10 Days of pet Battling Day 7 - Pet Battle Mods

This post is part of my 10 Days of Pet Battles series.

Do you remember when you didn't know what quality pets were and had to use a mod to do it?  Or type in some strange string?  Thank goodness that's all fixed now and we can see the quality of pets in a pet battle!

But now I am down to a few pet battle mods that I can't live without.

This mod makes unlimited different teams for different battles, and you can name your teams to make it easier for yourself.  Invaluable for all those different pet battles rather than digging through your journal of 500+ pets for the pet you want!  I like how it saves the abilities of the pets you're wanting to use as well.  I think it's a must have for anyone who does lots of pet dailies. 
not my teams but you get the idea!

This was the mod I originally had to find the quality of your pets, but it also tells you when you're out in the field, what quality of that pet you already have.  

The latest update has improved it a lot, even though it was already great!  Now you can see the breeds of your pets as well, and the little icons tell you what specialty your pet is (fast, health or attack).  You can sort and search through your pets by rarity, zones they spawn in, or their specialty.  I like how it lists number of unique pets and total pets as well in the box.
picture is not mine but just a sample!

Puts your Safari hat (and your guild tabard if you need guild xp) on during a battle and takes it off when you're done.  It's perfect so you don't have to manually do it all the time!  I love it because I always forget to put it on (and take it off).  However, if you get called into a BG or an arena or LFR in the midst of a pet battle, I often find that I still have my hat on (but if you complete the pet battle it will change it back). It also automatically accepts a battle with a tamer and auto hands in when you click - this option can be disabled if you wish.

If I had to choose only one of these mods... it would have to be Pet Battle Teams.  It's so handy and so fast for team swapping!  The amount of time it would take me to reorder my teams would be... horrific... for each battle.


  1. Is PetJournalEnhanced working again? I'll have to go check cause I miss it.

    And thanks for that. Cat did the scenario on Thunder Isle last night and it seemed harder for her than it did for Sasche. Afterwards I found she had her Safari Hat on making her iLevel 455 lol. I need Auto Safari Hat!

  2. Oh man, I was hoping there was a mod like AutoSafariHat! I keep forgetting while questing.

    Looks like it's time to do another mod episode on the podcast :)

  3. BattlePetCount looks useful for that minimap quality thing. I'll have to add that one.



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