Blizzcon 2014 announced - but I'll have to pass this year!

Earlier today Blizz announced that Blizzcon 2014 will be on November 7 and 8.  Though I had a fantastic time last year, I don't want to go this year because it's too close - I probably need at least 2-3 years between Blizzcons to keep the magic, I think!

Ticket prices have gone up!  $200 a ticket now, which is a jump from last year's tickets price of $175, but I am sure it will still be a sellout as it has been every other Blizzcon.  However, I am thinking, that with Blizzcon in November, I very much doubt that that Warlords of Draenor will be released before then as they will be having a lot of stuff to do to get ready for Blizzcon.

I feel bad for all those people who missed out on Blizzcon tickets last time - I wish that Blizz would let some people who missed out last time be able to get tickets this time - perhaps they could track it through your battle net accout or something and give some priority to those who didn't get tickets before.

I wonder what will be in the goody bag this year?  Another murloc pet or will it be a murloc on a mount this time?  Hmm, I am thinking we need a Murloc warlord so maybe a murloc with Garrosh's shoulders? MURSCREAM!!!

So this year, virtual ticket for me!  Looks like I'd better set that weekend aside so I can watch the streams and stay up late and catch up on all the gossip that comes out of Blizzcon.  Anyone going to Blizzcon 2014? Good luck in getting your tickets and may the REFRESH be with you!


  1. How did you get your hands on tickets last year? Just lucky?
    And how do you plan a trip that far and expensive when you don't know if you'll get tickets or not?

    I really want to experience BlizzCon sometime, but it won't be this year, maybe not next either. I've never traveled that far before and I don't really know how much it will cost. Plane tickets, hotel etc. I don't know where we should live, which hotel is affordable but nice and central, and I would like to spend more than just a weekend or one week there (in the US) if I'm first traveling that far :)

    1. Hi Syrco! Well, if you decide to make the trek one year from Norway then I will make the trek that year too! In all honesty, it is VERY DIFFICULT for a non american to get hold of tickets. The time that it takes our servers to refresh and get the button to click, the americans have it just that little bit faster and even though all my australian friends clicked as fast as they could, we couldn't get into the front end of the queue and missed out - we had to rely on our American guildies to get it for us. Thta's oen real bummer!

      The tickets can be gotten way in advance of booking. I didn't book any hotels until after I got tickets, but there are so many hotels around that area because of Disneyland. I didn't book flights until I got my tickets. Lots of people will tell you where is a good place to stay, but in general the closer you are the more expensive it is. In Australia hotels are MUCH more expensive than USA, so it felt like all of them were quite cheap. I think 10 days is good - but then you will have to budget for that as well. I spent my 8-9 days in California and there are lots of things to do just in that state, and Las Vegas was not that far away either if you want to spend a few days there too.

  2. I've never been to the US before, so I would love to see more of California if we first go there. And the weather here in Norway in November is always dark, cold and wet, so I bet I want to stay there longer because of the weather and difference in temperature :P
    I don't know if I have any friends there who could buy tickets for me, maybe, but I don't know. It has to be someone I can trust.
    Hotels and yeah almost everything is kind of expensive here too, so I bet it's cheaper over there :P But I've been unemployed for a while and there are so many other things I have to spend money on before BlizzCon, so it has to wait a few years. Also thinking about taking a trip to Australia in a few years to visit family :D

    1. Well! Guess who will be lining up to see you if you decide to come to Australia! :D /raises hand /pick me pick me

    2. That would be awesome! :D But there are so many of you bloggers in Australia? Do you all live close or?


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