Saturday, May 20, 2017

Guildleader chores - Why did I ever worry about recruitment?

I've finally figured out that recruitment and stressing over the roster was only ever a thing because of mythic raiding.

Now that I don't have mythic raiding on my radar (except if we are looking for stuff to do on raid nights because we've finished everything else), the place is bulging with people. Flexible raiding is so much more FUN because I can go with 10 or 30, and we can always get 10 people together for a raid. And people seem to like hanging around because of that, despite my best efforts to dissuade those that I feel aren't quite happy here.

The latest recruit is a friend of another guildie. The guild seems to be full of people who want to step back from mythic raiding and guild leadership, though you know those things always trigger warning bells for me.

The last time I spoke to this person (with regards to recruitment) it didn't go down so well. They had a very mythic mindset which didn't fit in at all with our guild, and I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't going to work out because I quite liked this person but I didn't want drama. That was years ago, during Mists of Pandaria.

This time, he came back to me with some life changes and a series of guild incidents that lead to guild implosions making him take an extended break from WoW. He was back and looking for a something a little more casual.

I can't help it - once a mythic raider, always a mythic raider, right? And I know this person. Deep down he still thinks we compete for our raid spots against one another, when it's really just about meeting some benchmarks. But, he really wants to give it a go in a guild where people like one another (who doesn't want that?) and I will give him the benefit of the doubt and guide him in the right direction. That is, the direction I want him to be going if he's going to stay here.

On a slightly different note, a former guildie that runs his own guild on Saurfang (and am still friends with) wanted to have a chat to me, as he wanted permission to allow some of my guild's raiders to raid with him doing mythic whilst we are on downtime. I said that was ok, but that as soon as we started our own raiding with Tomb of Sargeras those guys were expected to return to our raid roster - and I was also quite happy for them to leave and join his guild except they didn't want to go. When I told them that they can go do mythic raiding if they like and join another guild they insisted they didn't want to leave, because they like it here, all their friends are here, but because we're not doing anything right now they wanted to know if it was ok to help the other guild. They were also worried that they would lose their raid spots when they came back and I reassured them that I don't mind what they do when we aren't doing new raids or progression but I fully expect them back here when we were and they were totally ok with that - in fact, that's what they thought SHOULD happen anyway. I wonder how many people were interested in doing that, as I only know of 2.

The other officers felt a bit affronted. What about when we want to start doing mythic? But they forget just how many people are on the roster. In full swing there will be 33 people in the raid roster and we can't possibly fit them all in! It's kinda good that we're thinning the ranks a little at the moment. People are on break, people are working, people having kids or people are playing other games!

Regardless of what happens, if we have enough for mythic, that's great. If not, well back to free time. More time to do dungeons or chase achievements or do some PvP. Or get round to finishing that Mind Worm mount thing.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Raiding - Only because there was nothing better to do

I thought we might try for fun a bit of mythic. People might need something a little more challenging but not super time consuming so we can all still get down and play our alts.

I put it in the MotD that we might try a little bit of Mythic Skorp because everyone keeps telling me it is easy.

Wednesday we ran out of time because we were stuffing around a bit and had tons of alts - I was sad because a few people were interested in trying mythic. But, we ended up not doing it on Wednesday. So I decided to try it for Thursday. I put a few easy things first, like Heroic EN and TOV before we tried to hit up mythic, and HK argued with me about it.

"If you put this boring stuff up, people are not going to logon and come," he said.
"I don't want to wipe for 2 hours on stuff and not get anything," I said. "At least if we do this easy stuff we can warm up and walk out with some AP or something."

We've decided to agree to disagree.

So after wiping on Helya because of goofing around (and it's been a while since we wiped to anything!) we knuckled down and killed it leaving 50 minutes to have a go at Mythic Nighthold.

