Sunday, June 25, 2017

Secret achievements - They See Me Rolling

Funnily enough, this achievement doesn't even show up as a missing or searchable achievement in the achievements tab. If it wasn't for Icecoffee, I wouldn't have known it existed.

This achievement is from Broken shore, when you see the daily Rolling Thunder, where you hop on a barrel and roll it down a hill to some pandas at the bottom, whilst trying to dodge the felhounds running the other way.

I thought that I had to make it to the pandas without getting hit at all. However, that's not the case, and you can regenerate some health if you get hit once by finding a safe spot to wait (like wedging against a rock) or you can do what I did and near the hand in point there is a flat bit where I just went round and round in circles until I was 100%.

Give your 100% health barrel to the pandas and poof! World quest done and achievement completed! (PS: I still think it should be without getting hit at all. That would make it an achievement).

Here's a video someone else has made (Gordrick) which shows you how you can do it. Good luck!

Oh, and if you didn't know, this achievement is named for the Chamillionaire song "Ridin' ft Krayzie Bone" which generated a whole bunch of dumb memes....


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Raiding - First look in Tomb of Sargeras

Due to work, I was unable to attend the first raid on Wednesday into Tomb of Sargeras! GRRR!

However, Wednesday had the usual server restart right in the middle of raid. But Frostwolves at least got to get at least 2 bosses down - and they managed to take guild kill pics too! I was so proud!

But here's the kicker. So I attend raid on Thursday, we get Harjartan and I FORGOT TO TAKE A GUILD KILL PICTURE. OH MY GOD :(

After that we spent time doing Mistress Sassz'ine, which is an interesting fight and we're just getting the hang of it, so hopefully we'll get further than that on Monday.

The turnout was impressive - with 26 people on Wednesday, missing me and Kjersten. We are reaching capacity with raiding, and this Sunday we'll just have heroic raiders there since it's all new, and next week we'll have the casual raiders attending.

It's really fun to be raiding something new again. The vibe in the raid seemed good, though a bit more chaotic than when Xyn was doing it as everyone seems to be putting a little bit in, but it's not in a terribad way. Just some are not used to it and I think it's not particularly bad to have suggestions thrown in but the ultimate decisions to be made by one or two people. I like Ram's speaking voice, he's always so calm, but I worry that the others drown him out a bit, but at least Kinry was happy listening to Ram telling him what to do.

Maybe on Sunday night I can take a picture of normal Harjartan and pretend THAT was a kill pic. I'll do it, but I'll know it wasn't a real pic!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Raiding - Trial of Valour achieves (don't try this alone!)

Last week before ToV! I did not feel like setting foot into Nighthold so it was nice to try for something different, even though it may take a while...

So the first achievement we hit up was Odyn's one, You Runed Everything!

For that we had to gain the Runic Mastery buff, which you gain by killing the Runebearers in the order at which the Runes on the ground light up.

It did take quite a while to get this sorted out, and had multiple wipes but it was so satisfying when we got it down - just like getting a new boss kill, really!

About 5 seconds before the Runebearers are about to drop the runes on the ground start lighting up in a particular order, and it's pretty quick so you need to look at it quite closely. I called them out, and someone else typed it out in raid. We had everyone start moving to the runes but NOT stand on them yet - the reason for that was because we didn't know if the achievement required us to light the runes up in that order as well, or just kill them in that order. So after what felt like 15 attempts we got it!

Tips for success - move Odyn out of the rune area so you can see better. Have a dedicated rune watcher and a separate typer. Be on a voice chat program!

But so many things went wrong, as you can imagine. Firstly, my colour naming is a bit lame. I called one of the runes red - the one that looks like an N. Everyone else says it's orange. Looking at it, they're probably right.

The other problem I had was that the green rune pictured is a cyan colour on my screen. Which is actually the colour of monks in raid, so I would keep calling that colour "monk". Also, what I call pink, everyone else is calling purple... BUT THEY BOTH START WITH P SO IT DOESN'T MATTER RIGHT??

So we would have RYGPB or something typed so we would know what order to kill them in. Most of our wipes people were not getting to the runes fast enough and we'd die because we hadn't killed the runebearers. You don't have much time to kill them so switch fast!

Another that that went wrong was people would get stunned by the orbs because we were being blase. Happened to me a few times as I was staring at the runes instead of orbs. I also copped a Spear of light in the arse because I was staring at runes and I was standing on a swirly and hadn't noticed. That knocked me forwards which caused me to miss the first rune because I lost sight of from the knock.

