Merry Winter Veil 2017!

Such a busy holiday period! Who has time to blog and work and raid and everything else!

Winter Veil is upon us again, and there are a few new things. You can even pick up OLD things from the package when you kill the Greench like previous year's toys! Guildies (like Tyefoods) have been lucky and picked up Illusion: Flames of Ragnaros from their Stolen presents!

This year's new pet can be caught in Orgrimmar (if you're Horde) or Ironforge for those OTHER peeps. The Globe Yeti spawns every half hour (not on the dot on the half hour, a bit past it) and is not cageable, so you don't have to worry about farmers taking every single one, you'll get one!

Quick! Catch the Yeti! I have my carrot out because he's only a level 1 - don't want to kill it!
This year there were Finely Tailored hats to get - which look nice - and this year we can transmog ourselves to use the cosmetic Winter Veil outfits, but only during Winter Veil! So I have turned up to give Galestion a run for his money on the most hideous transmog outfit...

Vari drops the green hat and I was sooking because I didn't have the hat but now I need not sook any longer!

I logged on Boxing day at 3am to see if there were presents and there weren't any yet. I felt like a petulant child sulking over no presents.

This year's presents were a toy armour set (horde and alliance have different ones) and a hearthstation (though I can't see the difference between the alliance and horde versions)

Hearthstations EVERYWHERE

I hope everyone has had a fantastic holiday break. Don't forget your toys! And have a happy new year!


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