The Patient Martha and Navimie

I first met Martha during Gnomeageddon's 6th meme event.  That post was a huge blogging linkup phenomenon that I was really curious how we were all connected.  Martha felt the same way, and unbeknownst to either of us, we independently started our own sequence of how the meme had spread amongst the blogosphere.

Martha made a huge list with links of who had linked to whom - it was almost like a family tree - and it was extensive!  It was a great reference because I would go back to it to look at new blogs.  I made a visual chart, with links between the blogs that looked totally crazy!

Last month, I was reading Martha's blog and she had a squeeee post.  Squeee means one thing to someone like me - she must have seen somebody, and she had!  She had seen Kamalia and taken a picture with her and was super excited.  And much to my surprise, there was a suggestion she was going to kitteh spam ME in that post.  Well, I thought maybe I'll try to catch her!

And so began weeks of camping.

2 weeks ago, I logged on and she was online!  When I whispered her she was AFK.  I found her toon next to the AH, and I wish I had taken pics of me sitting next to her AFK, but she ended up AFK logging out and I was bummed!  So I sent game mail and messages and hoped I would have better luck next time.

Next thing you know I was getting game mail on my server from Martha, hoping we could cross paths!  So we did the sensible thing - we exchanged realID and hoped for a lucky crossover moment.

A few days ago, our times crossed! 

Martha had to get ready for work - so we didn't have much time.  We both had a laugh at the default titles that popped up - I SO DID NOT choose that title but it was really appropriate for our meetup!  I had so much I wanted to chat to her about - her Etsy horses, her stories, and about the huge coincidence it was that we both came up with similar yet different crazy ideas.

But she had to go, and I hope we can meet up again sometime!  I'm sure our paths will cross again :)


  1. Woot! So glad you and Martha finally caught up with each other :D

    1. It took a while but I think the wait made us anticipate it more :D

  2. That was the best way to start a day ever! :D

    I'm still on the hunt to track you down and kitteh spam on your own server-- so someday soon I shall get my own Screenshots of Awesomeness(tm), soooon! :D hehehe

    (For values of 'soon' that include 'when Martha's learn how to get up early' ;) )

    Thank you for stopping by, it was so much fun!!! ^_^

    1. Darnit Google, let me pick an icon and stop changing them on me! :p

    2. Hopefully if kids go to bed properly our stars and moons shall align again! Besides I still have so many things I want to chat to you about :)

  3. Replies
    1. Me too! I just looked at your blog and now I know where you've been hiding :D Though I kinda knew that already...


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