Once we had all those things ironed out, we had it. You could see improvement with each attempt, (except the times I screwed up the calls) but boy were we happy that was over!

Next up was Guarm's Boneafide Tri Tip. I told Triarchi that his name was in this achievement so that was a good sign. 

This is one of those achievements where you go, "Oh, I never noticed that thing there before!"

Behind Guarm there is a bone on the floor. That's Guarm's chew toy. Basically someone has to hold the bone and have it exposed to the three different colours and then kill Guarm. However! The same person can't do all three because once you get the colour debuff, you can't stand in another colour without dying (or at least taking HEAPS of damage).

Once you pick up the bone it makes you walk REALLY slow. So you can't run fast to get out of anything like the charge, moving colours etc. And, much like the Ji-Kun achievement, Soft Hands, you can't get hit by any abilities or you will drop the bone. Also if you cast any spells, you will drop the bone. Using speed boosts or pots, will also make you drop the bone. You can of course pick the bone back up.

One thing that IS good is that shamans in ghostwolf do not get a movement speed decrease. Is it because they are dogs? I don't know. But that is a great advantage so getting 2 shamans to do it is very helpful. You have to be in ghostwolf before you pick up the bone because shapeshifting makes you drop the bone.

If you drop the bone and Guarm is charging around, it will pick up the bone! I wasn't sure if Guarm held a bone during the fight normally, but after checking out fight pics, Guarm is NOT carrying the bone. Clearly just something that happens after you pick it up!

Well, this pic doesn't show it well but Guarm WAS carrying the bone in its mouth.
So how should you do this? We had a person pick up the bone and stand still and got the tanks to face Guarm backwards so that they took the first colour. After that, we had the shaman pick up the bone after it was dropped and get into the second colour. Ideally another shaman would pick it up again and move to the third colour and then off you go and kill Guarm.

Tips for success - Shamans! Also if you don't have shamans if you could have the tanks face it in the same direction each time so that someone could be on the border of two colours so that they don't have far to run to get to their colour. That would probably work for the second colour and on the third colour a shaman would be ideal or just pray for good luck when the colours come so that if they're on the border of two colours, one of those colours is the one you need.

In our attempts we had Falln doing the first carry and then Gen and Lushen assigned to do the other two colours, thinking with their speed buffs they might be able to move faster. However when Gen used a speed boost it dropped the bone, and when I looked it up you can't displacer or use speed boosts when holding the bone, but you can use the speed boost BEFORE you pick up the bone so that the effects are still there. So we fiddled our strat and had Crooked pick it up and did the second one and Gen did the last one, and then Tacky picked it up after it fell down again and held it whilst we killed the boss.

We attempted Helya's achievement, Patient Zero, but we were unsuccessful. Never mind, we will try it again one day, when we have nothing to do again on Sundays!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Raiding - Goodbye Nighthold!

The last week we will do heroic and mythic nighthold, yay!

The raiding roster is filling up. Cowboy (Vexil) now wants to raid on his paladin - like there aren't enough paladins already. I suppose Kjersten and Triarchi are not full timers so essentially it's just Moisty and Vexil as full time pallies. I don't mind, more pallies, more buffs. Yay for healers :D

It's definitely official. Eurie has replaced Vorkrack as the sacrificial lamb for legendaries. She died and Consti got a legendary.

It was a good time to test how we were going with the changes in patch 7.2.5. From a druid point of view, our healing spells were nerfed by 4%, but on the plus side our damage in resto was increased by 25%. So I can be even more lazy now and DPS when I should be healing. Cosima changed her stats and shifted to mastery heavy instead of crit and she is now whooping my ass in healing. I'm not going to waste my mana trying to keep up, but I'm glad she changed it. Kinry was our other healer, and I'm hoping he gets his disc up a bit. Ram and Gen were sick so I couldn't compare Ram's healing to the others.

Paladins were sad when their DPS was being simmed at the bottom of DPS. I just rolled my eyes and said that at least that was a good excuse for them if they didn't perform well, and if they were mid pack to high then at least that should be a plus. Nobody seems to see it that way though.

Ask Mr Robot was being a pain in the ass so I left loot as personal and let people sort it out for themselves. At least there was loot sharing, which I was pleased about.

Now, the interesting thing is... how many people are going to whinge about "Why are we doing Heroic and not doing normal first?" This broken record goes around and around every bloody tier. We've only been doing it for 3 expansions now. I'll just have to take a deep breath and calmly explain that this is how we have always done it, and people will learn better doing it on heroic, and we will do normal on Sunday.

