Minipost - Resto druid Legendary (I've lost count) - Chameleon Song

Yay! This was out of an Emissary Cache. And I really have lost count of which legendary it is - it's the last resto one though (if you don't count Amanthul's Vision).

This one is pretty cool, and I think it would be good for raids. I gave it a whirl last night in Mythic + but I don't think that I really like it as much as I like Soul of the Archdruid.

So that puts me at... 27 legendaries. And I still have 8 more to go! I wonder if I can get them all by the end of the expansion?

Behemoth Headdress
Elize's Everlasting Encasement
Ailuro Pouncers
The Wildshaper's Clutch
Skysec's Hold
Dual Determination
Archimonde's hatred Reborn
Aman'Thul's Vision


  1. Congrats! (To both this and the past few posts' worth as well).

    1. Haha thanks Redbeard! Very economical of you :D


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