Frostwolves Sweepstakes for level 90

With every expansion we have a guess as to who is going to hit level 90 first!  It's always a fun level to 90, and Aza is going to work hard at trying to get to 90 first and be server first warlock!

However, I think a little game may be in order!

Guessing who is going to be first might be pretty easy.. but guessing the trifecta of level 90s might be a bit tougher!

The challenge is, to name the first 3 Frostwolves to get to level 90, in the correct order and whoever gets it right, will win one of the Blizzard pets of my choosing (obviously depends on what you already have).  If you have all the pets already... well I will go and buy a TCG pet instead :)

Here's my guess:
  1. Azadelta
  2. Gutsy
  3. Fueghan
Good luck everyone and happy levelling in 14.5 hours!


  1. My guild's much easier (Alliance side). Glyph of Jai will be the first guild member to hit 90, it just depends if it's a toon in Claws of Nature. If not, Grexinimi will do it next week and I can guarantee will be the first two have TWO 90's on my server.

    Oh, I also bet against you being the first to bring a Panda to Laid Back Raids...

    1. Stating the obvious there JD. Omg an alt? /shudder

  2. What? Fueghan he doesn't level as fast as I do :P

    1. Nabe, I don't even know if you're PLAYING...

    2. Hehe, darn how did you guess it was me :P

      Yeah I am returning, I will beat ol Fuefue :P, plus he is going to be doing AH things and professions I think.



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