Now... it's time to rewrite the raid requirements! Something to do when I'm on call this weekend and stuck at work!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Minipost: Resto Legendary #10 - The Dark Titan's Advice

Phew! Today I got my 10th resto legendary, the lifebloom belt, The Dark Titan's Advice. This one was out of an emissary cache (the Azsuna one).

I must have forgotten to write about #9 X'oni's Caress, which I am pretty sure came out of one of the Legionfall hand ins. Everyone was saying I should have waited till 7.2.5 dropped tomorrow because I might get a NEW legendary, but I feel like I have been lucky with drops.

It's not all luck though - I do a lot of dungeons, PvP, world quests and of course I am still doing some raiding. Though luck is part of it, I think I do heaps of things that will earn me legendaries. How else can one earn a total of 10,270,238,178 artifact power (lol copied straight out of WoWProgress) right?

Now, I wonder how long it will be before my next one... I'm guessing 3 weeks!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The First Satyr's Spaulders needs a decent mog!

Yay! Cool leather shoulders from Xavius! With only a 0.3% drop rate, I should be so lucky!

But it's so hard to find anything that goes with it!

One good piece is the normal version chest that drops in Throne of Thunder (Robes of the Haunted Forest) is quite a good match

Here is me playing with my mog in Wowhead. But I need a helm!

Anyway, suggestions are welcome!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Microholiday - Boat Day

On Wednesday, Tacky reminded me to do Boat Day. Oh yeah, I said, I'll do it later. Thursday rolled around and I had totally forgotten to do it. Now it was Friday and it was 3pm in the afternoon and I thought oh crap the boat thing finishes at 6pm!

I finished work at 530pm and I logged on so I could get down to Thousand needles. I was a bit confused. Where do I get started?

I at first didn't realise where to start the quest. I was flying aimlessly around Thousand Needles wondering where to go. I googled, I went to Wowhead, and time was ticking.

Right! I had to find this guy on the far side. Good talked to him and now I have to do a bunch of miniquests to get bits to build a ship.

Cool, I get a boat to use for the day!

One of the boats had a beach ball to kick around. I kicked and caught it a few times, wondering what am I supposed to do here? Oh my gosh, it's 545pm. Need to get moving.

Ok killing these dudes on the ships. I can do that. Oh, now I have to bounce the ball 10 times. Great, I have no mouse at the moment, this will be fun. Using my keyboard and track pad to run around bouncing this beach ball. Luckily it's slow, and BIG.

Ok, now I have to fish up some junk. Oh look, waxy reeds! I need that to build my boat. Ok, finished all my quests... time to build my boat. Wait! What am I missing?? Tar!

How the hell do I find tar? It's 550pm and I'm flying around like crazy wondering where I get it from. I'm on Wowhead, I'm flying around... what submarine? There's a submarine I'm supposed to follow? OMG It's 551pm. HELP!

I'm yelling in guild chat and Spanky said there's a big submarine circling the middle. Behind it will be fish covered in tar, or some pools to fish up tar. WHAT SUBMARINE! I yell, in guild chat. I can't see no submarine!

Wait.. oh my god, I see it and it's HUGE. How did I miss this massive vehicle? Yay, there are fish to click and pools to fish. A bit of a glitch as my boat won't show up, nor will my fish artifact let me walk on water to fish, so I waste another minute trying to fix that.

Eeep it's 556pm and I still need 5 more tar!

Yay! All done! Time to build this boat!

Yes, I know there are no achievements, no mounts, pets or toys associated with this little micro holiday. It was just a little fun thing to do. So I got a fast boat for 1 week to play with, as a little reminder, and also all these pictures to remind me of the frantic race I had with myself to finish all the things off before the holiday ended at 6pm. Don't do it unless you have time to waste! 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Guildleader Chores - You can only have 1000 toons in a guild? Darn it!

I am always saying my little guild but in fact it's a big guild. I had a whisper from two friends from another server - Icecoffee and Spankyhunter - who were thinking of coming over from to join our little guild (see, I did it again!) and when I went to look at the guild list I noticed we had 930 characters in the guild!

Now obviously, there are a lot of alts. And there are a ton of people who haven't logged on in 3 years. And more who don't play anymore.

And then... there are my dead friends.

So I was cleaning up the list removing people whom I haven't seen login for 3 years - many of which are just socials who never played again trying to get the list down to 900. I looked at Luxy and Xyn and all their alts and I was sad.

