Friday PvP - first steps in new 5s team

Well we had our first go at 5s!  Getting to know what our teammates were like, and figuring out how we would be cc'ing.  There were only 2 teams playing - one well geared team and one team lesser geared team.

I got that gladiatorlossa addon and it actually is pretty cool.  I had it on during a BG and that was damn awful though, constant talking I had no idea what was going on!  Luckily you can turn it off in bgs.  We ran an EotS and oof... that was disorienting!  We won that game easily though.

While we waited for Disco to get on, we were doing bgs.  He got on, we grabbed him and then he had to afk so we queued for a BG.  It was wsg and it was a HORRIBLE BG.  Our team was horribly undergeared with 3 of the players not even glyphed!  So they didn't do much except hang around together and I was focussed down a lot and their healers would heal each other.  In one match the team didn't join and we won a game by default!

Though we were getting our asses kicked all the time, it was a good learning procedure.  Hwired had never done 5s and he wondered if 2 healers was the norm.  I said it was, but it was hard for me and I of course would get focussed early.  Disco decided to switch to his Paladin and have some heals even though he was in full PvE.  And with that combo we won our first game!  That was pretty exciting.  It was against the lesser geared team, which had a Disc/Resto Shammy healer, rogue, mage and hunter.  But once they figured out Disco was not in PvP gear, then it was focus on him time.

So that was our night in PvP.  Hwired and Shab decided to team up as a 2s team and so hopefully they will cap their conquest this week.  Doesn't help me though - I will still need to cap conquest!