Minipost: Buggy WoW Tuesday

I wish WoW had reset before I had logged on.  My WoW was so buggy.

It started when I was getting on to do dailies and Lushnek noticed I had the valor point buff where you get an extra 50% valour for being valour capped.  I WAS valour capped last week, and when I checked my points, they had reset.  I hadn't done any valour stuff on any other toon so that was a bug.  And it was working.  I was getting 7-8 VP for each daily hand in.  So that worked in my favour.

Then I was doing that f***ing Chamberlain quest and I thought I would try for the achievement.  I was doing it with Lushnek and we abandoned it when we couldn't find one part and tried again.  So when we were done, and we had done it exactly the same time and picked up the pieces together, he got the achievement The Crumble Bundle and I didn't.  I still had 90 seconds to spare! Well f***.  I think I'd rather have the achievement than extra VP.  Oh well, next week.  At least I got to benefit from the hotfixes and the spawn points were the same for the day.

New section was open and there was a new rare to kill - must be my lucky day coz I got a key from that one!

Aza goes on holidays this week - have fun Aza!  We'll miss your DPS and dispels in raid, and we'll make sure we have all the ToT bosses on farm for when you get back!