"I know that they will never play the game again," I wrote in guild chat. "But I can't remove them from the guild. I'm sad."

"Don't remove them," said Koda. "They are family. They will always be part of this guild and this was their home."

And she was right. I can't remove them. This was where they loved to be. This was where their friends were. We see their toons and it reminds us of them, so we will never forget them and the great times we had.

So they moved over during raid yesterday, and Spanky was saying how much he liked it here because he had made 80k already. Maybe I should get him to sell my guild BoEs on the AH for me!
With 2 more PvPers in the guild maybe I can get this guild RBG thing happening!

I do admit, Coffee made me laugh. She originally said "What is the achievement rating required to get into your guild?" Now of course we have no such thing. What I SHOULD have said was "As long as you aren't beating me, it's all good!"

Well... it turns out Coffee has more achievement points than me, account wide. Fortunately it's not on her hunter, so technically I can still sit at the #1 spot for achieves in the guild. And with Armory busted for guild viewing, I don't have to look at her hogging that top spot for a little while yet ;P

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How the hell did people figure out this Riddler's Mind Worm?

I read the World of Warcraft article Riddle Me This: An Inside Look at the Riddle of the Mind Seekers and was amazed at the problem solving these guys did to be able to let us all get this mount!

That first clue from Legerdemain Lounge (who would have seen that!) on the shelf gives that tiny clue that refers to the cosmology chart from the Warcraft Chronicle:

The Digital ISBN of my book is 978-1-63008-565-0. The official ISBN is 978-1616558451. So the official ISBN actually has the page numbers of the first few clues!

So this clue they said was the intersection on the cosmology chart of water, spirit and reality - which is the Emerald dream. And next to the portal to the Emerald dream (or the entrance to Dreamgrove if you're a druid) in Duskwood was the next page on the table. I am amazed nobody was searching Moonglade!

Well, that's Ragnaros. So interestingly it's NOT at the first time he fell (in Molten Core) but in Firelands.

If you look in the Chronicle on page 38/39 there is this picture of the Black Empire. Where Al'Akir (wind) meets C'thun (Eye) at the mouth of the river meting the sea is where you find the next page.

God, this is a cryptic crossword! So according to the post, the plume (Un'goro's Volcanic plume), the Tomb (Y'shaarj's Vault in Vale), the scarab moon (Ahn'Qiraj which is full of scarabs). The map of Ordered Azeroth is on page 48/49 of the Chronicle. Draw a line between these points and it forms an arrow pointing at the Vault of Y'shaarj in the Vale of Eternal blossoms. I've drawn it for you but man, that's so vague. And there it is hiding on the floor of the Sha of Pride's room. You don't actually have to kill the Sha to get the page but you might as well.

In the Chronicle on page 80/81 is a map of the Aftermath of the Aqir and Troll War. The snow refers to Ulduar, sand is Uldum and stone is Uldaman. The Well of Eternity is in the middle of the triangle joining those 3 points. Though, there are a hell of a lot of things contained within that triangle, but Well of Eternity is where the next page was at.

So right next to the Well of Eternity (in the CoT dungeon) is the page. I laughed because Aimei was so blase about the stealthing around at the start with Illidan that he died a few times...

On page 88 of the Chronicle is a picture of Lei Shen fighting Xu'en. The statues are standing there, unblinking watching the battle. And at the base of one of these statues outside the Shado-Pan Monastery is the page.

Oops I forgot to take a picture of the page clue, which says "... bejeweled watcher..." On page 90 of the Chronicle is a picture of jewelled watchers standing guard at the Halls of Origination in Uldum. At the base of one of these watcher statues is the page.

Where are the best sunsets and moon views in Azeroth? They are at Westfall lighthouse and on the coast of Westfall was the last spot.. but where! On page 112/113 is a map of the Sundered World. When you draw a line from the compass east point to the coast of Westfall, that is where you'll find the box!

How a giant mount fits in that tiny box is beyond me. I guess they did say that it was a sinister worm with an otherwordly plane of existence. The mount itself undulates like the dragon mounts in Pandaria so it wouldn't be my favourite mode of transport...