Consti, for all his constant chattering seemed to have quite clear instructions for Skorp. It was helpful and for everyone who was nervous about doing Mythic it turned out to be quite fun in the end, especially when the fight went down in about 7 minutes. I was a bit confused about the colours but once it was explained and called out for us it was easy. We had one stuff up when there weren't many shards to hide behind and lots of us got knocked back and we had to deal with a whole bunch of scorpions, but we managed to recover nicely. Everyone was quite excited about our first mythic kill, even though it was a very easy mythic. HK got a nice trinket (which added a 750k health to him so he was feeling rather godly)

Didn't leave us much time for Chromatic Anomaly but we will need some adjustments to healer cooldowns to do it better.

I don't think we will try to push more than just the first 3. I still want to have time for all my mythic plus runs on Saturdays and Mondays and keep some fun stuff going for Wednesday and Thursday. Looking forward to next week now!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Prestige 11... 4 to go!

Well I did it!

So that unlocks a new appearance. Since I transmog my weapons in Boomy and Resto, at least I can show off my new appearance in Bear!

Fel Bear ftw!

Minipost: Boomkin Legendary #4 - Emerald Dreamcatcher

Yay another legendary! That was quick...

That's a lot of legendaries I got out of those Legionfall boxes (when you hand in 100 Legionfall supplies). This is a pretty cool legendary!

Now I need to be able to use it properly and make sure my power is at 100 before I start casting lots of starsurges!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Order Hall Mythic Plus Cache

I have been dragging my friends to do the highest mythic plus I can do, much to their dismay. HK has been ok with it though he drags his heels at Cathedral and Lower Kara. Anna and Gal are my friends that I like pushing high keys with because as I've said before, it's the only opportunity I get to play with them.

Finding a 5th can sometimes be an issue. I remember one week I asked Aza if he would do a mythic plus with me and he said sure, until I told him what it was and he said hell no! So the next person I asked was Exray who said "I don't want to do your +17 Wardens, Navi," and I was like ... OMG Aza you poisoned Exray! Aza laughed at me and said good luck!

In the last week I had done a nice 15 with Kjersten, Amelior, Pancake and Spoon, but I I jumped at the chance to try a Cathedral of Eternal Night 17.

Nobody wanted to be the 5th person. So I ended up begging Pancake to come, and we did it but unfortunately we didn't make the timer as we had some issues with the 3rd boss. However, it turned out at least only 1 hour instead of that dreadful 2 hours we spent on CoEN 9 in the first week!

When I opened my cache on Wednesday there was a lovely 53 million AP in there with 2x 4 million AP tokens. Those who had done a 12 for the week had 30 million AP with some extra tokens. Though those who had done a 15 had the same tokens as me. To which I have concluded that it's good to do a 15 but it's not worth doing a 17, but it MIGHT be worth doing an 18 if I can get a key that high this week. I didn't realise there was a difference in the AP at the end of the week if you did a higher key. I thought everything about 10 was the same.

I have been looking around trying to find out how much AP in my order hall cache for different levels of M+ but it's not easy to find. Maybe someone can enlighten me!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Minipost: 52 Traits finally!

Finally reached 52 traits on my weapon. Phew!

Now to put some AP in boomkin so I can be vaguely useful in raids. Though with artifact knowledge increasing it will feel like it will go much quicker. It's so nice not feeling that pressure to do every single AP world quest on the map!

Though, I should set some little goals for myself. Gravy, Sev, Pancake... I'm using you guys as goal posts!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Raiding - Sunday Emerald Nightmare Achievements

I had originally written ToV achievements but when I realised that there were no ToV achievements for Glory of the Legion Raider I quickly dropped that idea and decided to just do Emerald Nightmare instead.

Some of the achievements we had done before, but we did all of them for completionism.

The first one is Buggy Fight. When Nythendra goes into her phase 2 (lying down) some bugs glowing red spawn around the edges of the room. 5 spawn per phase, so we have to squish 15 bugs total so we need 3 phase twos to get it down. The achievement doesn't track, so we had to manually count it and with everyone typing "1" in raid when they squished a bug, we got that achievement easily.

The second one was Scare Bear, which we had done before and was quite easy. Tur Ragepaw is a friendly Furlborg to the right just before you enter the fight with Ursoc. Talk to him and he'll come with you and just keep him alive when you fight Ursoc and then you're done!

