had no idea what was going on!  Luckily you can turn it off in bgs.  We ran an EotS and oof... that was disorienting!  We won that game easily though.

While we waited for Disco to get on, we were doing bgs.  He got on, we grabbed him and then he had to afk so we queued for a BG.  It was wsg and it was a HORRIBLE BG.  Our team was horribly undergeared with 3 of the players not even glyphed!  So they didn't do much except hang around together and I was focussed down a lot and their healers would heal each other.  In one match the team didn't join and we won a game by default!

Though we were getting our asses kicked all the time, it was a good learning procedure.  Hwired had never done 5s and he wondered if 2 healers was the norm.  I said it was, but it was hard for me and I of course would get focussed early.  Disco decided to switch to his Paladin and have some heals even though he was in full PvE.  And with that combo we won our first game!  That was pretty exciting.  It was against the lesser geared team, which had a Disc/Resto Shammy healer, rogue, mage and hunter.  But once they figured out Disco was not in PvP gear, then it was focus on him time.

So that was our night in PvP.  Hwired and Shab decided to team up as a 2s team and so hopefully they will cap their conquest this week.  Doesn't help me though - I will still need to cap conquest!

Minipost: Oh, so THAT's how you find Mantid sites

Cymre was talking about Mantid sites and I had wondered only a few days ago, how do I dig those?  Do I need to go to the archaeology trainer?  No, Brann had nothing to tell me.  I scratched my head in puzzlement.  I hadn't seen any dig sites on the Isle of Thunder or Isle of Giants...

Souglyy had enlightened me a few days ago because I didn't know how to dig them.  She told me, you just dig in Dread Wastes or Townlong and some of them may be mantid.

Well, I found some!  And you know you can't miss these babies - sometimes the Pandaren ones are hard to see under shrubs but these Mantid ones are in your face!

Now how the hell was I supposed to lug that baby around! :P

Friday, March 22, 2013

Stupid Persistent Annoying Messages (SPAM)


Dear SPAMmers,

Thank you, you annoying little fuckers, for visiting my blog.  I often wonder whether I actually have that many visitors to my site when it turns out most of them are not really here to read about the spawn times of Oondasta or Pet battles or Throne of Thunder.  I can't imagine that I would get more than 20 people who come to read what I have to say normally, but I should thank you for inflating those numbers like one of those blow up dick extensions you're trying to sell.

However, I am confused as to why you might think I might want to visit your stupid-ass sites.  This is clearly a World of Warcraft Fan blog site.  Perhaps you think I may need a fast cash loan for those penis encasing fleshlights for those fake vaginas.  My toon is not fat and she doesn't need to lose weight.  Nor does she have any money for franchise opportunities.  Pocket pussy - now is that a miniature cat or have I just figured out why some people walk around with their hands in their pockets all the time.  I was almost tempted to click it out of curiosity.  And who needs casino games when I have Darkmoon Faire?

What baffles me the most is why you keep visiting one particular blogpost.  My poor post, Kologarn gives up One achievement has the highest number of spam messages... and I'm not sure why!  Of course it wouldn't surprise me if it had been my Goldshire post because at least THEN the spam content would be vaguely relevant to what I had found on my adventure there.

Some of the comments are almost clever!  This one looked almost like something Ancient would write:
Woω thаt ωaѕ oԁԁ. I just wгote an verу lοng comment but аfteг I clicked submit my cоmment didn't appear. Grrrr... well I'm not ωгiting all thаt ovег аgain. Regarԁlesѕ, ϳust wаntеd tο say eхсellent blоg! Herе iѕ my weblog
Fortunately for me, Blogger seems to be able to spot you assholes straight away.  There is the occasional accident where one of my friends gets mistaken for one of you SPAMmers but those are few and far between.  I know you SPAMmers will never read this post, but I really wish you would just take your tantric sex books and other sex toys and go play with them instead of sticking it all over my PG-rated blog.

Yes, I hear you when you say that I've made it easy for you to come and post on my blog by removing the Captcha.  But that stupid thing makes me not want to comment on my OWN blog, and I don't want to hinder any of rmy friends who want to leave an actual thoughtful and RELEVENT comment.

So get lost. I look forward to your response.  No... wait... no I don't.  Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Kind regards,

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wednesday raiding - Horridon is a poophead

Last night I felt a bit rusty having not raided for almost a week, and back into Throne of Thunder we went.  Jin'rokh gave us nice mail shoulders and cloth legs for Souglyy and Hwired (Narishma) and onto Horridon we went.

Trash is not so horrible now. I wonder if it's changed or it's just us.  Some quick priest wrist action there when Roshii got knocked back by the blue beam ghosts (nice one Bish) with a lifegrip - so quick that Roshii didn't even notice!

We seem to be able to get to third gate comfortably but I find that gate so hard!  Adds are constantly killing me - I seem to be the first to die all the time!  I am using my PvP abilities - nature's grasp, even Ursol's Vortex which is a bit crap IMO but at least last 10 seconds compared to 3 or 4 seconds with a roar.  The only great thing is that for that door I don't have to do ANY dispelling - it's a disease door and I am dispel free to go and heal.  Fue decided to be funny and make us 2 heal it and we got to 3rd door once but died on 2nd door - it was just too much to do I think.  Fue noticed that his health was a lot more spiky.

Lushnek was offhealing last night and had some mana issues at first.  I found with my new gear my mana was excellent.  I am wondering if I can start unloading some spirit.

