Day 2 of Pandaria

Well, we have our first 3 level 90s!  Aza hit 90 whilst I was at work (early afternoon), and late last night Souglyy hit it second, with Roshii third - both within seconds of each other obviously because they were questing together.  So that was pretty cool!

Our monk duo (Exray's monk Lushen and his cousin Leesin) were level 80 at the 24 hour mark with recruit a friend, and still going strong.  I wonder when they will hit 90?  OMG imagine if they hit it before me (which is probably VERY likely).

I got to 86 at least before Lushnek had to go to sleep - that's not bad for a day and a half!  People are talking about raiding already - sheesh I'm still levelling and EVERY expansion I go at a slow pace!

I spent time at work today doing pet battles - it's amazing how it's the perfect 2 min WoW thing that you can actually walk away from if you're busy too.  I've been busy collecting pets and achievements!

I was trying to get to 250 pets last night but I hit the wall at 2am and even JD was telling me to go sleep.  He wrote a great starter panda story - it's been a while since I read some of his fiction, and it was well worth the wait.  I still haven't named my pets - my Clockwork gnome seems to be the staple of my battle team at the moment and I am liking spiders as well.  I've been using my flyers to catch the lower level pets because the high ones are packing too much of a wallop.

My friends list is full so often these days, I'm sorry if I'm not saying hello to anyone but it's only because I haven't seen you online and of course, like everyone else, busy questing our little asses off!


  1. So with you on pet battles! It is an ideal amount of time and very addictive!

    1. I know! I think I need to see someone about this pet battling problem I have...

  2. Aw, thanks for the kind words Navi! I was rather proud of this one and felt I nailed the character just the way I wanted to. If not for the two (yes you read that right) panda stories I had to work on, I'd probably be right there with you on pet battles. Who saw THAT one coming?

  3. I'm going to have to give my Clockwork Gnome a try, while I love my Mechanical Chicken, he usually has to be saved by my Hyjal Bear. Must try a new strategy, lol!

  4. I foresee a PBA (Pet Battlers Anonymous)in my future. I am totally addicted! I wonder what their 12-Step Program will be like?

    I've found some addons that enhance the pet battle experience as well. I listed them in a comment over at BBB's site, but will list them here for you as well, in case you are unaware of them.

    (copy and paste from my BBB comment)

    "The first is PetJournal Enhanced, found at CurseForge. This one gives you a few more options for sorting the pet list that the game doesn’t include. The second is BattlePetCount (CurseForge). This one shows the quality, and count, of battle pets you own in your tooltip as you hover your mouse over pets in your pet list and over pets both in the wild and in battle. The third one is PetBattleQualityGlow (WowInterface). This one will let you know what quality pet you are fighting by adding a slight glow of the quality color to the pet’s icon, as well as show the name of the pet in the quality color, in the battle window.

    While I was searching for the sites to get these at just now, I came across two others I will try out today. One is called PetBattleTeams (CurseForge) that allows you to save up to 60 teams. And the other is BattlePetsList (CurseForge) that shows you a list of available pet types in an area."

    1. Oh my sounds like I need those addons!


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