The third one was Imagined Dragons World Tour, where everyone had to go into the four portals, run into the little green clouds to get a buff and then kill the boss. Everyone had to have the four buffs (Dream Essence: Ashenvale, Dream Essence: Duskwood, Dream Essence: Feralas, Dream Essence: The Hinterlands) before we could kill the boss. Wowhead comments told us to split into two groups and then run into each portal, but we had problems with healers and tanks sleeping, so I think it would be better to do 2 portals at a time then come out, and tank/heal/dps swap and let them get their debuffs to drop off and then swap again to do the other 2 portals.

Webbing Crashers (LOL I'm sure that's a pun on Wedding Crashers) was one of the more challenging ones! There are 7 glowing eggs around Renferal's platforms - three are on the platforms, and 4 are below the platforms - which means you can only reach four of them by taking a feather or by slow falling down to them. I don't know if you have to only pop them once you engage the boss but to be on the safe side we only started popping eggs once the boss was pulled. If you wipe, the eggs can't be seen again till you pull the boss, so make sure you mark all your eggs first! It took us a few goes and on our successful attempt Lushen saved the day by getting the last egg and it was down to 3 people to kill the boss.

Took the Red Eye Down was just a patient waiting game as we collected up all our blobs at the eye so we could aoe them down quickly. Make sure there is no cleaving or the adds will start dying! The worst part of this acheivement is the massive amount of silencing crap on the ground around the eye by that stage. I suppose it would have been better if we just kited our eyes around and then brought them in when we were ready to kill them all.

Use the Force(s) is a funny one - we're so used to cleansing the Wisps that all we had to do was cleanse something else and then ignore it. We've gotten the achievement before by not standing anywhere in particular and managed to cleanse something else, but this time when we tried that somehow the wisps were cleansed. So we decided to stand right at the back of the room and cleanse the dragons (stand on the egg) and that worked a treat. Easy!

I attack the Darkness is a pain - you have to have a Demon Hunter in the raid using Spectral sight to find the add in each phase. Fortunately Ram had his tank DH and we used that to bring the add out. Kill the add before you go into the next phase (but don't ignore all the other adds you're supposed to be killing) and then you're done!

A good night, with a full achievement sweep. We only have one left to go now - Gul'dan's I've Got my Eyes on You - but I might leave that till we do ToS and it's on farm and we're on quiet times again.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

MicroHoliday - Up, up and Away in my Beautiful Balloon....

The Spring Balloon Festival was from May 10-13 and it bugs me when I am reading the forums and people are complaining about these little events being a "waste of time". Well, DON'T DO THEM, nobody forced you to! There aren't even any achievements associated with them so you just do them for the fun cutesy factor, geez!

The bummy part of this balloon thing is that you have to somehow find 2 other people to ride with. Fortunately for me Crooked and Splatz were curious enough to see what it was all about.

We only did the ones in Broken Isles, but of them, the best one I thought was the Suramar one (which was also the first one that we did).

It was no lie. It really was the most educational balloon ride I've had in WoW.


I was thinking something rude and inappropriate - and I was laughing so I didn't type anything. But you can imagine what my answer was.

Well. There is skin on the answer I was thinking.

That was a fun and amusing ride! The Stormheim one one wasn't as informative. But it was amusing.

Oh really? I did not know that :P
I would never have guessed! HAHAHA

 The Highmountain balloon had mopey Hemet asking us to tell him jokes. He felt better after telling his own joke though!

The Azsuna goblins balloon was unsurprisingly mercenary! Typical goblins!

So that's what the microholiday was about. A bit of fun, a bit of silly. Hope you got a tiny giggle out of it :D I think it would be better if you could queue it like a scenario so that you weren't standing around there by yourself waiting for others to join you. I had a group of 3 so that made it easy, but not everyone is so lucky.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Why I like the proposed changes coming to Mythic Plus next patch

There was a bit of furor over the changes to Mythic Plus next patch. However there are heaps of good things about the changes which I am looking forward to. Let me go through the big changes step by step.