On Thursday night we might have our full complement of real healers I hope and let's see if that makes it a little better heal wise.  More dispels yay! :)

Oh and how stupid am I!  I must have never visited the enchanting trainer in Pandaria because I never knew you could make Sha crystals out of ethereal shards.   But NOW I know!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

10 Days of pet Battling Day 7 - Pet Battle Mods

This post is part of my 10 Days of Pet Battles series.

Do you remember when you didn't know what quality pets were and had to use a mod to do it?  Or type in some strange string?  Thank goodness that's all fixed now and we can see the quality of pets in a pet battle!

But now I am down to a few pet battle mods that I can't live without.

This mod makes unlimited different teams for different battles, and you can name your teams to make it easier for yourself.  Invaluable for all those different pet battles rather than digging through your journal of 500+ pets for the pet you want!  I like how it saves the abilities of the pets you're wanting to use as well.  I think it's a must have for anyone who does lots of pet dailies. 
not my teams but you get the idea!

This was the mod I originally had to find the quality of your pets, but it also tells you when you're out in the field, what quality of that pet you already have.  

The latest update has improved it a lot, even though it was already great!  Now you can see the breeds of your pets as well, and the little icons tell you what specialty your pet is (fast, health or attack).  You can sort and search through your pets by rarity, zones they spawn in, or their specialty.  I like how it lists number of unique pets and total pets as well in the box.
picture is not mine but just a sample!

Puts your Safari hat (and your guild tabard if you need guild xp) on during a battle and takes it off when you're done.  It's perfect so you don't have to manually do it all the time!  I love it because I always forget to put it on (and take it off).  However, if you get called into a BG or an arena or LFR in the midst of a pet battle, I often find that I still have my hat on (but if you complete the pet battle it will change it back). It also automatically accepts a battle with a tamer and auto hands in when you click - this option can be disabled if you wish.

If I had to choose only one of these mods... it would have to be Pet Battle Teams.  It's so handy and so fast for team swapping!  The amount of time it would take me to reorder my teams would be... horrific... for each battle.

Rare spotting with Cymre and Veluxia

I was wandering around doing my dailies early Tuesday morning (or rather, late Monday night I guess), and Cymre was on.  I said hi to her and asked her what she was up to, and she was fishing - she has caught 2 carp already!  I was impressed!  What I didn't know is that those damn carp are not cageable :(  Poops!  That seems a bit unfair since the Sewer rat is cageable.

Anyway, she came to the Isle for some wandering around and she said Prog was up.  I knew it was a rare but I didn't know what or where it was, so she had to lead me to it - I mean, literally hold my hand to get there because I am easily confused by mountains and caves on maps and can't figure out how to get to dots and targets on my map.  I didn't get much of a chance to get a picture, Cym engaged it but I got a small pic!
Cym did warn me about a knockback but I still was dumb and got knocked off...
Then the Haywire Sunweaver Construct was up which Veluxia told me to come and look at and take a pic of, so I chased the damn thing up and down the beach trying to get a good shot.  Cym came to kill it as well.

Then we killed the turtle, but I forgot to take a picture of it.  It kinda died slowly with 2 disc priests and a bear.  And then Cym said she'd had enough of rares, but Veluxia found Al'tabim for me and we killed that together.  It was nice valour!

Poor rares.  Nobody will leave them alone!

Oh, and another cool thing today was that The Deadtalker Cipher was up, which meant me and Lushnek could complete our Know Your Role achievement.  Yay, another thing scratched off!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our first Arenas and PvP in 5.2

We didn't the chance for arenas on Friday night but late Saturday night we were all awake at ridiculous hours of the morning.

Shab was trying Frost Jaw after Ring of frost was nerfed.  I've dropped my Displacer beast (as that was nerfed), and Sev tried destro for a few arenas just to have a play around.

One combination which was interesting was a double frost DK and a subtlety rogue.  They would wait, yank someone down and then burst them to death.  We did try to kill the rogue first but he would keep vanishing when almost dead which was annoying as hell.  Those frost DKs are hell annoying with their ccs.  We came up against them twice and lost both times.

We had one game in Undercity sewers where the other team's healer died, I died, and then Shab died, leaving Sev with two half dead opponents - a warrior and a rogue.  The rogue was doing something where he was throwing stuff at Sev, and he died from that.  I didn't know rogues chucking stuff would be that strong.

Nitwit me didn't look at the warrior to see if they had the spell reflect on and ended up cycloning myself for 9 seconds. That was pretty shitty.  Boy did I feel stupid and I bet that warrior and the team were laughing at us for that.  Shab told me to get an addon that will show me what abilities are being used so I don't get caught out like that again.  But I can't for the life of me remember the name.

Oh and that priest lifeswap is still amazing.  Goddamn!  The number of times we nearly killed someone and suddenly they go to full health... it infuriates my teammates.

So that made me wonder about making a 5s team again.  Hwired seems keen on PvP these days, and he has been playing really well - I still recall the first time he went into Temple of Kotmogu and he carried the orb and got Powerball... we had gone in with Sev and Shab as well, and I healed him and I said "Grats!" but inside I was fuming... 
I eventually got my achievement, but it took me long enough... definitely had to go with friends who could protect me.

Anyway, that was off topic, so back to the topic...

I thought that Hwired would be a good addition to the team.  The other person I had been considering was Disco.

Disco, or Soultouched (which is the paladin he's raiding on) is the husband of Neri and transferred over to our server to raid with us when we were having a healer shortage.  He has geared pretty quickly though, and so far has been fitting well into the team (after last night his ilvl is only 1 behind mine.... ONE).  The fact that he enjoys all sorts of nerdy behaviour has helped him integrate I think.  I was very anxious about the whole thing (OMG have I ninja'd Neri's husband into our raid team, she is going to hate me, have I caused all sorts of guild tension), but after Neri wrote a piece about it from her perspective, I was a lot more relaxed and now am quite glad he is here.  And besides, every time he does something stupid I can whisper Neri and tell her how silly her husband is.