So some tips if you're doing this:

  • Don't spread it over a few days. HK and I came back later to do it a week later after finding the first 2 pages and couldn't find the Ragnaros one. So we had to start it all over again and this time did it all in one night. I am not sure if there is a time limit on clicking those pages. It can be done in less than 2 hours (even at my slow pace)
  • Wowhead post comments are very helpful! Go check it out here.
  • Immerseus in Siege of Orgrimmar is very slow. At least bring a toon that can do some sort of heal to make it a bit faster.
Hats off to all those guys who solved this. I think that it's great to have these sorts of hidden puzzle things in game! I just wish I was smart enough to figure it out instead of having to rely on everyone else to solve it for me. Thanks to Wowpedia for having all the images from the Warcraft Chronicle so I could use them in this post.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Raiding - Not bored of it yet! Well... almost

Someone at work said to me "How can you still be doing heroic NH? It's so booooring!"

There are other ways to make it interesting, such as bringing in your alts if that's what you want to do! For me it's just pretending to DPS.

The good thing is that I do get to practice DPSing, and I do quite like that.

This week Kel/Vorkrack was excited because he was not only excited to raid, but he had brought stamina flasks to raid.

"I'm not going to die!" he said. "I've got stam flasks and Koda/Cosima will heal me!"

Cosima has shaman sympathy for our sacrificial Vorkrack-lamb as his dying on a fight and us getting legendaries is a ritual of sorts. However, he was more excited to come to mythic to see if he could die less, and Cosima was rather excited because she nabbed a DPS legendary before raid started - yes it wasn't a very GOOD one but it was still a legendary.

"I won't let you die, Kel," she said. "I've got my legendary so you don't need to die anymore."
"What about the rest of us!" said Ram. "That's so selfish, Koda!"

Koda was rewarded for her good heartedness in raid because not only did she score some nice 920 titanforged shoulders but she also got titanforged tier!

People seem quite content doing easy mythics so we are just sticking to the first 3 and calling the raid.

However, I had to drag my ass around wondering what to do for Sunday. People seemed keen to do normal NH still so we did that, and we still had 16 peeps turn up, so I guess there is still interest to do it (if not just for legendaries). There were some 895 drops still (why can't they drop on heroic!) so at least some people got some upgrades. We did a few achievements for Ram/Gen and Tri and they were easyish so that wasn't so bad.

I am still doing it for AP, and trudging my way slowly through Concordance. Ugh, when you see that you need 1000 million (is that a billion? Why isn't 1 million million a billion? Wait, it used to be in English but those Americans made it 1000 million) AP for it, it just seems like a HUUUUUGE number! We're all approaching 40 AK so soon this is as fast as we're ever going to earn AP.

Can't wait for TOS!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Prestige 12 - Demonic Dozen

Heh, Sars came along just in time to help me get the last bit of honour I needed to tick over to Prestige 12. The reward for it this time is another flag. Why can't these be toys!! I suppose it's because they're character specific not account wide.

We had a really good PvP night again last Friday, winning all of our BGs again. Sev and I even managed to convince Weave to heal for us, and we did ok. It's a little bit annoying when I get focussed but if they're letting Sev free cast then that's just fine :D

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Minipost: PvP Brawl - The lagfest that is Southshore vs Tarren Mill

People talk about the good old days when the Southshore vs Tarren Mill was a thing, but I don't remember doing it. Maybe I did it once. But when the event came out during the 10th anniversary, it was a massive long ass fight!

This time they've tuned it to be a little quicker and the strat is still the same (ie don't go chasing them on your own, don't go into town else you'll engage the NPCs, don't give them free kills by running into the alliance packs!) but the drawback this time is the god-awful lag.

There were so many times I felt like my character was frozen casting an instant. I wasn't the only one. I am glad to say that I won the BG so I didn't have to go back in there again.

Looking at the forums, lots of people complaining there aren't many alliance. As in it would be full horde but much reduced numbers of alliance. It wasn't just the forums though. Ding was also in a brawl with hardly any alliance but I think he managed to finish it in the end. 

So far, out of the brawls I think my favourite would be the Eye of the Storm gravity one. Behind that I didn't mind the Snowy Arathi basin, or the basketball dunking in Deepwind. I think this would be my least favourite. The warsong triple cap was different but I didn't LOVE it. I wonder what they'll be thinking up for Silvershard mines!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Non WoW: Ambitious when the opportunity presents itself

Life has been moving at a fast pace for me lately. Changes are afoot for me in real life and it just seemed to remind me a little of events in game a few years ago.

It was almost 4 years ago when our guild moved from Dath'remar to Saurfang and I became the guild leader. Being the guild leader felt like a big step up for me in game in terms of responsibility, even though when I was doing it, it didn't feel that much different from doing the officer responsiblities I was already doing.