1. If you complete the dungeon but don’t make the timer, you’ll get a Keystone for a random dungeon that’s 1 level lower than the one you just used.

No more depleted keys! So you will always have a key. I think that's pretty cool. I like always having a key even if I have one that's depleted, so that I can bring something to a group! I don't think anyone has any issues with this change.

2. If you don’t complete the dungeon at all, you’ll have a Keystone for the same dungeon that’s one level lower than the one you just used.

I'm not sure how this works. If everyone zones out, does the key become "incomplete" and turn into another key? Or is there a time limit to when you can complete it and then it just becomes incomplete (like when it hits the 2 hour mark does the key become "incomplete" and go one level lower). This does concern me a little bit because there have been times when we've wiped and we all zone out to repair (or other instances where we all zone out for whatever reason - like getting rid of blobs) - does that mean if we do that we risk killing the key and making it one level easier? I do like the idea of getting a one level easier key though! This is another change which I think is a great idea.

3. You no longer receive additional chests at the end of a run for completing it quickly.

3 chesting. Something you hear a lot and people make a big deal out of it. I was never really interested in the chests, just the key at the end - I thought 3 chest equates to a 3 level upgrade on your key.

The reason why they wanted to change it was because there was a lot of people just wanting to do low level keys and get three chests - now, it never occurred to me that having 3 chests meant more opportunities for legendaries to drop and more loot. However, that is where a lot of the upset seems to be at. Many people were using mythic plus as a way of gearing up (eg take all leather wearers and a carry and the carry can siphon off all the loot)

Lengthy discussion later in this post. But I am indifferent to this change.

4. Changes to the amount of loot that drops at the end.

If you complete the dungeon, there will be 2 items. If you complete it in time, there will be 3 items. On difficulties above 15, there is an increased chance to get another item in the chest - so that if you do a +20 you will be guaranteed 4 items of loot and 5 if you beat the timer.

I like that it's an incentive to do harder dungeons for the chance at more loot. But I can see that not everyone sees it that way.


I have read pages and pages of comments over the WoW forums, MMO-Champion, and Wowhead, and have finally gotten my head around what people are complaining about.

People are upset because when they had fun smashing through mythic plus, getting lots of loot, and doing it quickly - time efficient! Now, because you will get less loot, even if you do it quickly, there doesn't seem to be any point in doing mythic plus.

If you were getting a 3 chest, one of the chests contained the possibility of loot you missed from the 2 dungeon levels you "skipped" ie. if you ran a +9 and 3 chested it, then one chest was for the 9, one was for the 10 and one was for the 11 that you missed since you're skipping straight to 12. If it was possible to get 2 loots in each chest before, then you had a possible 6 loots. Now those extra 2 chests just become one loot. This is the key point that is upsetting everyone.

It's interesting because Mythic plus was originally designed to be a challenging thing to do and loot was a relatively minor thing. I remember thinking that if you were raiding, then loot from M+ was pretty useless. But with titanforging it was possible to get better than raid gear and with more loot dropping, the more chance you have to get titanforged stuff.

I run mythic plus to get a good cache at the end of the week. I also like to run mythic plus to see how far I can go. I enjoy doing high keys to challenge myself, and just finish it. If I don't finish it in time, it means I'm not quite ready for that level and I want to see how I go from week to week.

If you compare mythic plus to challenge modes (which are now removed), which rewarded you NO loot, mythic plus are clearly superior in terms of fun and reward. From what I understood, M+ was supposed to replace challenge modes, giving you something to compete with from week to week. But it evolved into something else - it's become a way to gear and get rewards, when I think the rewards were supposed to be just tokens to show you that you were doing stuff that was appropriate for your gear level.

Gearing alts through mythic plus was a common theme, and I think the decrease in loot will see players not having as much incentive to gear through mythic plus compared to now. I can see that wasn't the intention of M+ and perhaps that is what Blizz is trying to change. Gear was not supposed to be a main focus of the M+.