Disco surprised me by saying he was an arena enthusiast.  Now, my version of enthusiast may be very different from other people's version of enthusiast.  I enjoy a good 2s or 3s with my like minded PvP buddies against another team, testing our skills to the max and hopefully learning something in the process.  Disco was talking to me about arena non-stop one night - I think he gets a bit excited when he has a willing audience and I thought wouldn't it be nice to have someone as enthusiastic about arena as we are.

So when I mean enthusiast, I mean we like to play with our team to work out the best way we can win.  We don't swap into a winning combination just to win.  We just like to play.  We're not high rated but we're ok.  So I thought that having Disco in our team would be great to have a different perspective, as he's melee.  When all of us are casters, we tend to have a caster mindset and having a melee will make us play a little differently.

So, I asked Disco and he seemed willing, so he transferred his warrior over to Dath'remar.  Unfortunately, on a day we thought we'd try it out, Sev finally got his Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion, and has been spending time trying to get his green fire and so was busy all night with that and didn't have time to PvP.  So the 4 of us went to BG instead and had quite a good run except for our starting WSG which was pretty awful.

We had mines come up a few times, and I was happy because I love mines!  And I was made even happier because I got my Mine Cart Courier at last!

The trick is that you have to capture the top cart first, and then get the other carts.  I ran to the top cart (north to west) with 5 others, so we got that, and then I switched the north track so that the next cart would go North to East.  Whilst I was escorting that, I saw the cart from East to North coming up being heavily attacked by Alliance so I ran over to help them, captured that, and then back to my other cart and captured it.  Then I jumped on my bike down to South Track and captured that just before it captured, and then someone had switched the east track back to south, so I went to escort that.  If one more cart captured, the game would be over, and fortunately my cart captured before all the others and that netted me my achievement - YAY!  Now I don't have to stuff up any more games trying for a silly achievement.  I think of the number of times I have tried to get that achievement and lost or nearly lost a game...

I look forward to next Friday, to see what our combination is like and whether we'll gel as a team.

Minipost: Monday raiding - Terrace cleared!

I was not feeling well and we have enough reserves now so I can take a night off to sleep off my virus. But guess what... Frostwolves cleared terrace tonight so that was pretty cool!  Not to mention that Soultouched has now got an ilvl 1 behind me so I no longer have to worry about him :) he got through Sha ok and he was pretty happy he could 2 heal with Bish. Hopefully Bish didn't have to carry him too much :P

I saw that Lushnek got the boots off council and Roshii got loot (? Chest) and Soul got a Sha touched sword. Yay! Ok next week it's my turn for a Sha kill, hopefully! Grats guys!

Monday, March 18, 2013

When you know your faction will never tag Oondasta

It's all very well and exciting that there are new world bosses up, which take a massive coordinated effort of 75 people to kill it.  Add in a few extras, since you can faction tag it now (I bet there are about 10 stragglers who didn't make into a raid group) and you have a whole lot of people walloping on it.  Oh and don't forget CRZ!

However, what does one do when your faction is NEVER going to tag it?

My server, Dath'remar, is heavily alliance with an almost 2:1 Alliance:Horde ratio.  Blizzard calls it a low population realm (information taken from with a population of 80k characters.

Though I do like the changes with 5.2, such as faction tagging (so mobs don't get ninja'd off you and everyone can have a go at rare spawns) it is a shame that if you live on a heavily outnumbered server, you will never get to see it.

Oondasta has been up twice this week.  Both times, tagged by Alliance.  And a number of people there, probably got no loot because they had already done it this week.

But, if you look at 5.1, it was the same with Galleon.  I killed it once - the rest of the time it was tagged by Alliance.

But what is the solution to this?  I was in a raid group yesterday and the people moaned the fact that Alliance got it again.  "Faction change," was the solution once person said.  Which doesn't really solve the problem, does it?  It solves it for YOU, the individual, but not the server as a whole.

IF people wanted it to be fair (but really, why would Blizzard make it fair LOL) is that if a person joins a raid group to kill Oondasta, it would somehow be like a raid instance - where a "saved" person cannot enter.  Not sure how that works for outside bosses - I would have to think a little harder about that.  Being unable to tag Oondasta or see Oondasta would not really solve anything, because even if you couldn't see Oondasta  if you were a healer, you could still join the raid group and heal it.  Probably not so useful for DPS and Tanks though LOL!

But, I was happy just to get to see this amazing creature.  Even if my server does not have the population to get 75 raiders together to take it down (and coordinate across 3 raids) then a picture will suffice.

Grats to anyone who got loot!  I guess I'll do what I did with Galleon - wait till the next patch when it's up ALL the time and people are bored of killing it :)  So anyone else got some brilliant ideas?  And I mean useful ones, not things like yell at Blizz or transfer to a server with a heavier horde population! :)

/yell "Hey Rho, look!  Galleon is up!"

Sunday, March 17, 2013


The great thing about everyone hanging on the Isle of Thunder is that nobody is looking for the other rares and gives me a chance to get them!

(I think I've killed only one rare on the Isle of Thunder - maybe 2)

With the help of guildies (and Silverdragon yelling "I SEE YOU" all the time whenever guildies with Silverdragon see a rare) I got all my rares!  Here are pics of the last few I needed.

