Can undead be cute? FOR SURE! - Shabadu undead mage

One more chibi for the guild! A different, and non cute class this time!  Shabadu wanted to know what an undead chibi would look like... and he wanted to be offering some strudel as well, his favourite food!  I thought he should have a portal :) but I forgot to mention that.

So here is a chibi of Shabadu, courtesy of the lovely talented Sleepingfox!

Scary but cute?  No?  I love how Sleepingfox always does gear that is so easily recognizable.  I hope Shaba likes it because I certainly do! :D


  1. Mmmmm strudel! Navi, thanks so much for getting it done and thanks to Sleepingfox for her efforts. I absolutely love the detail! Undead represent! And I never knew I looked like a zombie bane.


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