Navispammed: I had a visitor, Tahugrumm!

I'm a simple person and easily pleased, so yesterday you can imagine my delight when I got a whisper from a low level toon named Tanugrumm!

Tahugrumm said that he wanted to say hello because he read my blog.  How exciting!  I immediately went over to take a picture with him, though it did take me a while as I had promised me daughter she could play World of Warcraft and even though I directed her to the Orgrimmar portal, she still wandered around sitting in every body of water to "bathe" my toon before I could coax her to switch to flight form and fly towards the arrow.

Naturally I was burning with questions, and in my excitement they all came out in a rush.  What toon did he normally play?  Where was his toon?  Which server?  When did he start playing?  What did his name mean?

Tahugrumm said his main was on Hyjal, with the same name so I went to armoury him, but couldn't find him. Then, sheepishly he told me that he had misspelled his own name!  LOL!  I found his toon, and naturally admired his transmog as he was in Tier 6, which is always a good tauren look.  He said he had been feral, but now was tank, and his name was a randomly generated one.  And here I was, playing around with the letters trying to figure out if it was an anagram (Um hurt mag, Mum art Hug).

He said that our raids sounded like a lot of fun, and he would like to come to flex one day. I noticed that his raid progress was waaaay ahead of ours, and said that Flex would be so boring for him!  He said that he would come anyway, even though he had an 11 hour time difference, and I said I would watch him and learn how to feral, since I am way sucky at it.

He also told me that he enjoyed reading my bedtime story strats and when I asked him which one he liked best, he couldn't pick one.  I still like Immerseus best as it was the one my daughter liked the most, and that was more incentive to finish writing my half finished Garrosh one.

I gave him a token of appreciation for brightening my day, and hopefully I'll get to see him again one day, and thanked him again for reading.  Cheers Tahugrumm!  Does this qualify for a sticker?  Yeah, of course! Any excuse to use Ancient's sticker :D


  1. Your blog has been linked to my Liebster Award Post.

    If you haven't been nominated before, consider yourself nominated!

    I'm so new to the WoW community I don't dare to presume however, I do enjoy your blog.

    Should you wish to participate, by all means, please do. Make up your own second set of eleven questions or copy the ones that were left to me.

    Noritam from My Mom Plays Wow

    1. Oh I just realised I should read more carefully and ANSWER the questions you did :D Thanks for reading me Noritam!

  2. Yay Tahugrumm! It's great to see the Navispamer get Navispammed! See, bedtime story strats are the best!

    1. I am glad someone reads them, I thought they were too childish for all you grown ups! :D

  3. Oh, I spoke to him! I told him you would be on at a certain usual time for you then felt bad when you weren't! Glad he found you!


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