The overlooking of other classes they were trying to address by decreasing the chests so there is no benefit to speed running except to push your key up faster. Now that there is no benefit to doing it faster, it may give people a chance to take other classes so there is no need to rush. Lots of comments on the forums saying that these changes will not bring about those effects. Lots of comments saying that "carry groups" will not form because they don't see the benefit. I am wondering what Blizz thought about carry groups - did they want people to be "carried" through things to earn their loot/acheivements or did they want people working together?

In all honesty, working together to finish a dungeon with a bunch of pugs is a big ask. Teamwork is best done in a group of friends or guildies. You often find that a bunch of pugs tend to be more angry at one another, more finger pointing and leaving the group because of the run not going well, ruining the key for everyone else. At least, with the key changes, dead keys do not result, but just downgrading of your key. So you can at least feel like you have a key after someone pikes on your run.

How would I have made the changes better?

Let me reiterate that the changes to the keys themselves is great. I wouldn't change any of that because all of those are great changes.

I think being able to bonus roll from the cache at the end is not a terrible thing. I think a bonus roll if you finished the mythic + on time is a good incentive or reward for completing a key successfully. If they let you do that, then people might feel like they're getting an extra something, or at least an extra chance at something. For some toons that don't raid or do LFR, then mythic plus might be a good way for them to use their bonus rolls to try to get something good. I would feel especially stoked after doing a hard key and then it would be icing on the cake to get a roll out of it to and pick up something cool.

I don't mind the other changes nerfing the amount of loot. Mythic plus rewards are supposed to be related to the challenge rewards rather than the loots. Look at challenge modes previously - people did them to try to get the best times and if you make it about that again you might see some cool stuff on the leaderboards as people strive for the best and highest times. At present people are just farming lower keys and not trying for the hardest levels, and I would like to see people going for the highest levels of the week. And maybe give out those cool titles for the week for completing the dungeon that week at the highest level! I would love to have a cool title for the week - which is different from WoD and Pandaria CMs because they would carry their title forever, whereas this one could reset every week so other people could get a chance at it.

In the meantime, do lots of mythic plus if you're going for loot before the changes come! But for me, I'll still be doing the same amount of mythic plus as I was before.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Minipost: Ooh a Valarjar Stormwing in my paragon Valarjar Strongbox!

I got my first mount from a paragon box!

Oof! A bit dark. But this mount is the same as the one you ride when you fly between flight paths when in Stormheim.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Raiding - Got that pesky Grand Opening!

The goal on Sunday was to do Chromatic Anomaly on heroic so we could get the Grand Opening achievement. The idea is to stand on a blue circle when your bomb explodes and it will light it up. There are 12 circles that need to be lit. In normal, only one bomb goes out every few minutes, so you won't get 12 bombs to be able to light them all up before he enrages. Even on heroic you don't want to miss any bombs because it is quite close to the enrage timer.

Fox was healing on his priest and Yeti was resistant to being asked to heal so fortunately for me Gravy, Crooked and Mctacky stepped up to heal. The fight is long and we need to heal a lot because of bombs in the raid so I wanted to make sure everyone was living because bombs going off in close proximity in the raid is a lot of damage!

We had quite a few wipes as we had a lot of damage going out and we did miss a few bombs too. It is hard to remember to take your bomb to a light spot when you're so used to running away from the raid.

Eventually we got it, and we could finish off farming as much normal as we could. Phew! I am definitely not coming back for that achievement any time soon!

I would recommend a large raid size (at least 15) and plenty of heals. Don't need DPS because it's such a loooonng fight we had to hold back! Though get it whittled down because you want to kill him as soon as you get the last lights lit because he'll enrage shortly after.

The other achievement we got was finishing off A Change of Scenery - where we had to fight Spellblade Aluriel on the Shattered Walkway. Should we kill Krosus first? Or should we just try not to aggro him? We decided on the latter. I even put up the rainbow wall so people would know where was too far...

Fortunately nobody accidentally aggroed him!