Recently, at work my head of department had expressed a desire to step down. He approached me about it last year and I said in a few years time I'd be ready. Kids were still young, I was hoping when they were in high school and a little more independent about getting to and from school I could pick up the extra responsibilities. Currently, as a supervisor of training in one facility and a director of a sub-department in the other facility, I was already heavily involved in departmental administration, and working across two different health facilities allowed me to see the strengths and weaknesses of both.

However, fast forward to this year and he told me that he was sick of the job and he would like me to do it. I was a bit stunned - excited (OMG wow he thinks I can do this), nervous (wait, can I do this?), anxious (is everyone else going to say can she even do this?), and a little bit worried (what is going to happen with family life?).

I guess I am amazed that my life has turned out this way.

When I started my training as a doctor, I just thought I'd be working an doing my bit. As I progressed through my specialist training I saw things I didn't like and thought how I'd like to change that one day. As I approached finishing I even surreptitiously implemented my ideas whilst playing on the vanity and laziness of the supervisor of training at that time - men are notoriously predictable and are easy to manipulate if you understand them enough.  When I went for my job as a consultant specialist I was asked "Where do you see yourself in five years?" I looked the panel members in the eyes and said that I would like to be a supervisor of training and help shape the training program that I went through to make it even better than it was - which brought some amused sniggers considering the supervisor of training was on the panel.

I didn't quite reach my goal - it was 6 years before I did become a supervisor of training (SoT). But for all those years before I became a SoT I organised my hospital's training program so that each trainee coming through knew what they were doing for the 4 years they were here, which no other hospital in the state does. I just dislike not having plans for things and the compulsive need to organise and fix things and make them better helped a lot with that.

I did not envisage myself being the head of a growing department 5 years after I had achieved my work goal.

It is interesting how it came about. One thing I have noticed about medical practice, especially in NSW, is people are very money conscious. Much more so that in Queensland or Victoria. Though admittedly ACT is also a very money driven state too.

What that means is that everyone is so busy chasing money here that nobody is particularly interested in improving or developing a health service. Now I am no saint, I have my private practice as well, but I enjoy helping to develop and shape my department, which is part of the public health system. But finding people to step up and take on responsibilities now is really hard! Nobody wants to do them!

Which is why I have ended up with so many responsibilities. In addition to all those things I am also a sitting member of the Drug Advisory Committee of both hospitals, Specialist Study Unit Supervisor, as well as leave allocations and approvals. Where would I find the time to run a department in addition to all these things!

So when the offer was presented to me, my mind started ticking. How was I going to juggle all this and do it well? The answer was simple. I had to drop everything else and focus on just doing this one thing. So I started trying to find replacements for all my administrative duties. I managed to get it all sorted and my succession plan was sorted so I could transition to my new role.

I wonder how much busier I would be with this new role. Everyone has had their 2c that they want to say, including how it's a poisoned chalice, that it's such hard work and that I will be sick of it very soon. I think some people wonder if I will abuse the power that comes with the position.

But if I look back at how I moved to guild leader from officer, this isn't that much different. Suddenly I had all the power. What have I done with that power? In fact, it's been more about great responsibility than great power, as I strived to find the balance in the guild that would keep it casual yet also have good players and people here too. And some may beg to differ, but I am very pleased with my guild and what it has become.

I want to make my workplace something similar. No, not a bunch of casuals and heroic raiders! I want it to be a place that people enjoy working at. A place where everyone is treated fairly. Somewhere that people are proud to be a part of.

If I can do that in a computer game then maybe I can do it in real life too. Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday raiding - Old raids with a twist!

So the scheduled fight was mythic Blackhand but I totally forgot that we hadn't done it for ages I hadn't done the quest near Iron Maidens so we could get the skip, so we ended up having to do a full clear of mythic BRF.

Fortunately it's a cakewalk with 17 people. And it didn't take long at all because pretty much every boss fell over. Blast Furnace took a while but we got that down without too much trouble, and even not doing the priest mind control wasn't that bad.

Blackhand fell over as fell through the floor after 2nd phase and boom achievement spam!

So off we went to Orgrimmar to go buy our Blacksteel Battleboar - which is the reward for the guild achievement of Guild Glory of the Draenor Raider. And take a picture!

So now THIS was the funny thing that Aza told me.

The guild that originally go the server first Mythic Blackhand kill was Lotion, which recently disbanded. And because we did Blackhand as a guild, apparently there was announcement across server saying Realm First Mythic Blackhand.

Now THAT is weird.

