Raiding - Sorry we did that without ya Splatz!

Splatz is now in Christmas work mode, so he was going to be half an hour late on Wednesdays an Thursdays for the next month. Now that Dil and Nerd are on board with heroic raiding, it means that Ram can tank for a little bit without worrying too much about heals. Wednesday had a good turnout (and all our healers got to heal, yay). We knocked over all the bosses we did last week (Splatz only missed Garothi Worldbreaker), and watched Krygore/Vorkrack get yet ANOTHER piece of tier. Aimei was moaning over the fact he had no tier, and it was fortunate for him that Ram and Vork both one of the Tier pieces already because he managed to pick up his first piece.

On Thursday we were having our first go at Imonar thinking we'll get the hang of it by the time Splatz gets here, and the boss was a lot easier than we thought and we killed it first go. Hmm.

Kin'garoth was at least a little more challenging.  Melee walked over the tanks a lot, making them mad, and people were being hit by balls accidentally. I did laugh when I watched the tanks trying to purposely hit a ball and miss it, then try to chase it then give up (hehe) and there was a lot to heal which made it more exciting for me. Spoon joined as at the end and reminded us that killing the adds takes health off the boss, so on our actual kill it was a bit clutch with barely anyone up to kill it.

On Monday we're going to hit up Varimathras. Is it a bit sad that I can't really remember how the fight goes even though I've done it on normal (because it was THAT memorable?).