One achievement left to go for Nighthold! But I might just wait on that one till after we're into Tomb of Sargeras. Trying to get people to be patient is a little bit hard and that's a hell of a lot of healing!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Frostwolves Guild Meetup in Sydney - Korean BBQ and chicken

We had an excellent turnout for our guild meetup last week!on Friday 5 May!

Aza and Ultra were visiting Sydney and wanted to catch up so I said HK and I would come hang out, and Tout wanted to come too, then Sev thought he'd come... then I thought why don't we all get together and have a proper guild meetup!

We had a huge turnout! Here is the list of attendees:

Basedumbreon (Emmu's gf)
Emmu (Akrapovic)

With some non guildies too!
Bron (Mag's gf)
Conner (Koda's son)
Jessie (Friend of Emmu)

I went in early to chat to Az, Ultra and Consti and then we ended up sitting in KFC because there aren't really that many places you can just sit around doing nothing before you feel guilty that you're taking up eating space. Koda and Conner came along then we made our way to the restaurant, Koibito, which was a Korean place above a bar.

I love Korean fried chicken so I ordered lots of it. I definitely OVERordered, because we had leftovers galore. And some of that stuff was SUPER spicy! There was a dish that had chicken and Korean rice cake (teokk) in a spicy sauce and I was gulping down water but Sev was cheerfully eating it.

I giggled at Shab/Eurie for overcooking the soupy noodles and boiling it dry.

It was a good place to just sit and eat and talk. Yuuda commented to me (as we saw people queuing up to eat whilst we were sitting down cooking our BBQ) that he finds it highly satisfying knowing a place is decent when there are people waiting and here we are secured in our own spot eating the food.

People were shy at first but eventually opened up and I think everyone had a good time. Well I certainly did. And I was dumb and overate. AND I took home leftovers!

Hopefully next guild meetup will be in Perth!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Boomkin Legendary #3 - The Lady and the Child

When I got my boomkin legendary (my 2nd from one of those Legionfall caches) it was the shoulders, The Lady and The Child. I didn't know the lore behind it and Tacky was shocked!

It is named after the 2 moons of Azeroth - The White Lady and the Blue child.

From WoWpedia:

Azeroth has two moons. Various cultures may have different names for them, but usually they play on a mother-and-child theme, as the white moon is much larger than the blue one. Once every four hundred and thirty years, the two moons come into perfect alignment. This event is called the Embrace.

The White Lady
The larger, bright and silver moon is known as the White Lady or the Mother. The night elves know and worship it as Elune while the tauren refer to it as Mu'sha (the left eye of the Earthmother) in Sorrow of the Earthmother.

The Blue Child
The smaller, blue-green moon is known as the Blue Child or the Child. With the addition of weather effects to the game in Patch 1.10.0, the Blue Child vanished from the game, likely due to graphical errors. This was subsequently given an in-universe explanation as the Earthmother having "sent the Blue Child away to learn about the universe" because of the coming of the Burning Legion. Though still missing from the game, it did return in the lore as seen in Twilight of the Aspects and the [Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest] quest chain. It returned to the skies in-game with the release of Patch 5.0.4, prior to World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.

It's a pretty cool legendary! That brings my total up to 10! Woot!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Minipost - A couple more little achievements

I totally forgot I got a couple of little achievements in the last 2 days!

Firstly, late on Sunday night/early Monday morning I hit exalted with the Armies of Legionfall.

I was short about 30 so I flew around everywhere looking for treasures since I had killed all the "rare" bosses that were up as well as all the world quests. What I should have done was go back to my class hall and pick up my completed quests because one of them was darned Legionfall rep! But anyway, yay that rep grind is over. Now I can work on the paragon of it.

Then on Monday, I finally got my arse into gear and got the last book I needed for Higher Dimensional Learning.

There are a lot of comments about how different days give you different books. I did not find that to be the case at all! In fact, on one day, I got one book and HK had a different book. Granted, it wasn't at the same time, they were at different times on the same day. So either the book changeover time is a weird time or it's totally random. I do note that when HK and I did it together, we had the same book. So I had Chapter 1 yesterday, but HK told me he got that on Sunday. Totally weird.