There were some grats in trade chat when we spammed the world. Funny but embarrassing! I wish I had a screenshot of that, but I'll just have to take their word for it.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Minipost: NOW where should I put my AP?

I hit Concordance on boomkin just the other day and then I started working on the bear weapon. I got to 42 and thought...

... how often am I REALLY going to tank!

Not that often.

So then I put the points back in resto trying to get concordance 2. I'll be there in a day or two.

But this artifact power addiction is a real thing. I really have no reason to be putting in extra AP or looking for it because I have nothing to do but here I am, still pushing it.

My poor boomy needs all the help it can get so concordance is good for me, I suppose.

With the hotfixes they did to Concordance (up to 4000 from 2000, and each extra level adding 300 instead of 100 or whatever it was) has made it a little more attractive. I have to admit there is a lot of venom on the forums after the announcement, because people are whinging they won't be able to reach concordance 50....

Really? They were actually going for that? I thought the whole point was NOT to be able to reach it. And I think it's totally fine to max out at 40 Artifact Knowledge. I'm only 37 and still I have concordance on 2 weapons so it can't be that difficult and I don't play like a demon all day long!

Friday, May 26, 2017

PvP - Oh what a night!

Last Friday was a GREAT night for PvP!

We had a full group doing BGs and we won every single game. Weave was doing flag carrying for the FC BGs, and I got to DPS a bit so I could get a few Marks of Prey. There was one WSG where everyone had a nice transmog and overall, last night everyone was very polite in the BGs that we did! They said hi, they commented on nice mogs, and I don't know if that was the reason why we won all those games.
One of the DKs looking rather mogworthy
We absolutely caned one of the Eye of the Storms - the whole alliance team went mid and our team had a few on towers so we managed to hold them off while we four capped them. That was fun. And surprising!

The Silvershard mines went quite well with people cooperating and moving nicely between carts. Nothing too ambitious!

The two WSGs went well, with the second one being a bit more hairy than the first but we managed to win it out in the end.

And the Twin Peaks - all I can remember is poor Crooked getting angry at warlocks. But who isn't angry at warlocks! Doing so much damage must be such a burden!

Oh there was also one Deepwind Gorge that we managed to claw back. I even managed to make it with a cart for once!

I did some 2s with Sev as double DPS for a bit of fun early in the evening (as nobody was on yet for PvP) and we won those as well. But we really need to do 3s. We are lazy as sin and there are mounts to be had. Ugh, more things to farm!

Shab has unsubbed again which is a shame because I miss having him around. But now Weave and Dingsausage are playing again, we have regular people turning up for PvP and that's fun. I still can't get over how Weave seems so cranky in PvP when he's so quiet and all in guild! Crooked even came along and he seemed to enjoy himself, especially with that winning streak!

Not enough people for rateds, but we'll see how it goes in a few weeks when Tomb of Sargeras drops and every man and his dog starts logging into WoW again.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Raiding - Thursday night easy mythics

The first 3 in NH are supposed to be easy and they must be if we can do them when we're bumming around!

It was kinda cool to be doing them and getting it just for funs. They weren't really that much different from heroic - what's a little extra add here or there, right?

But I don't think anyone is keen to do more. For sillies we went to spend a few mins on Kronus but that was ugly and I don't think anyone is feeling like doing it again anytime soon!

I guess there's only 2 weeks left before TOS is out, so 2 weeks of mythics once a week isn't so bad. Hopefully people can get some nice gear before TOS!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Minipost: Navi's Triceratops Transmog

I quite like this PvP helm! But it has a slightly triceratops look to it, but I do love how it covers my face.

The cool thing is that I finally get to do wear Kilt of the Forgotten One. I haven't found anothing that really went with it before, and mixing it with Cruel Combatants Dragonhide helm and Wild Gladiator Pauldrons the colours seem to go quite nicely. Head-lopper Skullscythe has good colours for this outfit!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Guildleader chores - Why did I ever worry about recruitment?

I've finally figured out that recruitment and stressing over the roster was only ever a thing because of mythic raiding.

Now that I don't have mythic raiding on my radar (except if we are looking for stuff to do on raid nights because we've finished everything else), the place is bulging with people. Flexible raiding is so much more FUN because I can go with 10 or 30, and we can always get 10 people together for a raid. And people seem to like hanging around because of that, despite my best efforts to dissuade those that I feel aren't quite happy here.

The latest recruit is a friend of another guildie. The guild seems to be full of people who want to step back from mythic raiding and guild leadership, though you know those things always trigger warning bells for me.

