Fisherfriends of the Broken Isles

If you're not much of a fisherman, then you wouldn't have been particularly interested in the Fisherfriends. This is another grinding achievement for a different appearance on your fishing artifact, Underlight Angler.

Basically, they are all Margoss type fishing things, where you have to fish up a special item, and hand it in to the Fisherfriend. The item is unique in stacks of 100 so I hand in when I hit 100. Be careful as you approach best friend though - they take them all even if you only needed 20 fish to reach Best friend!

There are also some toys (mostly bobbers) and one shirt and one pet to buy as well.

I have to admit, that doing these fishing things can be quite social! Group finder has a group going every time I've done it, which makes it go so much faster.

Akule Riverhorn just below Thunder Totem in Highmountain has bubbles or something streaming out of totems on either end of the boat as the "special" catch time. The other interesting thing about him is that you have to fish from the boat (or you can raft it). Look at a group of 20 squished into this boat!

Corbyn in Stormheim is a bird who likes shiny things! Here we are lining up on the shore to fish.

Ilyssia of the Waters in Azsuna is a ghostly one near a pretty pond.

Impus is on the Broken Shore.

Keeper Raynae in Val'sharah has the best bobber toy (treant head)! She is right at Lorlathil, and easy to find.

Sha'leth in Suramar is one of the best ones to fish, especially for levelling your artifact. Firstly, you will have a 100% drop rate from the pool. Also, the dude that spawns from the special item drops 25 of the items for hand in, so it goes very quickly. And, if you just hang around, you can buy the sleeping murloc and get heaps of AP for your weapon.

All that work (each one takes about 2 hours) for a measly 5 achievement points!

Oh, and some different looks for my fishing rod as well... I actually quite like the green one.



Blue (handle)
One thing down! Now, onto the next project... bloody coins, and farming intact demon eyes!