Legion Dungeon Achievments - I made a Food (the last one I needed for Glory of the Legion Hero)

Ram told me that Festerface was up this week in Violet Hold, so Aimei, Crooked and I set off for the dungeon. We invited Ram, attempted to invite Gen, but she logged and he joined party (I think it was an autoaccept) and then didn't say a word for 10 minutes. Eventually we figured he was AFK and so we got Gal and Pancake in.

Festerface's achievement I Made a Food, meant that all you had to do was tank him till he reached 100% energy and he spawns a Black Bile. Kill the Black Bile then kill Festerface and we're done! The hardest part of this achievement is holding back your DPS LOL. Walking over the blobs reduces his energy I hear, but we weren't sure so we just tanked him where he was.

Yay me! So getting Glory of the Legion hero also gives me a Leyfeather Hippogryph AND another colour for my artifact.

Well, that leaves me free to help others do their achievements, so if anyone needs help when we're not raiding (or PvPing, or doing M+) then it means I have some time to help with a couple of things!

Though, I highly recommend that everytime you Blackrook Hold, go look for those pages for You Used to Scrawl me in your Fel Tome. Those are a pain in the butt!