Guildleader chores - Frostwolves Health check - Pass!

I was pleased when Nok returned to the guild. He had been playing on Barthilas when a bunch of guildies left back in mid 2016 and now he's back and raiding casually. He told  me that that Frostwolves just felt like home and he was glad to be back. Last night, Nok was playing and he heard Vork talking and he realised that Vork/Krygore was Kelthal (when Vork used to play his hunter) and said ohhh that explains a lot (LOL clearly a reference to lots of dying), but unfortunately Vork could not remember who Nok was! So, I found this old picture from a boss kill and you can see them standing next to one another in the bottom corner!

It reminds me of Galestion/Helldivider when he returned to the guild. I asked him what he did after we left Dath'remar and he said he just floated from guild to guild, until they would fall apart and then he found us again and since then hasn't gone anywhere. And it's been a year. In fact, it's kinda funny that I was looking at Gale's guild note and it said "Helldivider" and I thought, well nobody knows who or what THAT means anymore, because he's just become Gale. Interestingly he has been chatty on Discord so we get to hear a bit of kiwi accent. The funny thing is that nobody actually can remember his paladin at all! I do have proof of his existence in guild, so that's all good - and this time around he is way more involved with the guild than he was before.

Hwired logged in yesterday having just bought Legion to try out. It was good to see him but I bet he'll be gone in a few weeks again!

A few weeks ago I promoted Ram to officer. Ram has become such an integral part of the raid and guild that when he's not here, the raid does not run as smoothly as it does when he's calling out stuff. I remember in his early times how he wasn't feeling included and now, we have grown so used to him. It's always funny hearing Gen screaming in the backgroundwhen he hits push to talk...

Ram and Gen's friend, Fin, has been on a lot and seems to have settled in guild as well, even speaking on occasion. Where once we had too many shamans, now we are sitting just nice at 3.

We also have a new recruit! I got a whisper when I logged on from a monk who was looking for a guild. Oh dear, I thought to myself, don't tell me he wants to raid? Because we already have 4 monks. And that is in the Protector Tier token too! Of which we already have 3 warriors (4 if Falln came back), 4 shamans and a hunter. That's half the raid! So I told Mesa this, but he was happy to join the guild as a social anyway, and I even invited him along to get to know us a bit since we were one short. I told the others to be nice to him and Galestion decided to lay it on a bit thick with "Oh so YOU'RE the amazing monk we've heard so much about!" /facepalm. Despite that (and that fact that Coffee logged on so we kicked him out of the group to make way for Coffee, poor bugger), he still joined andd is so far still in the guild, levelling a mage to bring to raid. He's been immersing himself in guild activities like M+ and old raids, and even talking on Discord, which is a good sign of being a keeper in the long term.

Sev and Eurie (did I mention that they are now a THING?) are off in Japan on holidays so we have been a bit light on DPS of late, with the raid sitting at about 20-22 raiders. It would be nice if all the healers get to heal, so more raiders makes it ideal.

Missing in action are Kjerstin (LOOK I SPELLED IT CORRECTLY) and Triarchi, though he is playing his boomkin in another guild at present. Moisty is also not around, and neither is Falln. Who knows when they'll be back!

I had worried about Spanky and Coffee because we only get to play with them in PvP time (and Spanky has short evening hours because he goes to work really early), which resulted in me dragging Coffee around to things like dungeon achievements (which she likes to do anyway). Spanky has since reassured me that he is happy playing as he is now with Coffee and with us whenever, and that I don't NEED to attend to him or keep him happy as he is perfectly happy. Coffee seems to be happy too - even if I'm falling further and further behind her in Prestige (she just hit 21 and I'm still at 20 and 29 honour).

Overall, the guild is looking on track. Christmas is coming up so we aren't raiding heavily for one raid week, but things will be back to normal on the 3rd of January.


  1. Sev ... Eurie, a THING? ZOMG! ... :p And Japan is awesome btw. Star Wars at night in Kyoto tonight, following walk through the markets. :D

    1. Hope you enjoyed the movie! Miss you at raids :)


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