Now I happily never have to slaughter any rares again :) I can go back to admiring them!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Aza and the Green Fire: Chapter III

Previously: Chapter II

There were many guards within the temple.  However, Azadelta avoided them with ease, and she searched for some sort of evidence to locate Jubeka or Kanrethad.

A scroll lay on the ground, and Aza sensed some power emanating from the scroll.  She picked it up and as she read it, the scroll crumbled and Akama appeared.  Aza was startled but relaxed upon seeing the Broken Draenei, as they were on amiable terms - Aza had years ago done many deeds for the Ashtongue Deathsworn, earning their trust and respect.

Akama countenance relaxed when he saw Azadelta.  "Wait, you're not one of the warlocks that snuck in here before.  Why then are you here?"

Aza realised it would be a bad idea to let Akama know that he came to learn of the demonic powers that Jubeka and Kanrethad were investigating. Akama had a hate for demons and their masters, and barely tolerated Aza but respected the help she had given in the past.

"I have been sent by my order to investigate what the Council of the Black Harvest was up to in this place.  We must put an end to their perversions."  Aza hoped she sounded convincing.

"It has been many months since those two warlocks broke into the temple... but I'm still not sure what they were after."  Akama regarded her, his expression neutral.  "Very well.  Follow me. They visited both the Shrine of Lost Souls and the Temple Summit.   Use caution, there are many traps still active within. Perhaps one of your demon spells will grant you the ability to scout ahead before advancing forward. And the Essence of Order..." but Aza had already run in the direction of the Shrine.

She summoned an Eye of Kilrogg to guide her through the maze of traps - the room was full of hidden triggers to catch the unwary.  Apparently triggering one would cause an army of Hungering Souls to appear - something Aza wasn't particularly keen on engaging.  She made it through the maze, and as she approached the chamber another memory of Jubeka's was triggered.
Kanrethad: Summon...ha, imagine what we could become if fused with power of this magnitude...
Kanrethad: The powers of this room are not unlike the original Well of Eternity in Azeroth.
Jubeka: So this is how Illidan bound so many demons to his will..
Kanrethad: Yes. The payment for the demons' service was to drink from the energy of this place.
Kanrethad: By feeding upon this place's power, they were broken free from their addiction to the Legio's magic.
Kanrethad: I believe this is the original power source he intended ot offer the blood elves to free them from their addiction to the Sunwell...but for some reason he didn't let them near it...
Jubeka: What?? You have no proof of such a claim.
Kanrethad: Didn't you notice? The demons under Illidan's command were free of the entropic, fel-green corruption that pervades the Legion.
Comprehension dawned within Azadelta.  The Shrine of lost souls contained an amazing power, which Illidan was able to tap.  Was this the source of power she was to claim for this quest?  She hungered at the thought of such power.

As she stepped further into the room there was a bright flash and a massive head appeared.  Azadelta had fought the Reliquary of Souls before in this room, which represented the Essences of Anger, Desire and Suffering.  This was a different Essence.  She wished she'd listened to Akama more - what had he said about the Essence of Order...

"The powers of this place are NOT for your kind, Warlock! DIE!" screamed the Essence, as it fired a spellfire at her.  A line of flames burned along the path of the channeled spell and Aza leapt to the side, narrowly avoiding the flames.

I can take care of this, thought Aza confidently, casting a curse of elements then running as she cast immolate. She summoned her Voidlord to tank the Essence whilst she cast conflagrate.

"Face the souls of those your kind doomed to perish, Warlock!"  boomed the Essence, and Lost Souls made a beeline for Azadelta's position.  Aza despatched them with a rain of fire, and continued her dance with the Essence as they went around and around, avoiding lines of spellfires and burning her survival cooldowns during hellfires.  She had one close call, as she was too slow to move whilst casting and the spellfire caught her, searing her left leg and arm seared in agonising pain.  She popped a healthstone and drained to regenerate a little as she continued running, her dance with the Essence falling into a series of dance moves - immolate, conflagrate, and renewing curse of elements when it had fallen off, jump aside for the spellfires, drain life....

The Essence went down quickly, much to Aza's relief.  As Aza stepped forward to take the Empowered Soulcore, the Reliquary began to unleash an army of demons at her which she dispatched relatively easily.  She stared at the raw power of the Empowered Soulcore in her hands, pulsing with arcane magic.  Leaving the Shrine, she went to find Akama in the Halls of Anguish.  She summoned Kupyap to keep her company and told him what had just happened.

"Azadelta!" yelled Akama. "Some of my men are trapped in the basement - there is little time, help me save them!"  Akama headed for a side door, that Aza had never seen before.

"Master, lots of treasure in the chamber, this is your chance!" said Kupyap excitedly, pointing down the dark corridor.  "Broken Draenei has taken the guards to fight, it's yours for the taking!"

"Akama, I have to search for more clues, I will catch up to you!"  shouted Aza, as she turned in the direction for the Den of Mortal Delights - her plan was to plunder the Black Temple.  The clock was ticking - Aza had 8 minutes to loot all the objects she could find.  She gathered Theldren's Rusty Runeblade, Large Piles of Gold coins, Golden High Elf Statuettes as well as numerous golden platters, ruby necklaces, Jade Kitten figurines and Golden Goblets.  She even found Taric's Family Jewels.  At the end of her time she had amassed 5k gold worth of plunder.   A sinking feeling lay in the pit of her stomach - was this gold here in preparation for a massive repair bill?  It was fortunate that she had asked for a blessing from the spirit healer on her way to the Black Temple.  At least through her pact with the guardians of the undead world she would be able to return to her body if she was killed.

