PvP - Rainbow Pony time!

Though we weren't aiming for it, but knew that we would eventually get there, Sev and I got our Rainbow ponies last night.

We've been fortunate that we have had some people keen to PvP - it was a hard at first but we've had Memfus (DK) and Virper (Medio's hunter) happy to PvP regularly with us and though they are not Shab, it's been interesting to have non casters as our 3rd partners.

Last night Sev and I sat out after Galakras so that McTacky, Dragonray and Lom could come in, and much to my disappointment there was no mainspec loot for them to be had from Iron Juggernaut till Spoils.  Bummer!

Medio was in Siege of Orgrimmar, and so Sev and I asked Memfus to PvP and he was happy to arena. Boy did we have some awesome games!

The teams that kicked our asses constantly were the awesome cc teams.  When I was crowd controlled they would burn down the boys and I was left raging and swearing.  I think the guild has become used to how Sev and I PvP and last night we had an audience.  Sev was getting smashed by the warrior and with mortal strike on my heals felt like they were doing nothing and so I said I was going to cc the warrior and while I was casting cyclone (non SotF and also non NS) Sev died.  He told me off about why was I cc'ing when I should be healing, and I said he had hots on already and he had mortal strike so I was trying to help him - why didn't he use his portal to live longer?  Sev retorted that he'd already used it and didn't want to waste it and then I had another minor grumble and then our audience piped up saying we sounded like brother and sister.

We had some easy teams but there were no triple DPS teams last night.  I was so focussed on healing and running and hiding that I didn't even notice sometimes that the other team had lost a member.  There was one team with a warrior, a mage and a priest, and we were in Blades Edge Arena, and they were hiding under the bridge and we were on top.  Memfus kept trying to drag someone up, and he first death gripped the mage who blinked away, and then he got the priest (and then it was an all out melee and I could not see a thing amongst all the frost nova, death and decay and all the damage and healing numbers going out.  But I think the mage nearly died, he ice blocked, the priest lifeswapped and then the priest died - wewt!  That was a good battle, and one that I was thankful we won because I had forgotten to take Sev's portal for symbiosis and didn't want that to stuff me up.

There was a monk healing team with a rogue and an enhance shaman that I thought was going really well because the boys had all their health down below 50% and we were still good, but suddenly I was focussed and stunned and I was mowed down by the rogue and shaman.  I think at that point I was yelling at Sev to save me but Memfus wasn't on Vent, so we got him on Vent after that so that he could help out by yanking one of them off me next time.

SO MANY WARRIORS though!  So hard to find teams without a warrior in them, and I tried various combinations of Ursol's Vortex/Faerie swarm/Disorienting Roar/Typhoon and I think that Faerie swarm is not a bad thing to have with a warrior.  Ursol's cooldown is too long for me, and requires me to press twice whereas Roar I only have to hit once.  But it's situational.  The only thing that seems to work well with warriors is to either have them kited away from their healers (but even then they can be hard to kill) but it's just hope that they're put on me so I can run away and have a few ccs left up my sleeve (roar, roots, cyclone) and 3 escapes (displacer, portal and gateway) because Memfus hates hitting them coz he's always parried, and Sev gets locked down by them.

The damned Psyfiend is annoying as hell.  Lucky it has hardly any health!  I know I complain about being cc'd so much but I have a half decent cc toolbox myself - except I am shackled because I'm not allowed to cyclone much.  I do like the dot spread from the DK and warlock though, I know I get anxious when I see it on my teammates and am glad to see it mirrored to the other side for once!

So here we are with our rainbow ponies!  Take a good look because you won't see me taking the poor thing out much, as it is going back into the bookshelf after this pic. Horses really aren't my thing, but hey I won't look a gift horse in the mouth...


  1. So this is why you both sat out! Gratz!

    1. Thanks! Now our next goal is... 27k Conquest for this season!

  2. Grats! And good luck on your next goal :) I'm still working towards getting my PvP mount. Our third for 3's (a warrior- it's really nice to have one on your side) has been absent a lot lately, so we're further behind than expected.

    1. Warriors are great! I wish I had one on our team sometimes :D But I really do think a caster and a melee works well as a comp - even though we had 2 ranged, our hunter was still very susceptible to monk disarms and stuff which renders him almost useless. But he seems keen to arena, and Sev and I love arena, so we'll just keep going and going...


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