PvP - Exalted with Talon's Vengeance (you wouldn't even know!)

Now, it's a shame that this isn't an achievement, because it is a lot of work. Especially if you're not a very good killer, like myself.

I slowly worked my way through battlegrounds getting my kills once I hit honoured (I used to trade kills with Kyxyn at the end of last year) and then did the rest through battlegrounds. It made DPSing in battlegrounds so much more fun trying to get the killing blow.

Crooked started getting into it as well, and I was on the home stretch when he hit honoured. He always has amazing runs in BGs getting the marks, I usually get one or two, and as a healer, try to snipe a few with moonfire spam.

But here I am with my mount, Ivory Hawkstrider (which costs 10000g to buy) once I hit exalted. There is no more need to get Marks of Prey after this, so I guess I'll do battlegrounds and go back to getting my bloody coins achievements done instead.

Best tips for farming up to Honoured:

  • Go with your friends to PvP zones to do WQ and then kill them. LEAVE PARTY FIRST. You won't get a mark if you are still in a party with them
  • Bareback Brawl, Blackrook Rumble, Darkbrul Arena, and Murloc zone are the best places to snipe kills. Fly and wait for people to engage in a brawl and start dotting them up. But, you will likely get killed too!
  • Killing people in the Falcosaur zones is a nasty way to get them. I didn't do it, but other recommend it as most people doing it are not PvPers and will just get angry at you.
  • Sometimes you can whisper people to ask them if you can kill them for a mark, and they will say ok, especially if you say you are going to trade a kill back. I did this a few times.
Good luck for those of you trying for this mount!


  1. Merry Christmas Navi <3
    Hope you and the fam had a lovely day!

    1. Thank you Grumpy! Look forward to chatting soon in game! Hope you have a safe new year :)


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