It was time to head to the Temple Summit.  Azadelta steeled herself, and tried to focus.  She had a feeling that the hardest battle of her life was awaiting her.


Aza looked around the platform at the summit of the Black Temple.  She remembered how she had fought against Illidan, the Betrayer, and wondered what powers she would come to possess.  Would the power overtake her and make her a demon?  Or was this a test?

The vast space was empty, save for an innocuous looking soulwell was on the edge of the circle that decorated the summit of the temple.  Aza stared at the soulcore in her hands.  Whatever was coming she needed to be ready.  She didn't know what to expect.

She took a Flask of the Warm Sun, and ate some Mogu Fish Stew, to boost her spell power.  She set up a gateway between the platform and to a pillar just beyond, that would hopefully allow her to escape and avoid line of sight during attack.  She summoned Kupyap, her most loyal servant, and sacrificed him, gaining his powers to dispel magic and health.  Her Soul Leech was active, and she would no doubt find it invaluable for this fight.

Taking the pulsing Empowered Soulcore, she placed it into the soulwell.  The soulwell began to glow, and the ground began to tremble, as a huge demonic gateway began to emerge from the ground, green fel energy pulsing from it.  The portal burst open in a flare of green light and a winged demonic humanoid stepped out, his hooved feet clattering the stones.  Slowly, he turned his baleful gaze to Azadelta, and snarled.

"BEHOLD! I have truly mastered the fel energies of this world! The demonic power I now command... It is indescribable, unlimited, OMNIPOTENT!"

Holy shit, thought Aza.  That's Kanrethad Ebonlocke... he's let the demonic form overtake him... so where's Jubeka??

"You think I've gone too far?" roared Kanrethad. "There is no such thing. The Black Harvest will enslave the most powerful demons, draw on their power, and destroy all who oppose us, in this world, and on Azeroth! Do YOU mean to stop me, little one?

Aza raised her arms, hands glowing as she prepared for battle.  Her face was determined, and she bared her teeth at the demon who was once human.

"I'd like to see you try," sneered Kanrethad.

Aza threw a Curse of Elements and an immolate and rain of fire when Kanrethad laughed.

"Hah. Your feeble attacks are entertaining, would you like to see one of my new pets?"  Kanrethad began a summoning ritual, whilst Aza continued to cast attacks that seemed to barely faze the master warlock.

"The Annihilan are incredibly destructive creatures. Their sheer strength and power is absolutely unrivaled."

Aza's mouth fell open as a huge Pit Lord emerged and fixed its gaze upon her.  It lumbered towards Aza, swinging its jagged edged spear in a menacing action.

I may not have the knowledge or power to summon a Pit Lord, thought Aza, but I know that I can enslave it!

Aza cast Enslave Demon, and brought the Pit Lord under HER control.  Her mind linked with the demon.  Attack Kanrethad, she ordered.

"WHAT!?" roared Kanrethad in anger, as his former minion began to rain blows on him.  "Now you've angered me."  He began a complex incantation, and a Curse of Ultimate Doom was put on Aza.  He laughed derisively.  "The clock is ticking...."  He then put a Seed of terrible destruction on her and then cast Excrutiating Agony.  "Rising pain," he whispered, a smirk on his face.

Aza could feel the foreign energy unfolding inside her, like a time bomb.  If she didn't kill Kanrethad the Curse would complete and she would die instantly.  She redoubled her efforts, dispelling her enemy's damage over time spells.  She continued to barrage him with incinerate and conflagrate.  She used her Pit Lord's Siphon Strike to help heal some of her wounds as well.

Soul fire seared her skin and singed her clothes.  Then she saw Kanrethad begin to cast the incantation for a Chaos bolt of immense power, and she ran to her gateway and hid behind a pillar as the great bolt of energy burst against the stone pylon, stone chips flying in all directions.   Aza was glad she wasn't on the receiving end of that baby.

"You cannot stop your final Cataclysm!" yelled Kanrethad, as he began to channel again.  Charge him! ordered Aza and the Pit Lord crashed against Kanrethad, interrupting his cast of Cataclysm.  If he had completed that incantation, Aza and the Pit Lord would both be dead.  He has mastered some of Deathwing's magic, thought Aza.  What chance do I have?

Kanrethad began to summon Wild Imps, and Aza's mouth hardened in a determined line as 60 imps poured out of Kanrethad's portal.

"If two imps are better than one imp, what's better than two imps? SIXTY IMPS!"  Kanrethad laughed.  The imps pointed at Aza and began shooting  firebolts at her.  She returned it in kind with a Rain of Fire, despatching them all quickly, but she cringed again as she took another Soul fire.

"Chaotic magic always has the potential for unexpected results."  Kanrethand shrugged and faced his portal again, and began to summon Felhunters.

"While not the most powerful combatants, a pack of felhounds still has many uses."

3 enormous felhunters bounded out from the portal.  Aza cast havoc on the first one and then cast chaos bolt on the second, which killed it in one hit.  The third felhunter removed Enslavement on the Pit Lord and Aza took some startled steps backwards as the Pit Lord ran towards her again, ducking as the Pit Lord narrowly missed her neck with a swipe from his spear and instead catching the blow on her upraised arm, slicing it open in a spray of blood.

"You little f***ers you did NOT just do that!" screamed Aza as she re-enslaved the Pit Lord, and in a beserker rage cast chaos bolt on the third felhunter and then shadowburning the other.  Get back in there and  HIT KANRETHAD, minion! she ordered the Pit Lord.  She felt the demon struggling against her control but fury and anger merely lent more power to her will and he could not break free.  She quickly killed the last Felhunter, then turned her attention back to Kanrethad.