The item that you get from it is not very useful, in fact, it's a damned waste of space. Like the chapters, this book teleports you to a certain spot - and apparently each day is a fixed spot. Comments in Wowhead said that these teleports are useful for reaching dungeons, but now that I have flying, it's a rather moot point. I suppose the most useful thing is that it gives me another hearth if I'm trying to get out of a dungeon. Though, do I really need that? Dreamgrove hearth is never on cooldown so I can go there as much as I want, though I do note you can't use it when in combat, whereas you can use regular hearthstones when in combat. I wonder why that is.

Next achievement I'm working on will be that archaeology pristine!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tired of reading my achievements? How about reading about my failures!

I am breaking my vow of silence and I am going to talk about some of my more embarrassing failures. It wasn't ME who wanted me to keep it silent, it was the other people in my group. I like talking about when I make embarrassing mistakes or play like an idiot. After all, if I just talk about my achievements all the time, people may get the wrong idea and think I am some sort of amazing.

My most embarrassing and least mentioned failures are in mythic plus dungeons.

The week after 7.2 landed I went in and did a +9 Cathedral of Eternal Night. I had done it on mythic so I had a vague idea of the mechanics. So, crazy me one night at 1am thought it would be a great idea to go do a +9 CoEN before bed. I went with a tank and 3 melee.

Boy was that a dumb move.

It was also the week where we had Grievous/Bolstering and that was a bit rough too. In fact, that week was where I had to give up on a Mythic plus but I'll get to that later.

So the failure with this dungeon was that it took me 2 hours to complete a +9 CoEN. It was the first time I had done it as a M+ and it was brutal!

We wiped on the first boss a LOT. The tank kept dying to the black lasher add that fixates on the tank, and with all the adds coming in fixated on each raid member, it was difficult for melee to get out and hit them without the add exploding on them. We did find that you could run close to the add and out again quickly and the add would stop then explode. Useful if you were fast, not so useful if you got caught.

After what seemed like an eternity, that boss finally went down - well after the timer had expired. I can't remember what the other bosses were like because I only remember the first boss, but we did have a few wipes on the second last boss too, because Shivarra adds would keep kicking us out of the shield area. By the time we finished we were all exhausted and we said we would never speak of that dungeon ever again.

Since then the dungeon has become a bit easier I think (or perhaps I am more familiar with it) and I have done it as a 14 since (but hope to improve that since I didn't make the timer).

Monday night is my other day for Mythic plus with guildies where we try and find keys to do. I promised 2 guildies we would get a 10 for them but the only keys we had were a 13 DHT, 14 VoW and an 11 Lower Kara. Perhaps we should have done the 13 DHT but we ended up doing the 11 Kara. I have only done it once or twice as a mythic plus and never as a DPS, and none of the others had done it before. I even dragged a reluctant shy healer along and made them heal which meant that I had to DPS. Ugh.

So the embarrassing part is that we didn't know the mechanics of the fight and we died MANY times to the first boss which was Opera. It was so lame that the others were thinking of giving it up, but even HK thought we could do it, because we were getting better each time. I was more concerned because Kjersten told me that Moroes was horrible and I thought OMG if this is bad, what's Attumen going to be like, or Moroes? We might not be able to finish coz of those bosses!

It was more a case of not knowing the mechanics of the fight rather than anything else. The broom kept getting kited through fire so it would go crazy and start hitting hard. We would forget to interrupt the Kobold and his fire thingy. Drenched people forgot to put out fires. We didn't realise that the adds went back to full health after one died! And we also forgot to use lust but it was just as well because we didn't know how the fight was going anyway. It's mostly embarrassing because people would say how can you die to Kara it's so EASY.

But slowly steadily we got it done and we still had a bit of time left on the timer. Not much though. We weren't going to beat it anytime soon.

