The Fall of Theramore - Horde Side - A Navimie perspective

I feel like I was the last blogger to do the Theramore scenario.  I have had busy days at work and not much time to do anything much except raid and sleep.  So yesterday I snuck in to do it after raid finished, with Lushnek and Shabadu.  Lush had already done it but Shab hadn't so I was glad I wasn't the only scenario noob around.

Twitter and my blogroll are full of tales of disappointment.  But I saw one positive tweet:

Of course I only saw the horde side of it.  I can't do it alliance side because I don't have a level 85 toon.

So my impression... it wasn't mindblowing but it wasn't meant to be a world event, apparently.  I had low expectations because I didn't know what I was doing.  I just followed Lushnek around and killed things and I didn't really understand what I was doing.

I ran to the ships and we killed the people and rigged the barrels to blow, then we talked to a goblin and then we had to kill someone on a gryphon and then we had to go and kill a tank and then we had to kill someone else and get a key from him and free a blood elf prisoner.

And at the end of it we got a shiny purple and I got a mana bomb in the mail.  Everyone keeps saying how that is in bad taste, and maybe it is.  But I think all of us, even the pacifists like me, are supposed to revel in the anti-alliance sentiment that is Horde.

 One of the mini bosses was doing a love heart thing.  I didn't get a picture of him.  He was pretty cool.  I thought Catwynn would find all these humans rather sexy, though her perspective of the battle (Alliance side) would be totally different.

I snuck in to see Jaina.  Wow she has a lot of health.  She turned and looked at me, I think she semi spotted me.  Thank god she didn't see me or I would be one dead cat.
Well that was the Scenario and Feat of Strength done.  And then on to the cut scene...
Arcane bomb inc...
Owww, my eyes...
I have done the scenario two more times since then.  The last time I did it, we could sneak past most of the mobs so it took no time at all!  Well, that and I was with Roshii and Flike (Souglyy's rogue) so sneaking around was what we did best.  And of course, Roshii's leet DPS.

Because I went in with low expectations, I don't think I was as disappointed as everyone else.  I just thought it was an interesting by-scene.  It doesn't really tell me much about why we are doing it, but at least now after doing it, I know what happened to Theramore - we dropped a bomb on it.  Perhaps I need to go read Tides of War like everyone else to find out more about what happened. 


  1. Catwynn would have loved to see all those dashing Alliance captains but alas on her trip she only encountered Orcs who wanted to skin her and use her pelt for a hearth rug!

  2. As I've got lots of horde 85's, I also have an alliance 85, so I've done this from both sides. I like the scenario idea, but a little more background I think would help. You get a little idea what it was all about from the Alliance side Navi, as the last boss you battle, monologues a bit. So this should be an excuse to level an alliance toon. I can help if you want too.


    1. Thanks Ayel :) but I think I would rather camp TLPD than level my alliance toon unfortunately.... /shudder

  3. I liked the scenario for what it was even if there wasn't much of a backstory from our side. The Alliance one follows on straight after our cutscene.

    1. There wasn't any backstory from the Alliance side either - so somehow Blizzard managed to disappoint many across both factions.


    2. It's great you saw both sides of it Cym. You would have a great perspective. Matty I think you are in the clear majority with that sentiment there.


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