"Chaos will reign," he taunted as he began to cast chaos bolt again.  Aza quickly ported behind a pillar again, and reemerged, attacking again in vigour.

"This may seem meager at first, but give it a moment. Soon, the pain will be unbearable."  He continued throwing curses on Azadelta but she continued to purge the magic off.  Thank you, Kupyap, she said silently.  She winced again as she caught the edge of his Rain of Fire and used her healthstone again to stop some of her bleeding and soothe her burns.  She returned the courtesy and rained fire on Kanrethad as well.

"Archimonde's use of the ered'ruin was brilliant," said Kanrethad, as he began to summon a Doomlord. "Their command of the dark energies is unparalleled."  

Aza glanced at the Doomlord who was casting shadowbolts at her.  Her Soul Leech was absorbing a lot of the damage, and she continued to hurl spells at Kanrethad.  His health was whittling down, and Aza was glad that in his arrogance he didn't even bother to try healing himself.

The cycle began again with Kanrethad summoning Wild Imps again.  Aza was trembling with exhaustion and excitement.  She couldn't afford to get lazy, she had to keep dodging his attacks, keep her rain of fires up, keep her havoc on.  The Felhunters were still the most annoying of the pets he summoned but though she tried to move the Pit Lord out of range of the felhunter's cleanse, she was too slow and she had to conflagrate the Pit Lord to buy herself some time before he could get close enough to hit her. She killed all the felhunters and re-enslaved the Pit Lord again.

He was almost spent.  Aza could see his skin smoking from her frenzied attacks, and his breathing was more laboured than before.  Her eyes burned in victory as she prepared to cast her final series of spells and bring him down once and for all.  She realised, as she glanced at her burnt robes and skin, that she probably didn't look as if she was faring that much better.

"I'll shatter your soul!" Kanrethad held out his hand in a mocking grip motion and channeled a stream of purple energies, lifting Aza off her feet, the tendrils curling and tightening around her neck.  Aza tried to scream but no sound came out.  She was silenced - she couldn't cast spells and she couldn't teleport.  A terrible feeling of fear erupted from her chest, her heart pounding so hard she thought it was going to burst.

"Hah ha ha... you thought you could defeat me?"  Kanrethad cackled, his eyes blazing as he gloated. "NOTHING can kill me now, puny mortal!  And now," he regarded her almost regretfully with a sinister smile on his face, "Your sad tale comes to an end."

Spots swam before Aza's eyes as she closed them in resignation.

"NO!!!!"  A woman's scream cut through the haze of suffocation and Aza opened her eyes to stare at the small robed figure running towards Kanrethad.

"Jubeka?!  What are you..... AUGHHHHHH!!!!"  Jubeka cast a banish spell, more complex than any Aza had ever seen.

"This is only what you once asked me to do if it came to this, Kanrethad," Jubeka said, a tone that was almost regret echoed in her raspy voice. "You brought this on yourself."  Aza fell to the ground as the purple stranglehold vanished with Kanrethad's banishment, and she rubbed her neck ruefully as she shakily gained her feet.  Jubeka turned to Azadelta, her dead eyes giving away nothing.

"Azadelta, thank you for your help. While the world will not know, you've saved them more than they're aware. Kanrethad had to be stopped. I'll see to it that he stays banished."  She gestured at the figure held trapped and immobile behind Jubeka's neutralising spell.  "Kanrethad enveloped himself with so much fel energy that it corrupted him totally. But a small taste of his power should not be harmful. Go ahead."

Gingerly Aza tapped into the energies surrounding Kanrethad, and marvelled at the power of the fel Kanrethad had amassed.  As she drained the fel energy, and Aza didn't know what would have happened had she tried to take more.  As the power soaked into her, she felt the energies lifting her, surrounding her, and the world began to spin.  The fel power seemed to radiate from within and the heat of the power was burning her from the inside out, yet the pain was also a pleasure, as she felt the fel flames crackling around her fingertips.  She screamed as the pressure seemed to reach a boiling point, and the explosion that followed not only healed all her wounds, but seemed to sink into her very bones.  She held up one hand and stared, for even the magic she wielded felt more... demonic, somehow, corrupted.  Like a true lord of destruction.

Jubeka nodded in approval. "Now go, and use what you've learned. If you ever wish to have the fel energy purged from you, or reabsorb some of Kanrethad's, talk to me. I'll be at the Altar of Damnation in Shadowmoon Valley, keeping him banished."  She turned back to Kanrethad, and summoned up her imps to help transport her prisoner back to the Altar of Damnation.

"Thank you, Jubeka," said Azadelta, inclining her head.  Where the hell was she all this time! Aza wondered. She could have shown up a little earlier...

"Send my regards to Zevrost, sister," said Jubeka, as she walked away with her minions and prisoner.  "He chose well.  The Codex of Xerrath was given to a most worthy pupil."

Aza cast a Rain of Fire and felt exulted at the beauty of the green fel that had corrupted her magic.  She cast one last glance at the departing Jubeka, and activated her hearthstone.  Whilst it was charging, she had a sudden revelation.  Jubeka Shadowbreaker, a master warlock, author of the Grimoires of Sacrifice and Supremacy, had called HER, Azadelta, sister. Did that... mean she thought of Aza as her equal?  Aza grinned at the thought, and she waved a goodbye to the Black Temple, as she was teleported back to Pandaria.