The last time I spoke to this person (with regards to recruitment) it didn't go down so well. They had a very mythic mindset which didn't fit in at all with our guild, and I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't going to work out because I quite liked this person but I didn't want drama. That was years ago, during Mists of Pandaria.

This time, he came back to me with some life changes and a series of guild incidents that lead to guild implosions making him take an extended break from WoW. He was back and looking for a something a little more casual.

I can't help it - once a mythic raider, always a mythic raider, right? And I know this person. Deep down he still thinks we compete for our raid spots against one another, when it's really just about meeting some benchmarks. But, he really wants to give it a go in a guild where people like one another (who doesn't want that?) and I will give him the benefit of the doubt and guide him in the right direction. That is, the direction I want him to be going if he's going to stay here.

On a slightly different note, a former guildie that runs his own guild on Saurfang (and am still friends with) wanted to have a chat to me, as he wanted permission to allow some of my guild's raiders to raid with him doing mythic whilst we are on downtime. I said that was ok, but that as soon as we started our own raiding with Tomb of Sargeras those guys were expected to return to our raid roster - and I was also quite happy for them to leave and join his guild except they didn't want to go. When I told them that they can go do mythic raiding if they like and join another guild they insisted they didn't want to leave, because they like it here, all their friends are here, but because we're not doing anything right now they wanted to know if it was ok to help the other guild. They were also worried that they would lose their raid spots when they came back and I reassured them that I don't mind what they do when we aren't doing new raids or progression but I fully expect them back here when we were and they were totally ok with that - in fact, that's what they thought SHOULD happen anyway. I wonder how many people were interested in doing that, as I only know of 2.

The other officers felt a bit affronted. What about when we want to start doing mythic? But they forget just how many people are on the roster. In full swing there will be 33 people in the raid roster and we can't possibly fit them all in! It's kinda good that we're thinning the ranks a little at the moment. People are on break, people are working, people having kids or people are playing other games!

Regardless of what happens, if we have enough for mythic, that's great. If not, well back to free time. More time to do dungeons or chase achievements or do some PvP. Or get round to finishing that Mind Worm mount thing.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Raiding - Only because there was nothing better to do

I thought we might try for fun a bit of mythic. People might need something a little more challenging but not super time consuming so we can all still get down and play our alts.

I put it in the MotD that we might try a little bit of Mythic Skorp because everyone keeps telling me it is easy.

Wednesday we ran out of time because we were stuffing around a bit and had tons of alts - I was sad because a few people were interested in trying mythic. But, we ended up not doing it on Wednesday. So I decided to try it for Thursday. I put a few easy things first, like Heroic EN and TOV before we tried to hit up mythic, and HK argued with me about it.

"If you put this boring stuff up, people are not going to logon and come," he said.
"I don't want to wipe for 2 hours on stuff and not get anything," I said. "At least if we do this easy stuff we can warm up and walk out with some AP or something."

We've decided to agree to disagree.

So after wiping on Helya because of goofing around (and it's been a while since we wiped to anything!) we knuckled down and killed it leaving 50 minutes to have a go at Mythic Nighthold.

Consti, for all his constant chattering seemed to have quite clear instructions for Skorp. It was helpful and for everyone who was nervous about doing Mythic it turned out to be quite fun in the end, especially when the fight went down in about 7 minutes. I was a bit confused about the colours but once it was explained and called out for us it was easy. We had one stuff up when there weren't many shards to hide behind and lots of us got knocked back and we had to deal with a whole bunch of scorpions, but we managed to recover nicely. Everyone was quite excited about our first mythic kill, even though it was a very easy mythic. HK got a nice trinket (which added a 750k health to him so he was feeling rather godly)

Didn't leave us much time for Chromatic Anomaly but we will need some adjustments to healer cooldowns to do it better.

I don't think we will try to push more than just the first 3. I still want to have time for all my mythic plus runs on Saturdays and Mondays and keep some fun stuff going for Wednesday and Thursday. Looking forward to next week now!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Prestige 11... 4 to go!

Well I did it!

So that unlocks a new appearance. Since I transmog my weapons in Boomy and Resto, at least I can show off my new appearance in Bear!

Fel Bear ftw!

Minipost: Boomkin Legendary #4 - Emerald Dreamcatcher

Yay another legendary! That was quick...

That's a lot of legendaries I got out of those Legionfall boxes (when you hand in 100 Legionfall supplies). This is a pretty cool legendary!

Now I need to be able to use it properly and make sure my power is at 100 before I start casting lots of starsurges!