Raiding - Never trust a dreadlord

So, that's where Varithramas ended up.

If you are horde and you have a good memory you might remember that Varithramas used to hang out in Sylvanas' throne room. I always wondered why a Dread Lord hung out there...

Check out this picture of Varimathras from 2005!

And here a more updated model from a few years ago...

That treacherous worm eventually turned on Sylvanas (what did you expect, she is no Warlock!) and we fought him back in the Battle for Undercity. And now here he is again (because demons never die whilst they have Argus...)

All I can say it's like real estate. This fight is all about tank position! After a few false starts where one or both tanks ended up with Misery (or we ended up with Misery) they eventually found their sweet spot and all we had to do was run left and right and heal and DPS and move some knockback thing out and that was the fight. Yay!

I will say again that it seems weird that the raid is so much easier than previous raids. Is this the way it's always going to be? What happened to the days of us wiping 80 times to get a boss down (in normal/heroic raid, not heroic/mythic raid). But, I guess the faster we get through this, the faster we can drop Monday raids, right?

Good work everyone! And what was it that Xethi said?

"Well, that wasn't Vari hard..."