Congratulations to Aza!  And I hope all warlocks out there manage to complete their quest, which Aza said was legendary in the lore and in the battles.  Why do warlocks get all the cool legendary stuff? :D
- Navimie

Friday, March 15, 2013

Aza and the Green Fire: Chapter II

Zevrost handed a book to Aza. "Azadelta, take this - the journal of Jubeka Shadowbreaker. Read the journal and use the information contained within to track down where she went. Find her soulstones and use them to locate her."

Aza took the book and bowed to Zevrost.  "I will return, Master Zevrost.  And I'll share all I know with you."

Zevrost clapped a hand on Aza's shoulder.  "This journey will probably be one of your most challenging, Azadelta.  You will need all your knowledge and your power to succeed."

Aza inclined her head in acknowledgement and headed to the Dark Portal.


Aza stood in Hellfire Peninsula at the Legion Front and opened Jubeka's journal.  The journal of one of the master demonologist warlocks... Aza shivered in delight, wondering what she would learn. Where did Zevrost get this?  Why had Zevrost not shared this knowledge with her and all his others students?  Aza wondered where to start seeking the soulstones.

The pages were filled with random notes, the occasional drawing of an imp's internal organs and the occasional tidbit on the preferred diet of felhunters.  But, near the end, an entry caught her eye...

Day 26:
It has been nearly two weeks since Kanrethad and I arrived in Outland. Almost immediately afterwards, he departed for Shadowmoon Valley. I didn't bother to ask why, as long as he doesn't get himself killed.
My research here in this dusty wasteland continues as drudgingly expected. While the Legion's onslaught has subsided, a number of the rarer demon specimens remain.
Day 28:
The fel imps of Felspark Ravine in Hellfire are remarkably chatty. I've discovered that they're just as easy to contract into service as their names are to learn. The ritual to summon one is trivial, at best.

Voidlords are rather difficult to stumble across, but it takes very little persuading to convince one to divulge the name of a rival lord. 
I have wondered once or twice if Kanrethad will ever return, but in the end, it doesn't actually matter. The council can put me to death, so long as my grimoires last, so will my legacy.
Day 32:
While examining the nauseating Ruins of Farahlon today in Netherstorm, I was ambushed by a race of floating eyeball squids. Calling themselves observers, they were unexpectedly intelligent. They expressed a deep desire to bear witness to all forms of magic and willingly offered their services in exchange for the opportunity to consume new forms of magic.

The ritual to summon an observer is unexpectedly complex. While natives of the great dark beyond, they are highly migratory and the summoning ritual must compensate for their travels. Without their willing assistance, summoning an Observer would be nearly impossible.
Aza was fascinated.  Reading how the original warlock masters learned the secrets of summoning the higher demons so that all warlocks could learn it was a history lesson that made her appreciate her Grimoire of Supremacy even more.  Aza thought about Bragmek, who was such an intelligent demon, that you could have a decent conversation with it, about all manner of subjects.  Without the work of Jubeka, he might never have been able to summon her Observer.  Aza shook herself from her thoughts and returned to the journal.
Day 35:
Kanrethad returned, looking incredibly grim. Considering his undisciplined technique, it should be no surprise that his research has been less than successful.
I'm ready to attempt the binding of a higher order member of the burning legion, but I dare not attempt the ritual alone. In fact, perhaps Kanrethad would prove the perfect test subject...
Day 36:
Remarkable! My first attempt to summon a higher order member of the legion failed as spectacularly as planned. The shivarra broke free almost instantly after Kanrethad completed the ritual.
I expected the frail human to be struck down while I banished the creature. Instead, in the instant that the Shivarra's razor-sharp blades sliced through the air, Kanrethad's form shifted and the blades bounced as if striking stone.
Unlike the typical form of metamorphosis, he did not complete the demonic transformation... perhaps his research has been more successful than I expected.
Day 40:
The key to binding a wrathguard was ironically reducing the number of runic symbols used in the summoning circle. Wrathguards are highly resistant to charms and compulsions, but readily respond to basic expressions of strength.
Kanrethad was unexpectedly insightful into the conditioning the legion uses to compel the wrathguard into action. His ability to express his dominance over lesser demons is remarkable, if short-lived. With great pains, I've been able to inscribe the forms he uses to summon multiple demonic servants at once.
Unfortunately, while he can bind two lesser demons indefinitely, I can only do so for a short time.
Aza put the journal down for a moment.  When she had first started reading she had felt an obvious kinship with the Forsaken Jubeka, and a disdain for the human Kanrethad.  But after reading these last few entries, perhaps Kanrethad had some hidden potential.
Day 47:

We left a few ogre corpses in our wake, but studying the ritual circle of Vim'gol revealed additional ways of bolstering our power using demonic sacrifices. While the act greatly enrages our demonic servants, fusing their life energy to our own provides a dramatic increase in power. 
With a little experimentation, I discovered that the more closely linked you are with the demon you sacrifice, the greater the power of the ritual.   Kanrethad's ability to restrain his demonic transformation seems to have reached a plateau. Once again, his lack of power disgusts me. Things that would be trivial to most Warlocks take him an eternity.
Day 50:

