Minipost: Oh, so THAT's how you find Mantid sites

Cymre was talking about Mantid sites and I had wondered only a few days ago, how do I dig those?  Do I need to go to the archaeology trainer?  No, Brann had nothing to tell me.  I scratched my head in puzzlement.  I hadn't seen any dig sites on the Isle of Thunder or Isle of Giants...

Souglyy had enlightened me a few days ago because I didn't know how to dig them.  She told me, you just dig in Dread Wastes or Townlong and some of them may be mantid.

Well, I found some!  And you know you can't miss these babies - sometimes the Pandaren ones are hard to see under shrubs but these Mantid ones are in your face!

Now how the hell was I supposed to lug that baby around! :P


  1. Katzbalger-Arthas(US)March 24, 2013 at 1:52 AM

    If you want to focus on mantid stuff, you can buy an item for 1 crated artifact from the archy vendors which makes all your current sites turn mantid and all sites for 24hrs be mantid


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