Our first Arenas and PvP in 5.2

We didn't the chance for arenas on Friday night but late Saturday night we were all awake at ridiculous hours of the morning.

Shab was trying Frost Jaw after Ring of frost was nerfed.  I've dropped my Displacer beast (as that was nerfed), and Sev tried destro for a few arenas just to have a play around.

One combination which was interesting was a double frost DK and a subtlety rogue.  They would wait, yank someone down and then burst them to death.  We did try to kill the rogue first but he would keep vanishing when almost dead which was annoying as hell.  Those frost DKs are hell annoying with their ccs.  We came up against them twice and lost both times.

We had one game in Undercity sewers where the other team's healer died, I died, and then Shab died, leaving Sev with two half dead opponents - a warrior and a rogue.  The rogue was doing something where he was throwing stuff at Sev, and he died from that.  I didn't know rogues chucking stuff would be that strong.

Nitwit me didn't look at the warrior to see if they had the spell reflect on and ended up cycloning myself for 9 seconds. That was pretty shitty.  Boy did I feel stupid and I bet that warrior and the team were laughing at us for that.  Shab told me to get an addon that will show me what abilities are being used so I don't get caught out like that again.  But I can't for the life of me remember the name.

Oh and that priest lifeswap is still amazing.  Goddamn!  The number of times we nearly killed someone and suddenly they go to full health... it infuriates my teammates.

So that made me wonder about making a 5s team again.  Hwired seems keen on PvP these days, and he has been playing really well - I still recall the first time he went into Temple of Kotmogu and he carried the orb and got Powerball... we had gone in with Sev and Shab as well, and I healed him and I said "Grats!" but inside I was fuming... 
I eventually got my achievement, but it took me long enough... definitely had to go with friends who could protect me.

Anyway, that was off topic, so back to the topic...

I thought that Hwired would be a good addition to the team.  The other person I had been considering was Disco.

Disco, or Soultouched (which is the paladin he's raiding on) is the husband of Neri and transferred over to our server to raid with us when we were having a healer shortage.  He has geared pretty quickly though, and so far has been fitting well into the team (after last night his ilvl is only 1 behind mine.... ONE).  The fact that he enjoys all sorts of nerdy behaviour has helped him integrate I think.  I was very anxious about the whole thing (OMG have I ninja'd Neri's husband into our raid team, she is going to hate me, have I caused all sorts of guild tension), but after Neri wrote a piece about it from her perspective, I was a lot more relaxed and now am quite glad he is here.  And besides, every time he does something stupid I can whisper Neri and tell her how silly her husband is.

Disco surprised me by saying he was an arena enthusiast.  Now, my version of enthusiast may be very different from other people's version of enthusiast.  I enjoy a good 2s or 3s with my like minded PvP buddies against another team, testing our skills to the max and hopefully learning something in the process.  Disco was talking to me about arena non-stop one night - I think he gets a bit excited when he has a willing audience and I thought wouldn't it be nice to have someone as enthusiastic about arena as we are.

So when I mean enthusiast, I mean we like to play with our team to work out the best way we can win.  We don't swap into a winning combination just to win.  We just like to play.  We're not high rated but we're ok.  So I thought that having Disco in our team would be great to have a different perspective, as he's melee.  When all of us are casters, we tend to have a caster mindset and having a melee will make us play a little differently.

So, I asked Disco and he seemed willing, so he transferred his warrior over to Dath'remar.  Unfortunately, on a day we thought we'd try it out, Sev finally got his Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion, and has been spending time trying to get his green fire and so was busy all night with that and didn't have time to PvP.  So the 4 of us went to BG instead and had quite a good run except for our starting WSG which was pretty awful.

We had mines come up a few times, and I was happy because I love mines!  And I was made even happier because I got my Mine Cart Courier at last!

The trick is that you have to capture the top cart first, and then get the other carts.  I ran to the top cart (north to west) with 5 others, so we got that, and then I switched the north track so that the next cart would go North to East.  Whilst I was escorting that, I saw the cart from East to North coming up being heavily attacked by Alliance so I ran over to help them, captured that, and then back to my other cart and captured it.  Then I jumped on my bike down to South Track and captured that just before it captured, and then someone had switched the east track back to south, so I went to escort that.  If one more cart captured, the game would be over, and fortunately my cart captured before all the others and that netted me my achievement - YAY!  Now I don't have to stuff up any more games trying for a silly achievement.  I think of the number of times I have tried to get that achievement and lost or nearly lost a game...

I look forward to next Friday, to see what our combination is like and whether we'll gel as a team.


  1. Good luck with your 5's team, I will be on to/cheer for you guys! 5's can be the most fun imo, though sometimes challenging to find a time to suit 5 people.

  2. The addon is called GladiatorlosSA (http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/gladiatorlossa). It verbally announces all major enemy cooldowns when they use them and also when abilities like pally bubble or ice block finish.

    1. Thanks, I was hoping you'd post it for me in a reply!

  3. I can't believe you stole my husband from me! So rude! :P

    Seriously though, I am SO GLAD that you guys are into PvP. Now I don't have to smile and nod politely when he starts up about Resto Shamans or Spell Reflect or whatever else is his latest pet peeve in arena!

    1. OMG /dies in shame
      But he will happy because I love talking about arena too, and any wisdom he imparts will be awesome :)

  4. Gratz on your Mine Cart Courier achieve. We have tried at least a dozen times and always seem to miss that last cart by seconds. I'm starting to hate that achieve as much as I hate farming the mininfernal pet that still won't spawn for me.

    1. I have tried it every time, but I think I was very lucky that I captured the E-N very close to capturing N-E cart. I think that's the clincher. And starting with N-W helps too I think, especially when you grab it RiGHT before it goes into the capture bin!


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