At Kanrethad's insistence, we headed for the Altar of Damnation in Shadowmoon Valley. He seems to be convinced that there's more to the Hand of Gul'dan than just a show of power. 
I'm not convinced, but at this point my Grimoires are complete. I don't understand his obsession with controlling the flow of demonic power granted by his   transformation. While he plays around with ancient altars, I intend to try my hand at opening a gateway to conjure many wild imps at once...
Day 60:
Kanrethad is up to something. To say that I'm concerned about our next move is a dramatic understatement.
There were no more diary entries.  Aza leafed through the remaining blank pages and found some notes scribbled on the back cover of the leather journal.
I'm convinced there is no chance that we will return from this next adventure alive. There's simply no way I can take the risk that my Grimoires go unread. For that reason, I've contracted the imps to leave four fragments of my soulstone at the locations listed in my journal. 
I'm sending this journal to you, my trusted friend, that should the need to locate me arise, you bring the four stones together, find my body and ensure that my grimoires are brought back to Azeroth. 
Jubeka Shadowbreaker
Aza closed the journal.  So that is how Zevrost came upon the journal.  Jubeka sent it to him for safekeeping.  And Zevrost had entrusted HER to investigate it.  Pride swelled within Aza before it was rapidly quashed by the niggling feeling that Zevrost needed HER to do the dirty work, to be the guinea pig, like Jubeka tried to do to Kanrethad when enslaving a shivarra.

Aza shrugged it off.  Whatever the reason, the power would be Aza's if she completed this task.  Where to start?  She shivered, as an aura of cold descended upon her.

Jubeka had been spending a lot of time studying demons.  It would make sense to find large congregations of demons - and Azadelta had an excellent memory.  She recalled all the demon quests and tasks given when she had spent time in Outland, and thought those would be good places to start.

Hellfire peninsula had a lot of demon activity in Felspark Ravine.  As Aza descended into the ravine, a warm sensation tingled through her, making her feel confident this was the right place.  The sensation changed to hot as she explored, and she saw it, a tiny purple shard on the ground.  She seized it and squealed in delight. Her first fragment!  Only 3 more to find!

Blade's Edge Mountains was her next stop.  Jubeka had mentioned the ritual Circle of Vim'gol in her journal, and so Aza made her way to the border of Blade's Edge and Netherstorm.  The sensations tingled through her again as she neared the shard, and when she picked it up, she could sense a memory within the shard.  She activated the shard and a fragment of memory assaulted her.
Kanrethad: I tire of your evasive babble, doomguard. Explain to me why you and your kind are drawn to sacrificial magics.
Doomguard: My contract is to fight for you, not to reveal the Legion's secrets, mortal.
Kanrethad: Do not attempt to decieve me, demon! Your kind far predates Sargeras's betrayal. What WERE you?
Jubeka: This knowledge is useless... what are you trying to achieve, Kanrethad?
Kanrethad: STAY OUT OF THIS! The demon will answer, NOW!
Doomguard: What an odd demand. Not even my own kind care about our origins. Why should you?
Kanrethad: If you do not care then there is no harm telling me.
Doomguard: ... before Sargeras freed us, we were the Titan's hounds. Forever enslaved to police the use of arcane. Sacrificial magic was considered the greatest violation of life and we were attuned to instantly punish those who delved into such... delicious sorcery. You have your petty secret, Kanrethad. Now, I demand knowledge from you... why do you care?
Kanrethad: I don't believe that is part of our contact. We are done here. Jubeka, complete the ritual.
Similar memories were contained in the other fragments.  At the Ruins of Farahlon in Netherstorm the fragment was easy to spot.  The memory within dealt with observers.
Jubeka: Such strange creatures. Why do they remain so long after the legion has left.
Kanrethad: ...there's a slight flaw in that supposition.
Jubeka: Oh?
Kanrethad: The Observers were in the service of Illidan... not the Legion.
Jubeka: Well, he's gone too... so why are they still around?
Kanrethad: How should I know?
Jubeka: Well, I've spent weeks trying to understand how to summon one of these things. If you know something I don't, I'd appreciate it if you'd share it with us "lesser" mortals.
Kanrethad: What's the problem? You handled the binding of the Fel Imps and Voidlords effortlessly.
Jubeka: They were trivial by comparison! These things are never in the same place. There's something... strange about them... something out of place... Oh dear...
Aza was disconcerted.  The memories seemed to show Kanrethad that had a lot more authority than Jubeka.  It didn't sit well with Aza.  Or perhaps it was just the human's arrogance showing in Jubeka's memories.

The final fragment was in Shadowmoon Valley.  The Alter of Damnation held the last fragment.  Aza's curiosity was peaked as she accessed this final memory.
Jubeka: What is it you wished to show me…?
Kanrethad: …I've seen the fear in your eyes, Jubeka.
Jubeka: What…? No! I.. I have… no idea…
Kanrethad: Gul'dan destroyed the world in his bid for power… you're concerned I will do the same to Azeroth.
Kanrethad: …
Jubeka: No! Stay back! You…you're dangerous. I remain content summoning demons, but you…
Jubeka: …you toy with becoming one yourself!
Kanrethad: There are two sides to the blade of Demonology…
Kanrethad: …the threats that besiege us from the outside…
Kanrethad: …and those that threaten us from within.
Kanrethad: I chose you as my companion for a reason.
Jubeka: And what depraved reason is that…?
Kanrethad: …If I fail, I need you to banish me forever.
The shards were glowing when Aza finished watching the last memory.  She held the shards in her hand and watched as they fused together to form a soulstone.  However, there didn't appear to be a soul within the stone. Aza tried to seek the signal or source of magic, but instead, the stone seemed to be drawing power from somewhere within Shadowmoon Valley.   Azadelta looked to the east, and could feel the power linked beyond the mountains, to the very gates of the Black Temple .  Aza headed to the gates, wondering why the stone would lead there.  Was infiltrating the Black Temple going to lead her to the secret?

Aza entered the Black Temple and found Jubeka's mark on the door.  She touched it and was transported within the Black Temple.