One particularly stupid moment I had was whilst we were making our way towards Maiden, when HK was hopped up on the ledge near the adds that do flashlight (and you have to look away) to avoid pulling other adds. I didn't hop up on the ledge and pulled a whole heap of other adds and wiped us. We were already frazzled after the opera thing and that made HK more mad at me.

Maiden took a few goes but the mechanics of it were simple so we weren't hugely worried about it, just trying to figure out what was easiest. Last time HK did it we kited around the edges - this time he tanked it in the middle. It was actually a lot better doing the middle strat because since the DPS were all spread out they weren't all taking crazy damage due to proximity.

Then we were onto Attumen and I was worried but it was mostly because I never did mechanics properly. Stacking up on the tank was important to share that nasty meteor type effect, and also dispelling the person with the ghosty horse on them was important too. I didn't realise that only ONE person got the ghosty horse, but the debuff shows on everyone else. Dispelling the person with the ghosty horse would get the debuff off everyone else. Dodging the line of horses wasn't so bad and everyone was good at that. Also only a few goes to get that down.

Then onto Moroes which I was freaking out about. I thought perhaps you had to CC them in a special order like we used to do when Kara was a 10 man - because the priests and pally would dispel the traps on the others so you would have to have them cc'd first or constantly interrupted. But we had enough traps and cc's to control 3 of the adds and DPS down the other and I remember asking how to put the trap, not realising the trap would get thrown as soon as I clicked it and start the encounter. The first go we had we wiped because the fight went on too long (and guess what, we forgot to lust) but the next time was OK and we got it when we used lust. 

So! Another 2 hour dungeon. Geez!

The good thing was that everyone was happy to have it done and felt they learned something. Next time, we'll be better!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Resto legendary number 8 - and I think I don't want the other two!

Last Sunday, Fox was on his priest and got Velen's Future Sight. I had set my loot to balance for the last few weeks (since I got my other resto legendary in April) and had gotten some bracers for boomy. But I wanted that trinket so I thought I might as well go back to resto loot and see if I get lucky. Knowing my luck I'll get the ironbark and the lifebloom crappy legendaries before I get Velen's.

But on Monday morning when I was doing some rated BG pugs I actually got a legendary! AND I got a pattern too! Yes, I happened to win that BG.

That was pretty cool. It's annoying how that 3 star tailoring pattern only drops from rated BGs so I thought I'd see if I could get lucky. Clearly I used all my luck that game because I got a legendary and the pattern. Whee!

So, that's 8/10 Resto legendaries. I'm not going for the other two resto legendaries so I can happily switch to balance loot and see if I can get something for my crappy offspec.

10 legendaries so far! I wonder, when will number 11 come? I think maybe mid June!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Raiding - More Sunday night Achieves

We just went for Star Auger and Elisande's achievements on Sunday which meant we could do a full clear of Normal, which was good for AP.

It would have been even BETTER for AP if I had gotten my tower buff and be eligible to get extra AP! 

We also did the Spellblade step where you kill her in the building where Star Auger is. That was easy. It turns out the achievement for Star Auger is not far from there either!
Outside that building is an elemental being bound by some nightfallen. Once their spell of binding is gone the elemental breaks free and we have to take into Star Auger's room and it becomes an Adventurous Nether Elemental and then after 2 more phases, a Well-travelled Nether Elemental by the third phase and that's when we kill it. We tanked it in the corner of the room so it wouldn't get killed by cleaves but you can bind it or banish it and that doesn't affect it changing into the Well-travelled - I thought that it might not change if it was somehow removed from the fight.

The Elisande achievement, Infinitesimal, is also quite easy. One person just had to summon an Infinite Whelpling and run it through the point where the fast and slow bubbles overlap and it becomes an Infinite Drakeling which you kill and then do the rest of the fight as normal. Importantly, don't have lots of people with their whelplings out because you don't want to have to accidentally fight a whole bunch of drakelings!

We had a half hearted attempt at Gul'dan's one, but I think some of the guildies were more interested in ranking than in holding back their dps on the eyes so we could let them multiply.

Overall a good night!